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Chimere: Weighing the Value of Your Crypto

Chimere is a new company, registered in London as Ltd Our primary focus is providing an easy-to-use method to exchange one type of crypto currency for another.
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Chimere is a new company, registered in London as Ltd Our primary focus is providing an easy-to-use method to exchange one type of crypto currency for another.

Please Note: This is a Press Release

Our company logo is a stylized head of Anubis, a symbol that reflects what we do, as well as how we do it. In legend, the Greek Chimera was a creature that had a goat body, a dragon tail, and a lion head that blew out flames. Over time, Chimera or Chimere became a word indicating two or more things melded together. Anubis, who has the body of a man with the head of a dog or a jackal, in his role as Lord of the Underworld, was believed to weigh the worth of souls as they passed through his hands.

Our program, Chimere, weighs the worth of two crypto currencies, checking them in a scale of balance as it were, before passing back to you your desired currency in the correct ratio to the currency you previously held. Chimere was also a priest’s robe, one who might have attended Anubis in his temple. Our app is the attendant who properly transforms your currency. It is for this reason we use the stylized Anubis symbol, and have given the name Chimere to our app.

Our Achievements:

The heart of what we have achieved is our API. It is designed to match and balance the diverse values of crypto currency, making it easy for those who own or use crypto currency to exchange crypto coins of various values and types easily and quickly. We have a long list of supported currencies that is growing longer each day.

Our website reflects our central theme of blending old things with new things to create an application that is both versatile and serviceable. Egypt has long been a cross-roads of ideas, culture, and trade. It was the trade route that brought spices, silks, and more from the orient into Europe. From the Valley of the Kings to the recently built Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the area along the Nile is steeped in tradition as well as reflecting modern technological wonders.  As did the camels who traversed the trade routes of ancient times, so do we hope that Chimere will become a vehicle for trade and positive change. Our website design with its sweeping dunes, stylized caravan, and discreet logo reflect this hope.

Meaningful journeys are not made alone. It is our hope to share the services of our API, making it available for entrepreneurs and web developers to embed in their websites so that they do not have to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, by making their own currency exchange app. Instead, they can provide access to Chimere, leaving them free to focus on their particular specialty. This should further their ability to build their own beautiful websites that display their wares to an ever-widening audience, just as the old caravans brought diverse goods and ideas from the Far East into the West.

Chimere is ideal for people who are always on the go because you can download the Chimere IOS app for your mobile phone. That puts your funds at your fingertips anywhere you can find a phone connection. Like the trading nomads who made their way across the deserts or who sailed in frail .wooden ships around the world, you can become a part of this planet’s financial future. In the meanwhile, you can support your own finances with ready access to an exchange platform that will help you easily access your crypto currency no matter where you are.

Perhaps you are one of the many who are looking for new ways to communicate, to be efficient, and to leverage the options available to you to make your business or your project even better. We are right there with you, striving to move our app toward new and exciting uses and connections. It is our hope that like the Chimere of old, we can meld our application with a broad variety of other utilities. To this end we have created a bot for Telegram @ChimereSwapBot. We have plans for further development, hoping to add a growing list of compatible applications.

Although we are currently based in France and registered in London, we intend to continue to improve our service. As part of that improvement, our goal is to decentralize recognizing that broad diversification is the wave of the future. First comes having cloud locations across the world, but perhaps one day Chimere will be one of the many apps to travel into space as humankind also strives to decentralize.

Here and Now

Our immediate goal is to provide a service that is transparent when it comes to fees and billing, accurately weighs the values of various crypto currencies against each other, and facilitates your ability to trade the crypto coins you already hold for other types. There is something almost magical about entering Bitcoin and getting back Ethereum. Imagine how this could transform your financial transaction capability.

We are pleased to note that our efforts are beginning to pay off in the form of good reviews on Trustpilot, and hope to continue that trend. Of course, reviews can only go so far. Therefore, we invite you to try our service for yourself. If you like it, add it to your business website for your customers’ convenience. Pass the word, because while reviews are wonderful, nothing beats word of mouth.

Chimere, a blending of old and new; an ideal for a business operation; and a way to exchange your crypto currency quickly and easily, at a reasonable cost. We have many plans for new ways to display, embed, and generally utilize our application. We would love to bring you along for the journey. Are your camels ready for a safari into the future?


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