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CoralSwap, Metaverse Dex, Announces 500K NFT Giveaways Only for Celebration Up-Coming Mainnet

CoralSwap announces its Mainnet NFT Airdrops to celebrate its upcoming mainnet.
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CoralSwap announces its Mainnet NFT Airdrops to celebrate its upcoming mainnet. Since CoralSwap’s unexpecting market heat, the previous 2 rounds of reward contest have not satisfied the fast expanding community’s needs. CoralSwap apologize and delay the mainnet date to September 26, 2021.

In order to reward the newcom of the community,CoralSwap release the airdrop R3 to givesway all participants and extra 1000 NFTs.The participants are only required to get 100 testnet token and participant in IFO, then will be eligible for trading nothing for mainnet NFT with real value. The IFO feature on the platform will be unlocked officially on SEP 18, 2021

CoralSwap, as a rising star on the race of metaverse and gamefi, they innovate and develop NFT feature on the base of game concept. This is not the only case that indicated that CoralSwap’ ambition to shape their own Metaverse through their footing metaverse,

All the features on the platform combine game attributes, game attributes and a good economic model. This prepared battle is a strategic victory for CoralSwap and another piece of the puzzle as cryptography sweeps through the entire technology, entertainment and financial ecosystem.

What demonstrates their ambition is their clever road map. CoralSwap multi-chain decentralized exchange, the initial choice is on the OEC chain, multi-chain roadmap in the first step, obviously announced to the public that CoralSwap attaches importance to the waist and tail users. On the BSC chain, CoralSwap has chosen to give users the opportunity to participate in the metacarsal market, so that the trend of the industry is no longer gathering dragon and luxury, but truly realizing the concept of decentralization. Fully launch the community, in the early dividend of the new mine, let the waist and tail users enjoy good, and then rely on their own strong global community to drive the benign growth of the market value, let the community share the welfare of the later period, so as to make a win-win community, reversing the beautiful turnround.

CoralSwap, which raised hundreds of millions at the end of August, is a decentralized AMM protocal platform incubated by a gaming company. With their creative conception, exquisite strategic planning and professional development, they quickly completed the community diversion and investor attraction. For the later liquidity to do an excellent guarantee. As an exchange, users are the core, while trading is fundamental. It has successfully accomplished the main tasks that an exchange should accomplish and grow, and strengthened the development speed and life cycle.

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