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CakeDeFi: The Most Transparent Way To Get Cash Flow From Your Cryptocurrencies

CakeDeFi was launched early in 2019. One of the highlights of this platform was its Lapis solution, which allowed us to even earn returns on non-staking coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.
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Cryptocurrencies have given all of us a shot at financial freedom. Due to their decentralized nature, you have complete control over the funds that you own. The only downside of holding cryptocurrencies in your wallet is that you don’t get to see them grow.

Cryptocurrencies that support staking do reward users with digital assets for the crypto that they hold in their wallets. While assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum might increase in value, they, themselves don’t create a cryptocurrency cash flow.

Lending platforms do allow you to earn Bitcoin by offering a small interest rate on the funds that you deposit. However, there is always a certain amount of risk associated with this. Additionally, the interest rate offered by the existing lending platforms is far too less.

To solve this problem, CakeDeFi has come up with a perfect product. With the new features added to their Cake Lapis solution, you will not only be able to get a higher return, but it will also come with no downside.

This sounds very exciting, right? Having a banklike crypto platform that pays regular interest and can help provide a great source of passive income. So, let us now have a look at the new changes made to the Cake Lapis solution.

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Cake Lapis: Generate guaranteed crypto yield

CakeDeFi was launched early in 2019. One of the highlights of this platform was its Lapis solution, which allowed us to even earn returns on non-staking coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. CakeDeFi had no institutional partners. So, the Lapis solution did come with its perks of higher interest rates, but this could also end up in the red.

After receiving numerous concerns from users, the team behind this project decided to bring in institutional partners onto the system. This ensures that users who use the Cake Lapis platform can invest their cryptocurrencies risk-free.

Apart from the risk-free solution that it offers, CakeDeFi also confirms that every user will get a minimum of 9% APR on Bitcoin and 8% APR on Ethereum. This high return percentage is a great source of passive income in the decentralized crypto world.

Well, a guaranteed yield would come with its own set of disadvantages, right? The downside of bringing in institutional partners such as Sparrow and Signum Capital is that the final interest rate on your investment is lower than what was previously promised.

You might now be thinking that the interest rate on Bitcoin and Ethereum has still not changed. So, will you be charged some extra fees? Well, there is no difference in the interest rate for the end-user on the CakeDeFi platform.

However, the interest rate has been lowered. To ensure that customers continue to receive the previously promised interest rates, Cake has decided to pay the extra percent interest in the form of DFI. So, the end-user will continue to receive the same interest percentage.

This partnership came into effect from August 28th, 2020. All batches that start from here on will now get assured interest rates on all their cryptocurrency investments on this platform.

This move made by CakeDeFi has not only made Cake Lapis a great cryptocurrency cash flow system but has also earned the trust of people on the platform.

Cake Lapis gets better:

In addition to the guaranteed interest rate, Cake Lapis also has the potential to provide you some extra interest based on the performance of the coin. If the cryptocurrency price goes up in-between the start and end date of a particular batch, then you receive an additional kicker.

The platform now has a ticker, which represents the extra interest that you will receive in addition to the guaranteed interest. This transparency and additional yield help encourage more users to start investing their money on the platform.

Apart from the Lapis solution, CakeDeFi also has its very own staking pool. This, too, can be used to stake cryptocurrencies. With this staking pool, you can evade requiring a minimum number of tokens in your wallet. By allowing you to stake any number of cryptocurrencies that you hold, it helps generate additional cryptocurrency cash flow in the crypto world.

Advantages of CakeDeFi:

1- Earn interest in non-staking cryptocurrencies: We all know that Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency out there. Bitcoin present in your wallet does not help you earn Bitcoin. However, when you use the CakeDeFi platform to pool your Bitcoin, you will get a guaranteed interest rate that has a much higher potential if Bitcoin price increases during the batch.

2- Batches every week: Every Friday, new batches are created on the platform. This means that you will be able to invest your crypto on this platform every single week.

3- Higher interest rates: Most lending platforms provide small variable interest rates on the crypto that you lend. However, it is nowhere close to the interest rate provided by CakeDeFi.


CakeDeFi is hedging towards creating a fully transparent and easy to use solution for all its users. A platform that provides interest to users who hold crypto on the platform is a very lucrative deal for all investors. Being able to earn Bitcoin by doing nothing is something you don’t want to miss out on.

Now that this comes with a risk-free solution, more users will start using the platform. So, what are you waiting for? Stop holding your cryptocurrency idle in your wallets and sign up on CakeDeFi to generate a passive income source for yourself.


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