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Capitual: How Crypto-Startups are Bringing Cryptos to the Masses

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It is no secret that the Bitcoin and Blockchain technology came to change the world. But like any new technology, it takes time to get adoption, mainly in the financial world, where companies are solid, and the structures tend to be extremely conservative.

While adoption is not the only problem that is faced by Blockchain and we have some companies and projects working to solve different points such as scalability and decentralization, we have seen different ways to make crypto-currencies accessible to the masses.

Please Note: This is a Press Release

Capitual is a platform that aims to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies by providing different payment tools for its users who have access to a multi-currency account. The platform does not charge any sign-up fee and the account maintenance is completely free.

The sign-up process could not be simpler: all you have to do is insert your email address. Then you are taken directly to your dashboard, where you can start dealing with crypto-currencies, or complete your profile and verify your account to unlock every feature.

Capitual user’s dashboard: users have access to several fiat and cryptocurrencies.

As soon as your account is verified, you are allowed to move funds by bank transfer (SEPA for Euro and TED for Brazilian Real), in addition to the crypto-currencies’ deposit. Then you can start making payments or scheduled and recurring transfers. You can perform currency exchanges at any time (which is pretty useful for protection during a sudden drop), as well as creating as many wallets as you desire.

An interesting feature of Capitual are the invoices. An invoice can be sent to anyone, even to non-users. You are allowed to send invoices to email addresses or phone numbers (in this case, the invoice is sent over SMS). The invoice payee is able to pay with cryptocurrencies, or if the payee is also a registered user, with his Capitual wallets.

And in case you have an online business, such ease may also be enjoyed. The company also provides CapPay, which is a payment gateway integrated with your Capitual account. What makes CapPay competitive among several strong players is that there are no transaction fees. Also, regardless of the payment method used by your customers, your funds are only kept in the currency of your choice.

Capitual sustains its efforts in being a single point where you can manage your funds, pay bills, invest, and receive incomes. The team focuses not only on crypto users, but also on enthusiasts who, for lacking technological knowledge, did not have access to the world of crypto & finance. Such a mission is also present in the company’s slogan. “With ‘Your Money, Reinvented’”, explains Amarildo Caka, CEO and Co-founder, “we welcome every new user to the revolution made possible by the advent of the crypto-economics.”

Many payment options are offered by the platform, but for the team, the hard work isn’t over. One of the team’s priorities is CapCard, which they define as “the only card you’ll ever need”. This card allows spending funds stored on Capitual platform, which makes it possible to use your cryptos to pay for products or services, or even withdraw from ATMs. The card is planned to issue by the end of this year.

Currency Exchange window: Capitual provides instant exchange for fiat and cryptocurrencies.

The crypto market is now fighting for acceptance. Startups like Capitual work to move the ecosystem forward by creating friendly tools that make it possible for non-tech users to join such environment.

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