Exchanges Review: Crypto Exchange with Some Unique Product Features Exchange offers some unique trading features - We take an indepth look at this new exchange and what it has to offer.
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Kicked off in 2016 as a pioneer in the world of cryptocurrency, was and is still on a mission to accelerate the transition to cryptocurrencies worldwide. There are a lot of crypto exchanges out there, but offers its clients more than many other platforms.

While people have gradually adopted new digital currencies with the growing development of better platforms, has gone beyond and has one of the most powerful platforms which is trusted by million users across the globe.

In the attempt to drive mass crypto adoption, partnered with in strategic collaboration, including the incorporation of Pay on the travel website. also offers a host of other crypto-related services, and with the platform, a person could replace the role of fiat currency in many areas of their life. One new feature that added recently is the Exchange, which allows users to trade on a stable exchange platform.

Visit Exchange

In 2019, unveiled a new feature: a Cryptocurrency Exchange. This innovation paves the way towards wider use of cryptos, and also it adds robustness to its already well-designed platform.

Along with the strengths of its online trading interface, trading API and low-cost App, the launch of the Cryptocurrency Exchange will reinforce its position in the world of cryptocurrency.

The Exchange
The Exchange

Exchange Information

The exchange helps more than two million users trade digital assets on one of the market’s most accessible and stable networks.

The Cryptocurrency Exchange offerings include:

  • Liquidity: Users get access to large global platform as well as competitive execution rates with advanced Vortex Liquidity System
  • Trading fees: Base on the past 30 days trading volume and CRO staking level in exchange, you can enjoy up to 100% OFF trading fee discount, more information can be referred in here
  • Custody and Safety Management:com is one of the first platforms to achieve ISO Certification 27001:2013, level 1 PCI DSS and CCSS (Level 3) Ledger Vault enforcement and collaboration Exchange now has 35 market pairs on the list. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), EOS, XLM, MCO, CRO, USDC,USDT and other popular tokens are all tradable through Exchange. The cryptocurrency list will likely grow over the coming months and years.

The Coin (CRO)

In the meantime, the platform will function based on the Coin (CRO).

User’s accounts will be equipped with additional features and benefits like accessibility, low costs, and competitive execution costs, and the CRO token will help users gain even more from the platform.

CRO Staking

How does it work?

Users can get trading discounts up to 100% with CRO staking.

The staking benefits that allow users to earn 20% per annum (paid daily) is available to users that stake a minimum of 10,000 CRO for at least 6 months. The daily interest is calculated as:

Daily Interest = Principal amount (in staked cryptocurrency) x (APR/365)

For example, if you staked 10,000 CRO for 180 days you would receive 5.47945205 CRO every day as interest. For more information about the CRO staking benefits, visit

By staking 10,000 CRO in Exchange, users will be able to participate in another feature called Syndicate. The “Syndicate” fundraising system will list new digital assets on the exchange, enabling CRO holders to receive priority token allocation for trading events. Please visit here for more detail

Stake CRO on Exchange
Stake CRO on Exchange

Deposits & Withdrawals

How to Deposit on the Exchange:

  • Deposit cryptocurrency to the Exchange wallet: you will need to sign in App. Then from the Home page, following the order: Transfer – Withdraw – Crypto – Exchange. The process is complete once you choose the cryptocurrency with instant transfer and no added cost.
  • Deposit from external wallet address: You must first log into Exchange, then select the Balance button at upper corner. The next step is to pick your cryptocurrency you want to deposit.
  • Cryptocurrency deposit can be managed in two ways: Copy Address or Display QR Code. After this, remember to review your withdrawal information by checking the copy of the correct deposit address, any relevant fees as well as other confirmation details. Once the correct number has been confirmed, you will receive an email notification of the successful deposit.

How to Withdraw on the Exchange

This process is more or less the same as making a deposit. If you want to read about how to make a withdrawal in detail, just click here for information from

Making a Deposit
Making a Deposit

Trading on The Exchange

You can start trading on the Exchange with the Starter level (advanced levels will also have access to this feature):

  • The first step is to log in to Exchange. Once this process is done, you’re able to actually trade on the Exchange.
  • Select the Markets tab on the top left of the navigation bar, then pick your preferred market to trade.
  • Go to the currency market and choose Trade (e.g., if you want to exchange MCO into BTC, or if you want to buy MCO using BTC, go to the BTC Markets and choose the MCO / BTC exchange pair). The trading page will then be shown to you.
  • At the bottom right corner of the page, you can easily find the Limit and Market order section. Drop in the value and the sum you would like to purchase or sell at.

You have made a trade, and the balance will be reflected in your account. is a straightforward trading platform that allows clients to trade in a variety of tokens at great rates.

The Trading screen
The Trading screen

Other Features

The exchange is an extremely useful feature, and the platform itself has many other tools that make it a great way to integrate cryptos into your everyday life. You still might need to use fiat currency to pay some bills, but you can save and spend in decentralized currency with

MCO Visa Card

Probably the most useful crypto tool that offers is the MCO Visa card. Anyone in the USA (49 states), the EU, or Singapore can use the MCO Visa card to spend cryptos at millions of locations globally.

It is simple to use the card. All you have to do is decide on which card you want (there are a number of options, click here for more details), stake the amount of MCO tokens per the tier is required, and then you can start spending.

Earn Interest on Crypto Deposits

In addition to offering a crypto exchange and spending options, addresses one of the biggest issues for crypto investors. Much like gold, it is difficult to make a risk-free return on cryptos, as they aren’t an interest-bearing currency. allows its clients to deposit their cryptos based on options of flexible, 1-month or 3-month term, and it will pay interest on those tokens. The amount that you can receive in interest will depend on the amount you deposit, the token, and the amount of time you deposit the tokens.

Much like a certificate of deposit, the higher the amount you deposit, and the longer the duration, the more interest you will receive. This is a great feature, and rounds out the offerings from in a great way.

Conclusion has created a platform that allows people to operate in both the crypto sphere and the existing fiat financial system. Many people would likely invest in and use cryptos if they understood how easy it is to use them for everyday things, and also the amount of security cryptos create in uncertain times.

People need to have comprehensive tools to manage their crypto holdings, and also make a return without risking their tokens. gives people the tools they need to work with cryptos, and also trade them if and when they want to.

If you want to learn more about, and all the things that it offers its clients, just visit from below button. It is easy to sign up for the exchange, download the app, or apply for the MCO Visa card. The financial system is changing, and is in a great place to grow.


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