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Change your usual way of trading with Cindicator

The Cindicator platform aims to revolutionize traditional trading by using collective intelligence and machine learning models to create predictive insights.
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Trading platforms are used to open, close, and manage market positions through a financial intermediary. It’s the ideal location for investors and traders to set up accounts and track them efficiently.

The Cindicator platform aims to revolutionize traditional trading by using collective intelligence and machine learning models to create predictive insights.

The Cindicator platform explained

Cindicator was launched in 2015 and is based in New York City; the platform built a social and technological infrastructure required to make efficient judgments under the new economy’s needs. The platform brings a hybrid intelligence feature, which efficiently manages investors’ capital in traditional financial and crypto markets.

The featured advantages include technological and analytical infrastructure, allowing analysts to profit from their intellectual assets. The products also include tools and data for making investment decisions, industry forecasts, opportunities, market growth spots, and indices and crypto-assets ratings.

The Stoic App

The Stoic feature is one of Cindicator’s products designed to bring innovation to the marketing industry. The app eliminates FOMO and FUD by rebalancing well-tested hedge fund grade tactics regularly.

The service stands apart from others as day-to-day transactions include automatic crypto trading similar to a hedge fund. The strategy rebalances leading crypto assets based on projections from 176,000 analysts registered with Cindicator.

Individuals can make withdrawals at any time because their portfolio is monitored 24/7. Market updates are also provided to keep members informed, with the trading bot handling the heavy lifting of managing individual portfolios.

The app is a cryptocurrency trading bot that connects to a user’s Binance account via API, aiming to invest in a broad list of top altcoins. Stoic’s algorithm monitors all cryptocurrencies daily and builds positions based on quantitative analysis.

Other products and services

Cindicator does not stop here with the benefits that they bring to their customers. Other than the Stoic app, they have :

  • Macro sentiment indicators – giving a glimpse of the market direction, helping traders profit with one option per week. This feature is helpful for trade options, trade forex, or futures contracts and stocking portfolios.
  • Signals from super forecasters – this feature is based on a two-price forecast from the top analysts; the members will get weekly alerts for BTC, access to a private community of traders, access to insights and tips from leading analysts.
  • Collective intelligence platform – forecasting the price of crypto and traditional assets using a simple mechanism: every day, the team creates a question, makes forecasts, and scores points. The hybrid intelligence feature provides indicators, and at the end of the month, the members are rewarded.
  • Cindicator Edge – this service also uses hybrid intelligence indicators to strengthen individuals strategies. They will get proven historical accuracy, 100+ crypto assets, stock, futures to choose from, the opportunity to cancel anytime.


The platform distinguishes itself from other trading platforms by bringing automated cryptocurrency trading and AI forecasting. The platform also works in the traditional finance market and is known as a robo-advisor. They have automated the conventional process without involving emotions and have given individuals the ability to build them.

Around 10,000 paying users from around the world use the platform. Cindicator was created to transform sophisticated, successful trading techniques while assisting individuals who are just getting started with their portfolios.

To stay up to date with Cindicator’s development and product launches, follow them on their communication channels:

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