Bridge Platform Bridge Champ Reveals 2022 Roadmap

Founded by Barak Lieberman, Bridge Champ is built on top of Ignis, the first child blockchain to run on Jelurida's Ardor ecosystem.
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Bridge Champ, a blockchain-based online bridge platform, has announced its roadmap for 2020 featuring a lot of developments which include the addition of online bridge championships, NFT registration, token payments, and rewards.

Many Exciting New Features Coming in 2022

As the result of an innovative collaboration between the European blockchain development company Jelurida and Barak Lieberman, who has years of experience playing and teaching bridge, Bridge Champ is created as a first-of-kind breakthrough platform for an online bridge play.

It is a modern solution to connect players from all over the world. It is also the first platform for online bridge play, accessible to both new players and experienced ones.

Online bridge play meets the demand of the new generation players who prefer to engage in social play with their friends or strangers.

Bridge Champ uses many social features to connect bridge players globally and makes a way for existing bridge clubs and federations to enter the digital world. In Particular, it turns online bridge gaming into a profitable business.

As the advanced online bridge platform recently revealed, its 2022 roadmap includes many of the groundbreaking online tools and solutions.

Some of the milestones are here:

  • The release of gaming bots for high-level Bridge in April 2022
  • The release of the mobile application in May 2022
  • Creation of tournaments in June 2022
  • NFT registration for achievements in Q3 2022
  • Teaching module closed beta in Q4 2022
  • Social networks integration in Q4 2022

These additions are proposed to provide a better experience in playing bridge online with people from all over the world.

In addition, bridge club owners who want to advance to the digital world also can find all their needs on the platform. Guided play and pre-made hands for lessons are available making it easier for them.

The platform native token IGNIS not only is used to pay for multiple games and services, but the platform users also use the asset to convert between tokens and fiat currencies.

Once the feature rolls out, players can earn IGNIS by playing games and tournaments.

The use of blockchain technology secures credibility, trust, accountability, and transparency for data sharing.

Built on the blockchain, Bridge Champ is creating a secure and state-of-the-art digital space for bridge players around the world while making playing bridge online as easy as possible.

More About Bridge Champ

Founded by Barak Lieberman, Bridge Champ is built on top of Ignis, the first child blockchain to run on Jelurida’s Ardor ecosystem.

It runs online bridge championships and protects players from cheating, secure all in-game information and manage through the IGNIS token, which is a native token of the currency of the Ignis blockchain.

The Ardor blockchain has a unique parent-child structure that makes it easy to integrate with different networks.

Barak is the owner of two successful Israeli bridge clubs and has seized the opportunity and taken his bridge clubs online.

Discovered a very real need for convenient, practical, and fun online bridge play, the founder decided to partner with the development blockchain Jelurida to create a first-of-its-kind, breakthrough platform for online bridge play.

Bridge Champ is designed to automate the historic card game’s core functions.

The platform is an environment that combines the benefits of cutting-edge gaming with API functions to launch international tournament series.

The key elements of Bridge Champ include registration and competition tools, and crypto assets for reputation management designed on top of proof of play (PoP) consensus.

A Great Foundation

Founded in 2016, Jelurida is a software firm that develops NXT and Ardor blockchains. It focuses on helping enterprises to leverage the benefits of blockchain by deploying applications connected to the open Ardor and Nxt networks.

Both NXT and Ardor are well known for providing their smooth experience in terms of dApps onboarding.

The European blockchain developer is a multinational organization with offices located on three continents. This all bodes well for bridge on blockchain!

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