Blockchain has taken most of the industries by storm. Be it banking, healthcare, or Real estate industry, Blockchain technology is trying to streamline and organize various sectors. Will Blockchain be able to revolutionize Senior Care homes?  Before we understand this, let us have a look at the major challenges of senior care industry.


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The Current challenges of senior care industry

According to an estimate, The United States of America is considered to be a home for aging population. It is said that by 2020, 19% of the whole population will be 60 or older. A survey was conducted and it was found that more than 90% of those over 55 plan to stay at home when they get older. These results mean that a major portion of the elderly population will turn towards senior home care services. Because of such a huge demand, there is a massive gap between the available and needed elderly homes that provide quality services.

The rising demand makes it difficult for senior homes to correctly manage their operations and do everything at the right time and place. They are unable to track the regular activities, create a working schedule of staff, their shifts, working hours etc. Managing all these activities has become a real challenge for elderly homes.

The senior homes follow such processes that involve a lot of paperwork, which gives rise to lots of errors. These sheets of paper can easily get lost and result in loss of important information that may be crucial for the business.

In the past, the senior care industry witnessed a number of frauds and scams. One of the cases happened in the USA where a group of Alzheimer’s patients were made to see Forrest Gump every other day inside a small room. Most of the patients and family members failed to realize that it was a group therapy. Finally, Charles E. Piper discovered this fraud.

Various countries, globally, have been spending billions of dollars on healthcare of aged population. Still, the condition seems to be the same or might have worsened in some cases.

Can we have a sustainable solution to tackle all these problems and provide elderly with a healthier and happier life where they can take their own decisions independently? Yes, the solution is Blockchain.

How can Blockchain help to solve these problems?

Blockchain technology creates an environment to provide seamless elderly care. Using Blockchain technology it is possible to build a sustainable ecosystem that could provide better services to the elderly. The technology helps to build an automated system that leaves no room for errors. With the advent of Blockchain, there has been a substantial decrease in the number of scams and frauds in the aged care sector.

  • Using Blockchain technology, it will become easy to manage Smart home support systems like sensors to track the daily activities of the elderly.
  • The Blockchain technology will help to build a safer and a homely environment for the elderly population.
  • Blockchain will help to create enhanced, organised and secured systems to ensure proper care of elderly.
  • With Blockchain, managing and deploying resources can be managed easily.

Introduction to GladAge

GladAge is a decentralized eco-system, powered by Blockchain, to provide a safer and healthier environment to aged in an owned or leased GladAge property. The aged will have the freedom to choose the care they require according to their needs. They will be able to lead an independent life and shop for equipment or services on their own. GladAge aims to address the problems of the conventional senior care systems and provide innovative solutions for a safer, healthier and good quality life to the aged.

  • GladAge is working with Blockchain technology to tackle the current and future challenges of the senior care industry and to ensure better quality of life without the involvement of third party entities.
  • GladAge is actively working with governments to utilize and release grants and aids for the elderly.
  • GladAge is in talks with corporations for donations.
  • GladAge is also functioning as a service trading platform to generate profitable opportunities.
  • GladAge will aid elderly to donate and auction their everyday goods.

It is time to address the rising demands of the aged care sector by implementing scalable solutions. Various countries around the globe are trying to find a cure for most common age-related health problems like Alzheimer’s. Now is the right time to focus and channelize our energies towards creating a better space for our growing elderly population.

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