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Announcement of Car Sharing Community Project

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Car Sharing Community (CSC) announces its launching as the disruption in traditional logistics and transport industry.

CSC is a decentralized logistics and transport system that perfects the limits of traditional model by applying blockchain and AI technology.

By combination of financial solution and car sharing model, CSC leads to not only unexpected profit for both its partners and organization, but also social value and environment solution.

Car Sharing

Privacy, fee saving, secure, unlimited network are some strong points of this interesting project. Participants just need to holder our token and enjoy big profit and follow progress of project development. All information will be announced transparently on website, via email.


CSCLending is an exclusive lending platform. This investment option involves profiting from CSC trading bot and volatility software.

CSCExchange allow users to exchange CAR/BTC, CAR/USD smoothly. It’s easy to use as other exchanges.

Car App is project’s target and will proceed whole crowdsale period simultaneously which is applied transport sharing model with data storage by blockchain and vote evaluating by AI technology.

ICO and token

CAR is CSC’s representative coin which is developed and based on the Ethereum platform with flexible and powerful Smart Contracts.

Total CLP supply is limited to 190 Million coins and not sold out token will be cancelled daily through whole crowdsale period.

The crowdsale will be proceeded under auction with daily limited quantity of 200,000 coins. For more details, click here.

More information about CSC project and ICO and the stages of project can be found on website.

Company name: Car Sharing Community

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