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Crypto Wallet, Social Network & Debit Card, All in One Place – Business.Club

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If you are looking for a secure place to store your assets, then look no further than Business.Club, which has recently developed an Active Wallet for safe money storage.

Another feature of the platform is the native token, BCT (Business Club Token), that can help its owners increase their capital. What makes this wallet stand out from the rest is the fact that you also receive a debit card.

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How to Use Business.Club

When you sign up for an account on the Business.Club platform, you will automatically be assigned an Active Wallet. This unique wallet does not only permit users to store crypto funds, but it also helps them to incrementally grow their savings by using the Business Club Token (BCT).

BCT tokens allow users access to the wallet’s ecosystem, enabling trading, the purchase of file storage and advertisement space, bandwidth transfer, as well as tipping other users. The tokens can also be used to facilitate fast fund transfers between users’ wallets.


The Advantages of Using Active Wallet

Increasing Your Earnings

By storing BCT tokens in your Active Wallet, your profits will continue to grow without any effort. The platform applies an insignificant commission fee each time you execute a BCT transaction.

By performing any type of transaction with BCT tokens, this will produce capital for Business.Club, as all purchased BCTs are sent back to the company. From this generated profit, a percentage is divided amongst those who hold BCT tokens. As you store more BCTs, your Active Wallet will produce more profit.

The Business.Club Visa Debit Card

Due to the current merger between cryptos and traditional finance, Business.Club enables users to store, spend, buy, or sell crypto and fiat currencies wherever they want.

The company has launched a series of debit cards, which are the first to combine the use of cryptocurrencies and fiat. In order to receive one of the 5 Business Club payment cards, you must first buy and hold BCT for a minimum of six months in your BCT Active Wallet.

By keeping BCT in your Active Wallet, the token generates profits that will increase daily. After 180 days of storing BCT, you will be eligible to claim a payment card.

The Leaf Green Visa card is free and does not require the storage of BCT, as you just have to sign up for a wallet account and pass the verification process.

No Transfer Limits and Low Fees

There are no limits in place that restrict how much BCT you can buy or sell. The platform applies a small 0.25% fee from the total of your transaction, but not under 1 BCT. Each BCT transaction will incur the same fee. However, the fee is to be reduced in the future to 0.005% after there are no more tokens supplied.

Store a Variety of Cryptos

In addition to BCT, users are able to store in their Active Wallet a number of other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, Ripple, and Tether. The list of supported cryptocurrencies will be expanded in the future.

Fast Crypto Exchanges

Through the Active Wallet Converter, Business.Club users are able to convert their cryptos into other assets. The exchanges are executed via the integration of ShapeShift and CoinPayments. Conversions that are done with BCT are free of charge, while other altcoin exchanges have a 3% fee of transaction. All coin swaps are executed instantaneously.

The Online Business Club Network

The Business.Club platform also created the online business club oriented towards connecting individuals who are looking for means of increasing their profit and improve their businesses.

Transparent Blockchain

All transactions executed on the platform can be publicly viewed and analyzed by all users. The entire list of transactions that took place on the Business.Club ecosystem can be viewed by accessing the address:

Make Extra Income Through the Referral Program

Users can earn additional income by referring others to use the Active Wallet. After a user signs up for an account with a referral link or username, this will connect your account to the account that sent the referral link.

Business.Club is the first blockchain platform that has developed a crypto wallet that yields profits, in addition to an online business club, where investors can enhance their business potential. The company currently wants to receive its Electronic Money Institution License, which would allow them to issue debit cards to Lithuanian residents.

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