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Top Chinese Company ChainDD Expands Global Footprint with US Launch at the CHAINSIGHTS Summit in New York

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October 22, 2018, the formal announcement of ChainDD US was made at the CHAINSIGHTS Blockchain Leadership Summit 2018 in New York today at the Lotte Palace Hotel in Manhattan. The summit was a launchpad for this new and ambitious project. It brought together some of the most influential investors and executives and members of the media in the blockchain industry in an audience of more than 150 key players and 15 expert speakers and panelists. The summit also provided ChainDD the opportunity to showcase its new English product and to showcase all of its achievements as well as its numerous blockchain, information, and fintech advisory services to high-level executives and tech industry influencers in a formal setting.

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Among the speakers was Gary Gensler, an important figure in government and policy circles: he was Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) under President Barack Obama; Steve Oh from Nasdaq; Wall Street veteran analyst Peter Marber, as well as several legendary new technology investors from the US and China.

(Photo: Gary Gensler, Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) under President Barack Obama, was giving a speech at the CHAINSIGHTS Blockchain Leadership Summit 2018 in New York)

ChainDD is a global information and technology company that specializes in the accurate and timely delivery of business and financial insights and services to individuals and institutions working in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and high-tech services spaces. ChainDD was founded with the vision of developing “robust, healthy, and legitimate” blockchain markets in both China and the U.S., and it now covers the North American, European, Israeli, Japanese, South Korean, and the Southeast Asian markets from its offices in China, the U.S., and Japan.

The Founder and CEO of ChainDD and its parent company TMTPost, Hejuan Zhao, gave a stirring introduction to her personal journey from being one of China’s most respected business journalists to a new role as a global entrepreneur, and she posed the challenge of blockchain and set out a clear path for ChainDD’s mission, saying,

“What is the logic that supports the booming cryptocurrency market? How can technical solutions be better integrated with real assets? We realize that there exists a wide array of possibilities and scenarios in blockchain that will draw the world’s attention. This summit is a platform for blockchain influencers to exchange innovative ideas.”

(Photo: Hejuan Zhao, The Founder and CEO of ChainDD and its parent company TMTPost, was giving a speech at the CHAINSIGHTS Blockchain Leadership Summit 2018 in New York)

In September, the company established ChainDD US in New York as part of a drive to promote stronger cross-country blockchain ties and to advance ChainDD’s service offerings to U.S. customers. Catherine Li, former Managing Director of BOA Merrill Lynch and a Founding Partner & COO of ChainDD US, has been chosen to lead the new initiative, thanks to her vast experience in the high-tech and financial services industries.

How ChainDD Achieves Effective Market Penetration

ChainDD not only provides news and analysis, but it actually delivers services and applications with real-world value. Its signature innovation is the DD Wallet, the next-generation digital asset management platform that aggregates market information to provide clients with insights for making better-informed financial decisions. It also provides cryptocurrency storage and transfer services for investors so that they can access their digital assets, with links to ChainDD Currency Indices (DDCI) and DD Market Price Alerts, the DD Wallet service provides customers with access to a powerful, insightful, and user-friendly knowledge base that can help them make better, quicker, and more accurate investment and trading decisions for cryptocurrency and blockchain-based projects and initiatives. With the DD Headlines service, customers have access to news exclusives with rich, in-depth content, while the DD News Flash service delivers real-time news to users around the clock. Comprehensive market research reports are also produced with DD Intelligence, and the online forum DD Knowledge Base.

(Photo: ChainDD launched DD Wallet at the CHAINSIGHTS Blockchain Leadership Summit 2018 in New York)

On the social responsibility side of things, DD Camp sponsors meet-ups for local communities, and the DD Innovation Institute plays a role in education by providing executive training programs for blockchain leaders and entrepreneurs. Finally, the DD Blog and Column provides the general public with user-generated content about blockchain.

ChainDD is clearly banking on exploiting their strong competitive advantages that have not been successfully replicated by others in the market.  From the BAT group (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) to major investment firms, customers and clients both inside and outside of China have featured ChainDD’s services, and the company is excited about future prospects and about the promise of the new ChainDD US initiative to bring better, more accurate, and more tightly-knit services to clients and corporations all around the world.

ChainDD is currently the #1 Blockchain News App and the #6 General News App in the iOS App Store in China, with over 120 News Flash items published every single day. It also boasts over 2 million registered users, has 800+ active bloggers, and has published over 5,600 articles (including more than 1,800 original articles) over the past 6 months alone.


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