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Mobile Wallet Bloomzed Holds The First Round Selling BZT Tokens

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Smartphone today has become an indispensable assistant for people, because it provides the opportunity to use various services that simplify many actions of our daily life. So, for example, for many people it has long ago replaced a wallet, in which you need to carry cash or many different payment and other cards. Mobile wallets have long been entered in the active daily use of smartphone owners. Today, there are many companies that provide mobile wallet services for their customers. However, most of the existing mobile wallets are limited to a small set of functions. Mobile wallet is certainly convenient, but it would be much more convenient to use one that will replace many others with limited functionality, providing the maximum number of useful services within the same platform for its customers. Such a multifunctional financial assistant is the mobile wallet of the new generation Bloomzed.


Introduction to the service and functionality of the Bloomzed mobile wallet

Bloomzed is a multifunctional universal AI assistant, with the help of which you can easily manage all financial flows (incomes, expenses, transfers, payments). So, within one system, simple in use and reliably protected by advanced technologies, all of the user funds will be merged. Due to the fact that the Bloomzed high-tech software solution has an open API, this will allow easy connection of any technological solution, thus the service functionality has the potential for permanent expansion. And this despite the fact that the mobile wallet so offers its potential users the maximum functionality from all similar services on the world market.

The use of the Bloomzed platform can be carried out both through the mobile application and through the web version, the sections of which provide users with various possibilities. The mobile wallet can be used for both electronic money and for cryptocurrencies, as well as for linking the bank (discount, bonus) cards for payment without a card. Bloomzed will provide its users with its own money transfer system, a virtual center for currency exchange, an opportunity to obtain a loan, invest with various financial instruments, a personal accountant for full financial control and planning of cash flows. The non-financial services that will be offered to users include a loyalty system that combines all user’s cashbacks, discounts and bonuses, the ability to purchase various insurance products, tickets, travel services, various goods in the Bloomzed mobile store, and many other functions that you can learn more about by studying the project’s Whitepaper. Given that the software environment of the Bloomzed service is completed and the beta version is currently being tested, the project has already presented screenshots of web-version and application interfaces. Due to these screenshots it is easy to ensure that the interface will not be overloaded with various functions, since the user will be able to add to the main menu of his profile only those services that he needs.

Competitive advantages of the Bloomzed project

The target audience of the Bloomzed product includes people of working age who independently earn a living, value their time, know how to choose the most profitable ways of using money, and therefore for such sophisticated user the choice of a company that provides mobile wallet services, in most cases, depends on its competitive advantages.


First of all, Bloomzed provides the most complete functionality among other similar projects, existing on the market. The Bloomzed mobile wallet combines all the activities of the basic competitors, combining functions in one place. Secondly, the platform is positioned as an instrument more useful and functional than an ordinary electronic wallet, since it serves not only as a convenient payment tool, but also a comprehensive assistant in everyday activities. With the help of Bloomzed, the user can control the balance of all accounts, in one click pay for goods and services, make purchases, receive various benefits from partner loyalty systems, etc. In addition, the availability of a number of additional non-financial services makes the Bloomzed platform even more attractive to users, turning it into a kind of marketplace. It should be also noted that continuous work is being done to improve the security of ongoing transactions. Summarizing the above-mentioned competitive advantages of the Bloomzed platform, it should be clarified that all of them will contribute to the promotion of the Bloomzed product, the increase in the number of active users of the service, and, as a result, the achievement of the planned financial and operational indicators. All this will lead to an increase in the investment attractiveness of the project and the expansion of the distribution model.

Conditions of the primary sale of membership BZT tokens

First, interesting is the fact that Bloomzed Token (BZT) itself is a token of participation in the closed club Bloomzed Crypto Club, the entry into which allows to get privileged conditions for using cryptocurrencies, bonuses and unique opportunities provided by both Bloomzed service and partners of the company. Thus, a token is a so-called “ticket”, buying or receiving which its owner can become a member of the Bloomsed Crypto Club and receive all the bonuses and benefits that are due to him in accordance with the rules of participation, the amount of which depends on the number of BZT of the particular token owner. The creators of the project also specify that the purchased tokens are not refundable, since they are a membership fee for joining the club. At the same time, any member of Bloomzed Crypto Club can leave the club at any time, by selling his membership tokens BZT to other participants through the exchange.

In addition, it is worth mentioning the fact that the project’s tokensale is also not usual. It is called Token Generation Event (TGE), and represents the primary sale of membership BZT tokens, and consists of two rounds. The first round is taking place at the moment, from December 19 to December 26, 2017, within which 5 000 000 BZT tokens are available for sale at the most favorable terms – with a bonus of 50%. During the second round, which will be held from January 17 to February 17, 2018, it is planned to sell 45 000 000 BZT tokens, but already with a much smaller size of provided bonuses. Throughout all of two rounds, the token will be sold at a price of 1 BZT = 0.002 ETH. The minimum purchase amount for joining the Bloomzed Crypto Club is 250 BZT or 0.5 ETH. Thus, the earlier the TGE participant purchases the BZT tokens, the more attractive are the conditions on which he becomes a member of the closed club of Bloomzed with all its advantages!

Detailed information about Bloomzed, about its ongoing tokensale, you can find on the official website, in the Whitepaper, as well as on the pages of the project in all popular social networks.


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