Templar Fund, a publicly transparent cryptocurrency hedge fund has just released the results of their 10-day trade cycle—one of their best 10-day periods yet;

  • Trade Cycle Dates: March 31, 2019 – April 9, 2019
  • Trade Activity ROE: 2.027%
  • Performance Fees: (20.000%)
  • Total Cycle Client ROE: $1,62 per $100 on deposit

These trade results are exceptionally better than trade outcomes of traditional retail banks.

Templar Fund is a privately-managed Bitcoin hedge fund that provides a fully-automated trading desk for cryptocurrency investors. The liquidity service it pledges to its clients is propelled by a market-maker approach. This strategy presents very low-risk to their investor clients who want to earn from the Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange.


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Market Making & Profit

As a market-maker, Templar Fund pools all their clients’ funds and invests them in relevant cryptocurrency order books to narrow the bid-ask spread. When the bid-ask spread is slim, it makes the exchange market more liquid. This means that the loss in executing trade transactions are minimized, which therefore increases the chances to make profit. Templar Fund, being the market maker, then earns profit in two ways. The first is through the gains they get from the maker fees, and the second is through the increase of position value.

Expert Traders

The traders that operate Templar Fund’s trading platform are trade and finance experts. Most have been in the industry for more than a decade. They are highly-experienced in high-frequency trading and market prediction, and they have the trade reports and book of business to back it up.

Public Transparency

One of the guarantees of the Templar Fund is 100% public transparency when it comes to trade reporting. Anyone who wishes to view their trade history and verify their trade transactions can visit their website and inspect. Templar Fund publishes two different kinds of trading reports—10-day and 30-day reports—and make them available for anyone to download.

Secure Privacy

Another promise of Templar Fund is their client privacy. To become a client of their investing platform, Templar Fund does not require their investor clients to provide personal information and upload KYC (Know Your Customer) identification documents. This secures the company from disclosing any personal information in the instance of any authoritative attempt to invade personal privacy. This also means that digital earnings are kept confidential between the anonymous client and the company.

Zero Fees

Anyone who wishes to invest in cryptocurrency can do so with Templar Fund. The privately-managed trading desk does not have a minimum amount required to open an account. They do not charge fees for administration, deposit, and withdrawal. Their revenue generator is simply from the 20% commission they ask from their clients.


Investing in cryptocurrency hedge funds is probably one of the best investment methods anyone can make today. Templar Fund opens up the opportunity for any individual under any financial condition to invest in cryptocurrency. Beginner traders are safe as there is no minimum investment amount. They can make passive income and eventually acquire wealth. On the other hand, advanced traders can protect their digital assets from authoritative inspections. It is definitely a win-win situation for everyone.

If you’re still not convinced with the benefits of becoming a Templar Fund client, just review the trade reports and maybe those will speak more to you.

To learn more about the Templar Fund, visit: https://templar.fund

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