Blox Review: Crypto Asset Tracking, Management & Bookkeeping

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Blox is an app that aims to deliver cryptocurrency asset tracking, bookkeeping, and management in a system designed to be precise, automated, and efficient. Blox’s goal is to give their users a clearer picture of their current cryptocurrency assets, allowing them to work more efficiently.


Companies and developers can utilize the robust and scalable Blox API. This API allows them to fetch and interpret blockchain data efficiently. Users can also automatically sync wallets and exchanges, view full transaction histories, export, and collaborate with team members.

Blox Key Features

Blox includes auto track and sync, which connects your Blox account to an exchange, and wallet accounts without any limit as to how many you can connect. The data is retrieved automatically for your convenience.

The platform offers financial transparency thanks to its shareable workspace. This includes full audit support for auditors, CPAs, and management to take advantage of.

There is also a real-time dashboard that will show you the crucial information, including your assets’ performance, balances, analytics, and historical data.

Blox Features

Blox makes it easy to take care of bookkeeping and control transactions. You can easily access the full documentation as well as attachments, notes, and labeling. For added convenience, all of this includes the ability to export as a CSV file.

You can access the Blox platform via any device you choose. There is support for both web access and mobile devices so your location does not limit your ability to use Blox.

The platform also delivers security and privacy via its read-only permission system. This is supplemented by custom-made enterprise solutions.

Another stand-out feature that sets Blox apart is the ability to use a shareable workspace to collaborate as a team. This element of Blox lets you share portfolios with designated members of your team. You can use this feature to find red flags, suggestions, or comments related to activity to ensure a smoother financial process.

Who Can Benefit from Blox?

Professionals who deal with cryptocurrency will appreciate Blox’s various features. The ability to track and manage your crypto portfolio is  convenient thanks to the management features and professional tools.

Financial teams will also benefit from Blox as it was created specifically for them. Bookkeepers and accountants will appreciate the ability to label and classify attractions and attach relevant documents. They will also appreciate the ability to examine the real-time and historic balances. Bookkeepers and accountants will also make good use of the Blox reporting capabilities and CSV export feature.


CPAs will appreciate the ability to use Blox to monitor a company’s cryptocurrency assets. The real-time dashboard, combined with the alert system, ensures full control over balances and expenses, no matter where you are.

What Is CDT?

CDT is the token associated with Blox. You use CDT to access the Blox functionalities and features. It also serves as a discount token for enterprises and businesses. CDT holders get access to the Blox platform, letting them utilize the platform to its full potential. Those who hold CDT and commit it for staking can earn discounts as high as 75%.

Staking with CDT is slightly different than with the typical Proof of Stake consensus algorithm. With Blox, staking means committing to hold your positive CDT balance of a certain quantity for a specific period of time. Depending on your subscription plan, staking CDT can give you a discount or additional Tx storage.

CDT Token

What Plans Does Blox Offer?

There are four Blox subscription plans: Pro, Business, Enterprise, and Custom. All of these plans get automatic sync, historical transactions and balances, snapshots, and bookkeeping support.

The Pro account is a promotion that will only run until August 1st and includes a free 5,000 Tx of storage. It is free and just requires staking CDT. It works with up to $50,000 AUM and includes email support and 100 Tx storage with support for one member/organization. There is no CSV export with this plan.

Business accounts cost $100 per month but can get a discount of up to 75% by staking CDT. These cover up to $20 million AUM, four members or organizations, CSV export, 10,000 Tx storage, and a 24-hour response time.


Enterprise plans cost $250 per month but can also include a discount of up to 75% for staking CDT. These plans have dedicated account managers and work for eight members or organizations with 50,000 Tx storage and up to $60 million AUM.

Finally, Custom plans have custom pricing but offer the same 75% discount. Every element is customized, including the number of organizations or managers and the Tx storage. This plan has no AUM limit.

At any point, you can upgrade your Blox account to the next level if you prefer.

What Is the Blox API?

The Blox API is scalable, robust, and single. It makes it possible to collect data using the real-time dashboard with its intuitive setup. It allows for data normalization that has full support for multiple blockchains API and full ERC-20. With the Blox API, developers can access multiple integrations for exchanges, blockchains, and custody providers.

The Blox API includes data normalization, including the transaction history and balances of addresses. It also normalizes data for token transfers across various blockchains, transaction confirmations, and comprehensive lists of tokens and decimals with matching symbols.


Thanks to the API’s scalability, developers can use just one information source when building their product based on the blockchain. Furthermore, the data is standardized and normalized, making it quick, easy, and cost-effective to add new blockchains to the product.

Overall, using the Blox API can help companies save on their IT costs. The API does the heavy lifting, letting developers and businesses focus on their products. It is possible to test the Blox API before using it; just contact the team.

Blox Security

When you use Blox, there is no risk to your personal information. You will never need to input potentially compromising personal information. Similarly, you never have to enter bank security details or your private keys. Since this information is never entered into Blox, it is never at risk. Similarly, there is no risk to your cryptocurrency with Blox since it does not have any way of accessing your crypto.

For further safety, Blox works in a read-only mode. This means that you cannot trade or buy directly using the platform; instead, you can utilize the platform to get an overview of your accounts. To enhance this even more, if you try syncing an account with the API key and accidentally give Blox additional permissions, Blox automatically blocks this sync. You will be asked to remove those additional permissions before retrying the sync.

Blox has a very good support section. There is a detailed knowledge base that has topics such as getting started and overviews of the Blox features, as well as guides to wallets and exchanges. There is also an FAQ section for most pages on the Blox website as well as a general FAQ that includes the ability to browse or search. Alternately, you can contact Blox directly for customer support.


Blox is a platform available via the web or on your mobile devices that assists with bookkeeping, management, and tracking cryptocurrency assets. It can assist enterprises, businesses, and professionals, and it includes an API plus many useful features.

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