CPI Tech: Whitelabel Blockchain Solutions for STOs, Exchanges & More

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CPI Tech is a Germany based tech startup that specializes in a range of blockchain software-related products and services. This covers the company’s flagship white label cryptocurrency exchange platform for high-frequency trading, a point of sale payment protocol, blockchain development, campaign marketing, and 360-degree guidance for those looking to engage in a security token offering (STO).

With such a diverse product offering, we sought to explore CPI Tech in more detail. As such, if you’re keen to find out more about who CPI Tech is and what blockchain-based solutions they are working on, be sure to read our in-depth review.

CPI Tech

STO Creation

One of the hallmark services offered by the team at CPI Tech is that of its STO creation. In a nutshell, the platform aims to help those behind a STO crowdfunding campaign to maximize market exposure. This begins with an advisory period, where CPI Tech will map-out a number of strategic objectives to ensure that the STO campaign fully utilizes the best market opportunities.

The advisory period also includes in-depth market research, subsequently ensuring that the STO project understands its target audience in its entirety. In the technical department, CPI Tech also offers STO engineering services. This ensures that matters such as blockchain governance and tokenization are executed in the most effective of manners, and thus, ensuring that potential roadblocks are alleviated.


Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, the highly experienced team at CPI Tech also provides upcoming STO projects with fully-fledged legal support. This is crucial in a world of ever-changing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology regulations, especially when you factor in the cross-border nature of the industry. Finally, the STO package offered by CPI Tech also includes assistance with sales and payment monitoring.

Ultimately, the concept of CPI Tech in the context of an STO campaign is to ensure that the entire end-to-end process is a seamless one. Whether that’s with respect to market research, funding, technical engineering, payments, or legal support – the team at CPI Tech can provide a full 360 degrees service.

So now that we’ve covered the STO services offered by CPI Tech, let’s explore the white label exchange platform that the company provides.

CPI Tech Exchange Platform

The tech-savvy team at CPI Tech has created a comprehensive white label exchange platform, meaning that third-party entities have the ability to launch a trading platform within just 30 days.

First and foremost, the highly adaptable CPI software allows third-parties to facilitate the trading of cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and tokenized real-world assets. This has the potential to cater to both casual retail traders, as well as those looking to engage in high-frequency trades.

Regarding the former, CPI Tech’s white-label offering has the ability to host social trading. This means that casual traders can copy the trades of successful traders at the click of a button. This is still somewhat of a rarity in the cryptocurrency trading space.


Regarding the underlying motivation for high-frequency traders to use the CPI Tech exchange, the platform is highly scalable and thus – can execute up to 10,000 orders per second, per market.

It is also worth noting some of the other key features that the CPI Tech exchange software comes with. This includes an optimized double bookkeeping system that allows exchange owners to remain compliant with all relevant jurisdictional accounting regulations.

Furthermore, with the exchange backed by institutional-grade technology, the CPI Tech team ensures that the exchange is fully operational 24/7. The exchange platform also comes with private key protection, as well as 24/7 support.

Most importantly, CPI Tech has created a fully functional point of sale payment gateway for exchange owners. This ensures that exchange users can seamlessly deposit and withdraw funds, both in the form of fiat currency and digital currencies. Moreover, the CPI Tech payments gateway also has a presence in the offline arena, subsequently allowing exchanges to collect customer funds via in-store payments.

Tailor-Made Software Products

Those involved in the blockchain asset arena might also be interested in CPI Tech’s software development services. In fact, the team claims to build “award-winning software that isn’t just functional and a pleasure to use – it’s also optimized around making your business profitable as soon as possible.”

This starts at the very offset, with the CPI Tech developers engaging in an initial planning and analysis process, with the view of ascertaining exactly what both the administrator and end-user will require.

Once the fundamentals have been established, CPI Tech will then proceed with the architecture and design stage, followed by software implementation. To conclude the 360-degree development process, CPI Tech will then engage in testing and integration, the building of marketing strategies, and finally – the full software launch.

It is also important to note that CPI Tech will provide first-rate after-sale support by measuring and optimizing the software after launch, to ensure that the software is achieving its underlying objectives.

Professional Marketing Services

As noted in the prior section, CPI Tech also offers professional marketing services to ensure that your software reaches the right target audience. This allows blockchain asset startups – especially those involved in the STO space, to focus on other areas of the business, while CPI Tech takes care of all-things marketing.

For example, the service comes with digital media marketing, allowing STO entities to build a fully engaged target audience via multi-channel media content. For those looking to take things to the next level, this also includes the production of videos.

Taking into account the importance of having a strong social media presence, the team at CPI Tech will aim to increase the STO’s exposure on key platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, Telegram, and YouTube. When it comes to turning the hard work into realizable orders, CPI Tech also offers a comprehensive sales strategy.

By engaging with the team’s expert marketing team, STO projects can have the entire marketing strategy taken care of. Finally, it is also worth noting that CPI Tech offers tailor-made SEO and SEM campaigns. This includes PPC campaigns via Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

The Team Behind CPI Tech

With such a diverse range of innovative products and services, we sought to explore the team behind CPI Tech. Based in Germany, the company was founded by Marvin Steinberg and Maximilian Schmidt.

Both individuals have a hugely successful track record in both the blockchain and traditional business arenas. Steinberg founded an energy provider company in 2015, which was later sold to multi-billion dollar US firm Just Energy Group a year later.

Moreover, Steinberg has successfully raised surplus of $300 million for newly launched blockchain-related startups that require assistance with funding. CPI Tech CEO Schmidt first gained exposure to the blockchain asset industry in 2014, subsequently developing a range of Bitcoin payment solutions and crypto-centric applications along the way.


While the somewhat broad range of products and services offered by the platform might at first glance appear complex – the overarching concept is that CPI Tech offers a full 360-degree solution to all-things blockchain software.

More specifically, those looking to engage in an STO campaign can benefit from an end-to-end strategic service, which includes everything from fundraising, software development, legal support, tokenization, and even a full-on marketing strategy.

We are also impressed with the white label exchange platform offered by CPI Tech, which in effect, allows third-party operators to launch a tailored-made exchange in less than a month. All-in-all, the team behind CPI Tech appears to be creating some highly innovative solutions to the ever-growing growth of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

For those looking to further explore how CPI Tech can assist with their STO endeavors, the platform hosts a simple 2-minute quiz exercise that seeks to ascertain how your project can grow in the most effective of manners.

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