Coin24 Review: Non-Custodial Exchange to Swap Your Tokens

Coin24 is on a mission is to simplify the crypto trading process by allowing you to swap your cryptocurrencies using a non-custodial method.
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If you’ve ever come across a cryptocurrency trading platform, you may understand how complex the systems can be in the crypto trading world Coin24 is on a mission is to simplify the crypto trading process, and make working with crypto exchanges simple and comfortable for any potential investor.

Unlike established financial markets, that have standard trading platforms, many of the crypto trading platforms that exist don’t offer a set of standardized tools. This can be frustrating, and there are also other reasons why Coin24’s business model makes a lot of sense.

There are sometimes pricing discrepancies between major crypto exchanges, due to the lack of a central clearing system for all of the exchanges. While this is becoming less of an influence on prices, it makes sense to get the most from your investments.

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What is Coin24?

In a nutshell, Coin24 is a crypto exchange platform that allows you to swap between cryptocurrency buying and selling venues by collating all prominent exchanges throughout the market and comparing real-time prices of each.

Coin24 Homepage
Coin24 Homepage

Crypto enthusiasts will have numerous options to consider with more than 50 cryptocurrencies, digital currencies, and other assets. The language barrier is not an issue as Coin24 supports global customers in 15 languages such as English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, etc…

Coin24 Features

Coin24 is a user-friendly peer to peer crypto exchange platform with a simple design and convenient interface. Beginners will find there’s no trouble trading with Coin24 while experienced investors can save tons of time on crypto trading.

The platform was developed to provide smooth crypto trading with no complicated procedures. The entire buying and selling process has been streamlined, as users aren’t asked to create an account at any exchange to trade.

Exchange and Exchange Tracking

Crypto trading is much easier with Coin24. The system has over 50 crypto trading pairs for users to buy and sell. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Coin24 is one of the largest crypto converters. Apart from trading anonymously, users can also input an order number to keep track of their order status as well as control their privacy.


Trust is no doubt one of the major concerns when it comes to crypto exchange services. At Coin24, your privacy and security are guaranteed since Coin24 is a non-custodial exchange. A non-custodial exchange is one where the exchange does not hold any of your money, and merely enables transactions to and from the exchanges selected by its users.

Choose from 50 Assets to swap
Choose from 50 Assets to swap

Unlike the custodial exchange which raises the chance of money lost via a hack, a non-custodial exchange is less vulnerable to attacks by hackers, thieves, or locked out accounts.

So what is the secret here?

The truth behind this model lies in complete control of users, you don’t need an account to get started, meaning you won’t have to waste time supplying confidential personal data to satisfy KYC procedures. Only you hold your private keys and possess 100% control over your money.

Support team

Live chat is open and available any time during the day.

Whenever you have any problems, you can instantly connect Coin24’s customer support team and they’re ready to assist you. Coin24 understands that proper support for crypto exchanges is important. That’s why the company has a very active support team that is always able to offer supportive solutions to any issues that its clients may struggle with.

BlockChen and BlockSDK

Created by the development team, BlockChen and BlockSDK are new additional features on Coin24.

BlockChen is a search engine that enables users to explore important aspects of Bitcoin, Bitcoin cache, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, or Monero, including addresses, blocks, and transactions. In other words, users get access to deeper blockchain data analysis. BlockSDK is a cryptocurrency API service that helps other users to configure the code directly to communicate with the trade.

Affiliate program

Not only is Coin24 a trading platform, but it’s also a playground for many users who want to earn extra money via referrals. Your chance of gaining additional revenue is leveraged through lucrative affiliate programs. Program members are entitled to earn 100% revenue from any new customer they refer to the site.

Step-By-Step Guide To Exchange With Coin24

No matter if you’re a newbie trader or an experienced investor, there’s no trick to managing your exchange with Coin24. The process is designed to make crypto exchange simpler and more comfortable for any crypto traders.

Here is a detailed guide on how to get started:

  • First step: Pick the cryptocurrency pair you wish to trade (let’s say BTC/ETH for instance).
  • Quantity input: Enter how much BTC you like to exchange.
    Coin24 will show the transaction cost.
  • If you agree with the offer, go ahead and include the ETH address where you want to deposit your coins. You can also enter a refund address to get your BTC back in case the swap fails to be completed.
  • Select the “Start Transaction” tab.
  • Coin24 will then produce a BTC deposit address and a QR code afterward. This is the address to which you will be submitting your BTC from your own external wallet.
  • The next step: transaction processing and confirmation.
  • Final step: Wait to get your own BTC wallet loaded with coins.

One thing that you should bear in mind that cryptocurrency transfers are permanent.

Once you set a wrong address and send your money to it, there’s no way getting recovery. It’s of utmost importance to search carefully the authenticity with all the addresses you have entered. In most cases, it takes around 30 to 45 minutes to process the transaction.

With all the cryptocurrencies on Coin24 a delay may occur on some transactions but it’s not a big issue. Your money is safe and the exchange will proceed when the network confirms transactions.

Coin24 Fees

As mentioned above, there’s no account needed with Coin24 so you won’t be charged for an account pricing plan.

For the exchange services, users have to pay a rate between 0% and 0.49% for its trading facilities, with the amount differing according to the trading chosen for the purchase. It’s also worth noting that this fee doesn’t cover either the amount charged by the crypto exchange or the network fee.


There isn’t any minimum trading limit for you to request a withdrawal or make a deposit. However, to lower the possibility of loss, it’s suggested that your amount is enough to at least cover a blockchain’s input and output network fees.

Coin24 will notify whether your money to be exchanged is insufficient or not. Network costs are important because if the amount that you’re sending and receiving is too small to cover the fees, your process is doomed to failure.

In terms of the max limit, although Coin24 doesn’t set any regulation, certain exchanges may be subject to such max trading limitations.

Coin24: The Rundown

Coin24 is a really good tool for anyone that wants to trade cryptos on an unleveraged basis, without using a centralized exchange. It is super easy to get started with the platform, and there is little risk associated with using is, as it is totally decentralized and anonymous.

The platform also covers a wide range of token pairs, which makes it very handy for people that want to swap tokens at great rates. The fees that Coin24 charges for its services are reasonable, and it is worth a look if you need to swap tokens on a regular basis!

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