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Bitsgap New Features for Crypto Traders

Bitsgap launches a brand-new trading terminal with an updated interface. New order types and statistics to let traders and investors experiment with new strategies and risk management.
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Bitsgap launches a brand-new trading terminal with an updated interface. New order types and statistics to let traders and investors experiment with new strategies and risk management.

Let’s go through some of the most significant updates.Traders and investors worldwide use Bitsgap and have full access to automated bots, arbitrage, signals, portfolio tracking, and trading terminal with built-in features and new updates like Smart Trade, TWAP strategy, Sniper, and Shadow modes.

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New Futures and Spot trading on 25+ crypto exchanges

In the latest update, Bitsgap divided the trading terminal into two parts. The first part is a decision making right-side panel where users can execute orders and see their available balance on a selected cryptocurrency exchange. The second part is a left side panel with relevant cryptocurrencies infographics. Analyze the market first and then make decisions.

With full access to 25+ cryptocurrency exchanges, traders and investors can monitor crypto portfolios of all linked exchange accounts. Multiple accounts are unified under one roof.

With a new update, Bitsgap is now supporting both Futures and Spot trading from one interface. You can now start trading with leverage to speculate on rising or falling markets and apply hedging strategies if you have open positions to protect. Platform multifunctional interface provides users with the data they need to monitor spot and futures positions. New cryptocurrency exchanges added: Binance Futures and FTX.

New Automated trading bots: Test, Run, Analyse

The cryptocurrency market is being flooded with a tremendous amount of various automated solutions ranging from simple auto-sell/auto-buy algorithms to sophisticated statistical algorithms. At Bitsgap, the primary approach is “do not overcomplicate the simplicity”. Bitsgap automated bots follow a straightforward and time-tested strategy, Grid trading. The bot allocates limit orders within a set trading range. Buy limit orders are placed below the current market price, while sell limit orders are placed above the current market price. With every executed buy limit order, bot places a new sell limit order above the executed price and vice versa.

In a “Grid strategy,” traders and investors allocate the desired investment sum, which is being proportionately distributed by the algorithm. Bitsgap bots are being programmed to buy a cryptocurrency at a lower price to sell it later at a higher price, trading in a pre-defined trading range. As simple as that. Optimal market scenarios are the sideways and rising markets. On a falling market, a cost-average effect and a profit generated by the bot offsets the negative value change of a base currency.

Below is an example of a possible grid configuration for the bot to execute:

Traders and investors can check the performance of their trade ideas with Bitsgap’s backtesting tool to see what would be a potential return up until today or for a specific time period in the past. Using historical data, which takes into account price volatility, automated strategy settings, and time period “Backtesting” provides an expected return.

To Conclude

The cryptocurrency market matures as new derivative products and institutional investors are entering the market. To keep up with an evolving market, trading platforms like Bitsgap focus on developing instruments and automated algorithms that would help traders and investors of all levels of experience to boost returns and secure profits from the market’s pullbacks.

To test Bitsgap, you can apply for a 14-days trial period to trade in a PRO subscription plan. Moreover, trading in Bitsgap risk-free demo-mode you can discover and experiment with automated bots, try new orders like Sniper, Shadow, TWAP, and Iceberg.


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