Blockchain technology has a relatively short history. However, now it became clear to many people that it reveals new opportunities and can make people’s lives more comfortable. No wonder that at the moment many organizations are interested in the implementation of blockchain in their work process and, that is why, the organizations are actively studying this issue. That’s why a lot of money goes to the projects funding, based on blockchain technology. We chose seven projects, which, in our opinion, deserve special attention in 2018.

Blockchain Startups

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This social network gives users the opportunity to create companies and communities on the Internet. The main task of the service is to help the activists in creating the movement and to unite with like-minded people around the world. Moreover, they can organize joint international companies, hold charity events and collect donations.


An educational project, useful and interesting for those who are poorly oriented in the world of crypto currency, but want to figure it out. ExtraCredit offers to study blockchain through educational programs and receive bitcoins as a reward for the training and passing online tests. Thanks to this project, more and more people learn about what blockchain is and how it works, while earning digital money.

Now, ExtraCredit is just a website. However, in the nearest future developers plan to launch the application on smartphones and tablets for the users convenience. The beginning of the training is planned for the spring 2018.


This charitable bitcoin-platform is considered by many as an exceptional startup. Because of this, users can make almost instant donations from any part of the world in a digital currency to victims of natural disasters. The site of the service presents a map with problem areas and a list of necessary donations. The most important thing is that the funds will be transferred to certain recipients (companies or individuals) without intermediaries. Moreover, anyone who is registered in the service can track how the donated funds are used.

In 2017, the platform conducted a campaign to help those people who were affected by the earthquake in Italy. Thanks to the campaign, farmers were able to restore the garlic plantation.

DeskBell Chain

This is a platform within the service for hotel business ‘DeskBell’, which can serve as an excellent example of the introduction of the achievements of blockchain technology in the tourism industry.

The project should unite the hotels, their guests, as well as the nearest institutions and local businesses into an ecosystem of mutual motivation. Each of the participants will be able to distribute and exchange services, offers and events. In this case, the motivating reward will be the DBT tokens.

Thus, the hotel increases the average check by offering additional services, interaction with customers becomes automated, and advertising costs are reduced. In their turn, users will receive interesting and special offers and discounts, and will also be rewarded with tokens for the implementation of certain actions, including the socialization of the tourist service. Tokens holders will be able to receive DeskBell services and sell them directly to the hotels and travel businesses in DeskBell.


In the process of education, students often face various problems, especially, with limited access to various training options. Odem plans to make quality education more accessible, having formed its educational platform. It will allow students and teachers to interact and share knowledge without intermediary participation. Each operation will be processed through a smart contract that is a certain computer algorithm.

The implementation of tokens will start in February 2018.


The project allows implement financial transfers to the residents of Africa. Its main goal is to provide direct and rapid labor remuneration to the workers in African countries. Initially, the service was launched only in Nigeria, Uganda and Tanzania. However, today it has covered more than eighty countries, about 6,000 users and has carried out more than 17,000 operations.


The startup helps to track the route of goods and products through the blockchain. Because of this, consumers are able to purchase goods produced by socially responsible producers. Collected information about the history and travel of the goods then can be shown to potential buyers at the point of sale, which is important in the work of auditors and certification specialists.

A year and a half ago, this service was tested in the fishing industry. Blockchain fully allowed to trace the way of seafood from the moment of catch till delivery to stores and restaurants. The movement of the product was recorded in blockchain, where, as is known, it is impossible to forge or change records.

Provenance creators are also considering the use of technology in monitoring clothes origin and other premium products.

Certainly, there are a lot more startups, which are based on blockchain technology. All selected by us projects are of interest for different business areas or for an individual user. Each of them is at the certain stage of its establishment and claims for the wide development and success in the future. That’s why in 2018, you should not lose sight of the blockchain – start-ups data.

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