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Crypterra Project ICO: Decentralized Infrastructure for Cryptocurrencies

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The Crypterra project starts an ICO for construction of the independent decentralized infrastructure for cryptocurrencies

The appearance of the decentralized systems has marked a new stage in development of Internet technologies. Especially cryptocurrencies affected that. Today the fact that cryptocurrencies have strongly taken the position on the market is obvious. They have passed the “point of a non-return”, and their importance for economy of various countries will only grow. All this certainly is linked with those opportunities which are given by the decentralized trade and blockchain technology. However, the further development of cryptocurrencies and their rapid growth in the last several years have caused emergence of many problems.


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The cryptocurrencies and related problems

Certainly, the crypto-economy is growing very fast and it has generated the world popularity of mining processes for the most widespread cryptocurrencies. If at a stage of their origin the implementation of this process demanded existence of two-three powerful VGAs, then today it is not enough. Mining of cryptocurrency becomes more difficult and more expensive. This process demands the presence of huge capacities, the expensive equipment, the rooms supporting certain temperature conditions and an enormous quantity of the electric power. So, there is more electricity used for Bitcoin and Ethereum mining then such countries as Jordan, Iceland and Syria consume annually.

The Bitcoin mining demands today about 29,05 TW*h of energy annually worldwide that is the equivalent to 0,13% of the world electricity consumption on Earth. Just imagine that all cryptocurrency miners would live in one country and carry out the mining process inside, then this country would take 61st place in the world by the energy consumption volume. At the same time, the electric power volume necessary for mining implementation, constantly grows. This leads to an idea that if the similar technologies are applied within this mad consumption of energy for mining of cryptocurrencies begin to be used on a global scale, then, presumably, it can kill the planet.

Such a large-scale distribution of cryptocurrencies and their rapid entry into economy of many countries are worrying their governments. In this regard, the authorities of various countries try to control cryptocurrencies. The state, acting as the main monopolist in energy, takes under control crypto-economy processes through institutes of communication and the electric power. So, in the developed Western European countries where the electric power is expensive it leads to rising the costs of mining processes against the background of mining promotion. So according to this fact the implementation of this process is not favorable on the territory of these countries. Besides, there are well known cases of closing large cryptocurrency exchanges or banning company for carrying out an ICO in the country. Whether it is possible to be sure that tomorrow there will be no new regulations which will limit activity with cryptocurrency in your country?

The Crypterra project will respond to crypto-economy challenges

The founders of the Crypterra project have realized a need of creation an independent infrastructure for cryptocurrencies which doesn’t use and doesn’t require the main energy sources and isn’t mentioned by state and precepts of law. This idea was raised according to a detailed research of existing crypto problems in the market, only a small part of which has been described above. The fullest results are presented in a Whitepaper. So, the Crypterra founders are going to build the island, and further the whole ecosystem of islands where it won’t be necessary to rely on the electricity costs and the price of rent. In this way any project can be realized within such infrastructure.

A completely decentralized closed infrastructure is the thing which founders of Crypterra plan to create. Within this infrastructure, miners won’t depend neither on the state institutes, nor on other external factors. Crypterra founders with the gravity have approached to its realization conceived, with understanding that for maintenance of the such complexity infrastructure, a fundamental factor is the electric power.

While reading a Whitepaper, there is a quite steady opinion that Crypterra founders try to create a new independent infrastructure for cryptocurrencies, and at the same time to solve the problem of environmental pollution accompanying mining process that is promoted by the majority of the existing large cryptofarms. So, within realization of Crypterra, the only alternative including the environmentally friendly sources of the electric power which aren’t depending on any external factors will be used. That is, Crypterra as an ecosystem constructed by creators will receive the electric power in some untraditional ways, and it will use the sun energy, wind and water (waves, inflows) for its generation. The most convenient place for Crypterra infrastructure construction was found where the geographical characteristics allow to use in the best way energy of these elements for the best indicators concerning generation of the electric power for these purposes.

What more will be realized within Crypterra?

The team of the project experts developing the Crypterra infrastructure considers all possible questions connected with its creation. The first thing which is planned to be realized is the construction of environmentally friendly power supplies as similar infrastructure will require much electric power, after purchase of the island. Then, bunkers under farms and data storage which will represent monolithic structures from metal and concrete with thickness of walls of 25-30 cm, with own ventilation system, coolings, from a full sound, wet and radio isolation will be constructed. These structures will be able to provide a constancy of temperature, will facilitate cooling work and also will secure against external factors of influence, such as natural cataclysms.

Before the start of mining facilities, it is planned to establish a connection of the island with the outside world by means of a satellite installation of communication by VSAT technology which is autonomous and doesn’t depend on cable networks. Many companies for the organization of communication in any place on the globe use the VSAT technology. Also, the creation of a tourist zone for tokens owners of Crypterra, offshore cryptocurrency exchange and many other things are planned. It is possible to study all the project plans in more detail, learning a Whitepaper and a Roadmap.

Crypterra ICO: tokens and terms of sales

Crypterra tokens sales (CPTX) is carried out for the purpose of collecting the initial capital for implementation of the project. The quantity of the released tokens is limited and is 600 000 000 CPTX. The tokens which aren’t sold out on ICO will be destroyed subsequently. Private Sale will begin in several days, on March 19, 2018, and it will last for two weeks only (till April 2). During this time the most favorable price for a token of $0.02 will be offered for the investors. Further ICO which will last 3 months (from 4/2/2018 to 7/2/2018) will begin, and will pass in 7 stages, in process of the termination of each of which the price of a token will grow from $0.06 to $0.20 for one CPTX by the end of ICO.

Due to such ICO conditions the Crypterra founders stimulate potential investors to take part in ICO as soon as possible, on more favorable conditions. Besides, Crypterra offers an excellent Bounty program for those who want to support the project in various social networks. To learn more about Crypterra, to take a look at the Whitepaper and to learn how to take part in an ICO follow the official website.

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