CoinZoom Adds Tron & TRC20 Tether for Trading & Yields

CoinZoom, the well-established cryptocurrency exchange, just announced that it is adding both Tron and the TRC20 version of Tether.
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CoinZoom, the well-established cryptocurrency exchange, just announced that it is adding both Tron and a TRC20 version of Tether to its exchange. Both of these tokens will be fully tradable, and also offer great yields.

In addition to trading in more than 40 cryptos, CoinZoom also offers its clients the ability to gain from their tokens with industry-beating yields, and also to spend cryptos with the CoinZoom Visa card.


CoinZoom offers its clients access to a wide rangeof tokens with low trading fees. Tron is one of the most interesting blockchain projects in the industry. Its founder, Justin Sun, saw that Proof-of-Work systems would be a major limit to scaling a blockchain.

To eliminate this problem, Sun created Tron as a Proof-of-Stake blockchain, which is an upgrade that Ethereum is currently working on. Tron delivers fast transaction speeds, and low costs.

Now CoinZoom clients can trade Tron against numerous other tokens, as well as fiat proxies like Tether. With more than 2 billion transactions already on its blockchain – it is easy to see that interest in Tron is likely to grow from here.

Stablecoins Stay Steady

Most people still can’t pay all their bills with Bitcoin, so stablecoins like Tether make a lot of sense. It is also a great way to trade cryptos, because it is basically a proxy for the US dollar.

Now CoinZoom clients can trade Tether, along with more than 40 other tokens on the exchange. CoinZoom makes a lot of sense for anyone who wants to deal with a fully regulated exchange that offers an amazing user experience.

CoinZoom also offers convenient fiat currency on ramps, so you can cash out of fiat, and load up on cryptos. For more information about CoinZoom, and all its great features, just click right here!

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