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CropBytes CBX to Launch on the Bybit & MEXC Joint Launchpad

CBX token will be the first-ever token on the Bybit x MEXC joint launchpad. Listing date is 5th November 2021.
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CropBytes, an innovative virtual game that aims to marry the exciting new world of the virtual metaverse with cryptocurrency, has revealed that its feature token CBX, will launch on the MEXC Global and Bybit joint launchpad today, bringing the virtual crypto farming game into the limelight.

CropBytes is building a virtual ecosystem where users can interact with the game world and each other to earn both fungible and non-fungible real-world assets through gameplay. The video game originally launched in 2018, has since risen from its nascent origins on the web to become perhaps the most successful and rewarding Blockchain game in the world.

With over 300,000 sign ups and 200,000+ downloads on IOS, Android, it still can be played on the web, and more players keep signing up each day. And there is no greater sign of their continuing rise than their most recent listing on the Bybit and MEXC Global joint launchpad, a platform that will list the most successful innovative projects emerging in the Blockchain world.

MEXC Global, a digital asset service provider and Bybit, a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange platform are both amongst the foremost assets platforms in the world. With a combined user base of over 10 million users, both of these companies have always been separately committed to the promotion and support of nascent projects that show actual promise. And now that they have put together a joint venture intended to achieve just that, it is unsurprising that CropBytes was their first listing given the success of the crypto farming game.

CropBytes is designed as a virtual farming simulator, where players can choose one of three roles, that of Farmers, players who farm, the farming stands for crypto mining, and contribute to the in-game financial system by performing recurring tasks. The    second role is that of Traders, who not only farm, but also exchange assets, in-game rewards and other fungible and non-fungible tokens. And finally Owners, the players who own assets and can use them to provide quests and other services to the other players.

In light of the recent announcement of Facebook’s Metaverse, a virtual space connecting several virtual worlds, where people will be able to interact, socialize, work, earn and play, more and more people are starting to take notice of the virtual world and all it can provide. And virtual games like CropBytes have already taken the first steps to securing their position as leaders of the future of virtual entertainment.

CBX token will be the first-ever token on the Bybit x MEXC joint launchpad. Listing date is 5th November 2021. The snapshot starts on 31st Oct. To know more about how you can participate in the IEO check out the Bybit and MEXC launchpad pages.

For more news and latest updates, feel free to join the CropBytes’ channel on Telegram, and Discord.

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