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Chainflix: A Revolutionary User-oriented video streaming platform

Chainflix is ​​a revolutionary video streaming platform that allows viewers, content creators, and enhancers to generate their own income on the platform through contribution.
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Chainflix is ​​a revolutionary video streaming platform that allows viewers, content creators, and enhancers to generate their own income on the platform through contribution.

With proprietary, patented technologies Chainflix platform is intending to improve the video streaming ecosystem by providing the opportunities for all participants to earn rewards based on contribution. Chainflix is the only platform that enables a consistent rewarding ecosystem as the operational costs are significantly reduced by their P2P streaming architecture.

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What features does Chainflix have?

  • Users earning CFX through contributing to platform
  • Fair and transparent revenue-sharing model.
  • Greater earning opportunities for the ecosystem participants .

How can Chainflix users make money?

On the Chainflix platform, CFX coins are mined during the video viewing process. Through this innovative, patented video play-back based mining system, all the participants in the ecosystem – content creators and enhancers, storage providers, viewers, and advertisers – are interconnected to receive rewards through contribution. Using blockchain technology, users can check the fair, transparent distributions as all rewards and transactions are recorded on the blockchain.

Challenges of existing video streaming platforms like YouTube

 Unfair distribution of the revenue between the platform and the content creator.

  • Astronomical operational costs correlated to the number of users on the platform.
  • Non existent rewards for the viewers and their contribution of viewership to the platform.

Revolutionary Chainflix platform’s solutions

  •  Chainflix’s novel P2P distributed storage system allows individuals and enterprises to utilize their spare storage to contribute to the storage pool. When their storage is selected for streaming, storage providers can earn from the mining rewards. Chainflix significantly reduces the operational costs of maintaining a video streaming platform.The problem of inarticulate and dishonest video promotion is also solved by Chainflix using a clear and understandable algorithm for promoting videos to trends, which is prescribed in a smart contract on the blockchain without the possibility of changes.
  • Chainflix’s proprietary, patented video play-back based mining allows for viewers to watch and mine coins without any hardware and plugin. Users can then trade their earned CFX coins on exchanges.
  • Chainflix allows content creators to earn through play-back based mining in addition to advertisement fees. For new creators with lacking followship could take advantage of content’s originality and earn CFX. Chainflix as a platform does not take any percentage from the mining rewards but only from the advertisement fees.

Chainflix solves the problems of modern centralized video streaming platforms by developing innovative solutions using blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. The best part of Chainflix is the inclusiveness of the users of the platform. Learn more about the Chainflix’s features and advantages by trying out their service.


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