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Bityard: Leveraged Crypto Futures Trading With a Regulated Exchange

Bityard’s mission is to create secure, simple, and fast crypto-asset trading services for people all over the world.
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Bityard is a crypto futures platform that offers flexible leverage options, and super fast transactions. It is based in Singapore and is regulated in the USA, Australia, and Estonia.

The cryptocurrency markets are developing rapidly, and there are more options for investors who want to trade in crypto derivatives. Bityard’s mission is to create secure, simple, and fast crypto-asset trading services for people all over the world.

Bityard is becoming a global name in crypto contracts that offers its services to people in over 150 countries. Bityard sticks firmly to the “Complex Contracts Simple Trade” typical principle and strives to offer the most streamlined trading experience to clients.

Like many exchanges that deal with crypto futures, it is easy to open an account with Bityard. There aren’t any complex KYC requirements, and you can get to trading with just a few simple steps. Let’s have a look at what Bityard is all about, and why it could be a good crypto derivatives exchange for you.

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Cryptocurrency Contract Trading With Bityard

Crypto trading sounds familiar but what about the term “cryptocurrency contract trading”?

A cryptocurrency contract is a type of derivatives trading where you can have a margin account and trade with leverage. Instead of buying and holding the underlying asset, you can enter a position that tracks the value of the underlying assets and potentially profit when it’s going up or down.

This is the same way that cash-settled futures contracts work, and it is widely used by investors and speculators of all types. Futures contracts offer some bit advantages to traders, and the ability to use leverage is a benefit to anyone who wants to magnify the market’s gains and losses.

Bityard Features

Bityard’s platform is set up for trading and built to be fast and reliable. Here are some of the things that it offers investors and speculators that want to trade in crypto contracts.


Trading is, of course, one of the most important features when it comes to cryptocurrency derivatives. Bityard is 100% crypto, and it has a range of token pairs for its clients.

USDT is the key token, as it is a base for every other token to be measured. Bityard users have various other crypto pairs to consider, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), EOS, Tron or Dash.

Bityard Trading Screen
Bityard Trading Screen

By using USDT, traders can easily purchase or sell crypto contracts on margins and leverage.

In terms of diversity, Bityard may not be as big as the other names in the crypto futures space. But the liquidity on the platform is a major point to consider, as it ensures a smooth flow for both large and small traders.

Another advantage is that you don’t need a big amount of capital to offset risks that you may have in your token portfolio. You can quickly hedge market risks with just a small investment on Bityard.

Contract trading enables users to benefit from both bear and bull markets, while higher leverages increase potential profits. Bityard’s account traders have a maximum withdrawal limit of $100k and the amount applies across all tokens.

Users have the opportunity to choose from 20x to 100x leverage, which makes it completely flexible to trade however you like. High leverage between 20x to 100x can be highly profitable, but it also increases the potential for losses.


The transaction fees at Bityard come at a very low price. You only need 5 USDT to start trading. Despite the low minimum transaction fees, they are fair and transparent, and very competitive when compared to other competing exchanges.

Ease of Use

Bityard works to simplify the crypto contract trading process. The Bityard’s interface is designed in a user-friendly way. The platform is considered to be one of the best cryptocurrency derivatives platforms for trading newbies, as it is dead-simple to understand, and operate.

The entry barrier is also low with few KYC requirements, allowing users to start trading very quickly. The platform is also supported with multiple language choices so users from most countries can get access easily.

If you prefer to trade on mobile phones, Bityard is also available on the App Store and the Play Store.

With a low barrier to entry but high speed, Bityard has one of the fastest trading engines in the industry, and it can process a million transactions are processed within one second.

Overall the trading and sign-up process at Bityard makes it a great contender in the crypto futures trading space.

Security and Credibility

Security and credibility are two key factors and for any trading platform. The system at Bityard is equipped with numerous security options, including email and SMS authentication, whitelisting withdrawal addresses, and a secure PIN. Client privacy is always protected with industry-standard practices.

Bityard is accredited by the US MSB which is a part of the United States Department of Treasury, Estonia’s MTR, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network of Singapore’s ACRA, and Australia’s AUSTRAC.

Bityard chose to take the time to register and gather Singapore’s licenses for its base, then expand into other markets. Cryptocurrency can be risky to handle, and there have been numerous hacks over the last few years. Bityard takes these threats seriously and works constantly to keep on top of emerging security threats.

Promotions and Additional Features

Bityard offers some great promotional rewards for registering an account, binding your phone, and conducting a demo trade. You can earn 258 USDT once you register on Bityard, and start trading.

Specifically, the total reward a user can receive in this program is up to 258 USDT, and it is earned by doing the following things:

  • Open a new account – Get $ 1
  • Link to phone number / Email: Get $1
  • Make 1 Demo transaction: Get $2
  • Make a real transaction: Get $2
  • Trading volume over $10,000: Get $8
  • Trading volume over $25,000: Get $18
  • Trading volume above $100,000: Receive $38
  • Trading volume above $500,000: Get $188
  • Trading volume above $100,000: Receive $38

Bityard has introduced commission programs, and users can invite more friends to join. The commission system is decentralized with the highest rate paid at 60%. Overall, these are great rewards programs and demonstrate that Bityard wants to reward its clients.

Welcome Bonuses on offer at Bityard
Welcome Bonuses on offer at Bityard

Daily bonus: People can also log in and experience a daily mining bonus. With daily mining, users are given small amounts of different coins on a virtual mountain interface. Once you click on it, you can mine it per second and gather some tokens over time.

Bityard has a platform token called BYD.

At the moment, details about BYD’s application have not been published. However, BYD will surely have potential in the future. Keep an eye out for more information about BYD, and how it can be used in the coming weeks and months.

User Support

Bityard offers its clients support on a 24/7 basis with multiple channels, including email, social media. The typical response time from customer support is about an hour, and customer support often shows that customer service feedback is helpful!

The platform also provides a common knowledge base and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). That information can support and direct users to the channels needed to receive support if their questions aren’t addressed by the existing resources.

Is Leveraged Trading a Good Fit for You?

You may be wondering about the risks involved with leveraged trading.

The short answer is that leveraged trading is as risky as you choose to make it. With Bityard, you can use leverage of up to 100x your margin, which means that a 1% move in the underlying asset will create a movement of 100 times more in your margin account.

Clearly, this is a risky thing to do, and it could create both large gains and losses in a matter of seconds. Whenever you decide to use leverage in a futures trade, it is vital to understand the amount of money you can lose, before you open the trade.

It is a very good idea to learn how to use stop-loss orders as well. These orders will sell a position at a given price level and ensure that your entire margin balance isn’t wiped out by a rapid move against your leveraged position.

As long as you understand how to manage risk, leveraged trading can be a good way to make a good trading idea into great profits. Be sure to read up on how to manage risk, and let your winning positions rise!

Why Choose Bityard?

Bityard has put together a great crypto futures trading platform that almost anyone can use globally. It is easy to understand, and also offers lightning-fast order execution for traders that want to move fast.

Here are some of the great things about Bityard:

  • No cumbersome KYC requirements
  • Low minimum deposit
  • Lots of popular token pairs to choose from
  • Fast order execution
  • Easy to use interface
  • Fully registered in numerous developed markets, including Singapore

To be sure, crypto futures trading is a growing industry. Bityard is a welcome addition to the industry, and it is well places to expand with the market.

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