Beginner’s Guide to Changelly: Complete Review

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Changelly is among the more popular “instant” cryptocurrency exchanges. Since 2015, Changelly has gained more than 1.5 million registered users worldwide. At the moment, the exchange processes over 15,000 transactions every day and has a monthly turnover of about 60,000 BTC. With more than 90 altcoins to exchange or buy, Changelly has a long list of trading pairs to offer customers. It prides itself on fast transactions, account security, top exchange rates, and an easy to use and intuitive interface.

Changelly Review

Changelly emphasizes its fairness, speed, and trustworthiness. It is also fast, with transactions taking as little as several seconds. It also has plenty of trust, thanks to its association with MinerGate, a team with a track record among the longest in the crypto market.

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How Does Changelly Work?

A transaction on Changelly begins with one cryptocurrency wallet and the cryptocurrency of your choice. Based on the crypto and amount, Changelly chooses the best crypto trade and then finds the best rate among various cryptocurrency exchanges. It converts the money into your chosen currency at that best rate, charging a 0.5 percent fee. Finally, Changelly delivers the newly converted crypto into your second wallet.

Changelly Website

For those in search of more detail, Changelly has a robot that is integrated into the world’s biggest trading platforms, such as Bittrex and Poloniex. In milliseconds, this robot creates bids or asks on the platforms, then finds the best available rate, displaying its estimate on the Changelly website. The rates are always approximations until the transaction goes onto the blockchain, meaning that the actual rate may differ slightly.

Changelly Fees

Changelly does not fix rates because cryptocurrency is volatile enough that the rate can fluctuate each minute. If Changelly chose to fix the rates, it would have to cover currency volatility and market risks, leading to higher commission fees. Changelly also has to factor in network fees for each transaction – these are fees charged by the relevant Blockchains involved which go to the miners for processing the transaction. Because of these factors, Unfortunately Changelly fee’s can work out a little higher than if you went directly to the Exchanges involved. The trade-off here is that Changelly is easy to use for beginner’s who may be put off by other exchanges complex interfaces or might not be able to use them due to location restrictions etc.

They do offer fiat purchases via credit or debit card but their fees here are very expensive so we do not recommend you use them for this purpose.

Changelly’s fees are as follows :

  • 0.5% Commission on Crypto to Crypto Trades.
  • 5% Changelly Commission and 5% Simplex Processing Fee on Credit / Debit Card Purchases.

What Currencies Does Changelly Support?

As mentioned, Changelly supports more than 90 cryptocurrencies. It has a full list of supported currencies along with a description of the crypto in question on its “Supported Currencies” page. You will find familiar and extremely popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Monero, along with some you may not have heard of, including XDN, BCN, FCN, NBT, NXT, FCT, and RADS. Thanks to the large listing, it is very likely that Changelly supports the cryptocurrencies you want to change between. There is also a form available where you can suggest adding your token to Changelly’s platform.

Do You Need an Account to Use Changelly?

To protect user’s privacy, Changelly does not require the creation of an account to use its conversion services. This means that users do not need to submit personal information; they just need a valid wallet address. Keep in mind, however, that those buying crypto with a bank card may need additional verification before their purchase. Those who stick to crypto-to-crypto conversions, however, do not need any verification.

How Do You Buy Cryptocoins on Changelly?

Buying coins on Changelly is a straightforward process regardless of the coin you want to buy. Go to the website and adjust the cryptocurrency on the left with the drop-down menu (the default setting is BTC) to the crypto you wish to change from. You can use the search function to find your chosen crypto more quickly. Enter the amount of that crypto, adjust the coin on the right to the one you want to purchase, and click “Exchange.” At this point, you should confirm the specified amount you are selling and the amount you will receive, then click “Next.”


Enter your wallet address where you want to receive the cryptocurrency and double-check all the details. Click “Next” to view the wallet address and QR code. These are where you will send the crypto to be changed to Changelly.

Paste the address in the correct field of the wallet you want to use, or if you use a mobile app for your wallet, scan the QR code. Once Changelly receives your money, it will exchange it then send it to your specified recipient address.

Changelly Send to

At any moment, you can view the transaction status by going to your transaction history. You will receive a notification once the transaction has completed, which will typically take between five and 30 minutes. It may take longer if there are network delays. Upon completion of the transaction, you will receive a receipt featuring the output transaction hash, which proves the transaction has finished.

Remember that transactions cannot be canceled on the blockchain. It is impossible for any platform, including Changelly, to roll back a transaction. Because of this, you should always confirm all details of your transaction before sending it.

Buy Cryptocurrency with Credit or Debit Cards

Changelly accepts payments via bank cards in USD or EUR for more than 35 different cryptocurrencies. As with converting cryptocurrency, the process of buying crypto with your bank card is simple and quick. Just remember that your bank card must support 3D-Secure, which is verification with a phone number. The card may be from any country or use any currency, but it must have 3D-Secure, and you must conduct the transaction in USD or EUR.

From the Changelly homepage, adjust the left side (of the currency you have) to read either USD or EUR. Adjust the section on the right to the cryptocurrency you want to buy, just like you would with any other conversion. Confirm the rate and amount.

Buy With Fiat

Now, you can specify the wallet address where you will receive the cryptocurrency. Check the payment details, including your estimated amount to receive and the exchange rate. Go to the following step if you agree to the exchange rate. If this is one of your first transactions with a bank card, you might have a limit for buying or extra requirements. After reading the requirements and limits, click on “Continue” Button

Fiat Purchases

You will be prompted to enter the data on your bank card. Enter the phone number linked to your card, as well, and you should quickly receive a phone call. Listen for the digital code and enter it. Go to your bank’s online app and find the three-digit code on your bank statement. Alternatively, you can record the phrase “Indacoin verification” plus send a photo of yourself with your passport. After entering the code or sending data, the transaction processing should take five to 30 minutes.

What Are the Initial Limits on Bank Cards?

As mentioned, those paying with bank cards will have limits for their first few transactions. Cards from the U.S., Canada, or Australia will have a $50 USD limit on their first transaction. The following purchase can be made in four days with a $100 limit. After seven days from the first buy, the limit is up to $500. You cannot make more than three payments in the first week but have no monthly payment limits.

Those in the EU or non-CIS-region countries have a similar limit scheme, but the first transaction can be up to $100. The second transaction (also in four days) has a $200 limit. These countries have the same $500 limit following seven days. There are no monthly limits, but you cannot make more than six payments in the first week.

Those in the CIS region (Georgia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, and Kazakhstan) have a $200 limit for their first transaction. The following limit increase will take place in 24 hours. The first week’s limit is $2,000, and the first month has a limit of $10,000.

How Long Do Transactions Take?

On average, a Changelly transaction will process within five to 30 minutes. There are some reasons that they may take longer, including a blockchain overload. Bitcoin blockchains, as well as those based on Bitcoin, will sometimes experience too many transactions pending, and if this happens, you will have to just wait since Changelly cannot resolve a blockchain overload.

It is also possible that a transaction will take longer due to coin updates. At times, Changelly will turn off certain coins so it can update a client. As soon as the coins are turned back on, you will receive the money. Finally, transactions may take longer in the case of a DDoS attack, which every platform carries a risk of. The only option in that situation is to wait.

Are There Minimum or Maximum Amounts on Changelly?

Changelly does not set maximum or minimum amounts for transactions, but these do apply in certain situations. In the case of converting very small amounts, always ensure that your transaction will cover the network fees that the blockchain requires. These include both output and input network fees that the blockchain takes. If you do not plan to convert enough funds to cover these fees, you will get an error message. You can still push the transaction throughout without adjustments. However, this is not suggested as you will lose your money since it will all go toward network fees. Instead, follow Changelly’s suggestion for the minimum required to cover the fees.

There are no restrictions as to large amounts, but you should remember that the transaction processing time will vary based on the blockchain capacity and your wallet’s set network fees. Changelly also provides suggestions to avoid market dumps or pumps. Instead of sending a larger transaction in one piece, consider diving it into several smaller transactions and sending them several hours apart. This will prevent an overwhelming ask for your currency of choice, which should ensure you get a more stable and more profitable final rate.

Customer Support

Changelly offers Customer Support via a ticketing system located on the site, visiting the support link will open a popup where you can send an email to their team via the helpdesk software.

Customer Support

There is no phone support at this time. As with most exchanges customer reviews of the platform are mixed, the company has 3 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot with a range of compliments and also complaints about slow customer support times. Worryingly there is a comment from one person who has $500k worth of Ether stuck in the system with slow response from the team.

Customer Reviews

What Is the Changelly Affiliate Program?

As an incentive for users to share the ease of use of Changelly, the platform offers an affiliate program. With the program, you get 50 percent of the revenue share forever. Essentially, any loyal customer can sign up for the affiliate program. You will then get a unique referral link. When someone uses that link to sign up, they permanently become your referral. From then on, you get 50 percent of Changelly’s commission from all of their transactions, paid out in the equivalent Bitcoin. Both the link and the 50 percent commission are permanent. Instead of a link, you can also choose to bring in referrals via a widget on your website. Best of all, the payout occurs within a day of the request.

What Tools Does Changelly Offer Developers?

Developers who want to take advantage of Changelly’s exchange features can access the API and receive a dedicated support line. With the API, you earn an extra commission, as well, which will be set according to your choice. Developers can also add one of the Changelly widgets to their pages, including those for referrals and an exchange widget. Or you can add a button that lets users pay with altcoins, which is done via Changelly.

Why Can Users Trust Changelly?

Changelly gives users numerous reasons to trust the platform. It exchanges money instantly, so there is no need to store the deposit or trust Changelly to keep your money safe. Additionally, every account has two-factor authentication. For added confidence, look at the number of users, which includes more than 3 million visitors to the website in a month. Even well-known crypto community members, like Charlie Shrem, use Changelly.


With its ease of use Changelly is an appealing exchange platform for those interested in converting their cryptocurrency. Because the platform does not store your money, there are fewer security concerns than there would be with an exchange requiring deposits and withdrawals. Additionally, Changelly is straightforward to use and the option to buy cryptocurrency with a bank card is very useful for those new to cryptocurrency but be aware of the very high fees they charge for card purchases. Their crypto to crypto fees are reasonable though so if you have another option, such as Coinbase, for fiat purchases we recommend you use that.

Changelly is worth consideration when searching for a crypto exchange. However, you should always take the same precautions you would with any other exchange, such as creating a strong password and using two-factor authentication.

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Ease of Use






Customer Support


Payment Methods



  • Easy for Beginners
  • Lots of Cryptocurrencies
  • Secure System
  • Reasonable Fees for Crypto to Crypto
  • Fiat Purchases


  • High Fees for Fiat Purchases
  • Customer Support can be Slow
  • Speed dependent on Blockchain

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