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How Blockchain Can Help the Automotive Industry Save Money

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The nightmare that many car owners face during repair is daunting. The estimate repair costs for an average model can cost you thousands of dollars. As if that wasn’t enough, many repair shops overcharge their clients and get away with it due to unregulated price tags. If you add the high costs of service to the high costs of spare parts, the industry is simply full of scams.


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The excessive charging by repair shops or unnecessary repairs carried out by service centers that are not required can drive you nuts and penniless. Also, repair shop customers are often worried about the quality of spares that are replaced. More often than not, we have had cases of stolen spare parts being sold to unsuspecting dealers. As a result, the stolen spare parts are used to repair other cars. This means that the quality of the spare parts is in question. Owning a car means dealing with a web of different industries including banks, insurance companies, service centers and car manufacturers. Needless to say, for all industries to thrive, transparency is the only solution.

VinChain purposes to solve all this problems. With the help of our app that will be connected to our system, you will be able to know everything about your car. Before starting your ride, you will be aware of the condition of your car. The app will give you a warning in advance about all the repayments you need to go through. Also, the system will provide you with all the best prices for the services that your car might need. Therefore, you will be able to choose and save a lot while repairing your car. Check the alpha version of VINchain app here.

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Services and dealers in their turn will get statistical information about the details that they will need to provide as they will have an access to the system. With this information at their disposal, they will be able to order them spare parts in advance and save money on this. In addition, they will be able to provide a customer with the special policy and personal service at great rates. By saving on spending money on unnecessary costs, it will lead to the growth of the economy from each side. VinChain is aiming to make it profitable for everyone!

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