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Crypto Pro: The All-In-One Cryptocurrency Portfolio & News Tracker

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It is no secret that the cryptocurrency trading arena can move at an alarming pace. Whether we’re inching towards the next bull market, or trying to defend against the next market sell-off, it is crucial to have access to real-time blockchain asset prices in the most seamless of manners.

With that being said, Crypto Pro is looking to dominate this space by offering an all-in-one cryptocurrency portfolio and news tracker.

The mobile app offers cryptocurrency traders a range of exciting features, such as the ability to track over 5,500+ individual digital tokens, exchange API importing, full-on privacy, real-time notifications, and even Apple Watch integration.

Crypto Pro

If you’re interested in learning more about the Crypto Pro app, be sure to read our comprehensive guide. We’ve broken down all of the main features in more detail so that you can assess whether or not the app is right for you.

Track Your Entire Crypto Portfolio

With the blockchain space now accustomed to thousands of individual coins and tokens, it can be somewhat challenging to keep track of your portfolio. The main problem for those holding small or micro-cap tokens is that a lot of the mainstream pricing trackers fail to cover them.

This means that users are required to use third party web-based platforms, with the view of checking real-time prices on a manual basis. On the contrary, the team at Crypto Pro claim “If it is out there, we track it. In total, the app currently tracks over 5,500 cryptocurrency projects, with new assets being added as soon as they start trading on exchanges.

Real-Time News Updates

Imagine waking up to find out that you had missed out on the Security and Exchange Commission announcing that they have given the green light to a Bitcoin ETF? Or maybe you missed some all-important news surrounding a new partnership on your micro-cap token investment? Either way, having access to real-time news updates is crucial in a fast changing industry like the cryptocurrency arena.

Taking this into account, the Crypto Pro application allows you to receive important cryptocurrency-related news stories directly to your phone. Most importantly, you can choose to focus exclusively on news stories surrounding cryptocurrencies you have in your portfolio.


Privacy: You’re the Only one Doing the Tracking

It may come as no surprise to learn in a 2018 Crownpeak study, it was found that approximately 98% of the world’s top 50 Android and 50 iOS mobile apps were non-compliant with the European Union’s GDPR – the legislation enacted to keep YOUR data safe.

In the case of Crypto Pro, your personal data is stored 100% on your device. The company does not track any of the information you view or access on the app, subsequently ensuring that you can use the platform in a safe and secure environment. Moreover, the team at Crypto Pro does not engage in user monitoring or analytics.

In the event that you need to backup your Crypto Pro data, you can do this with ease via a Dropbox or iCloud account. Finally, if you decide that you no longer want to use the app on your phone, deleting it will remove all of the data linked to the user.

In terms of security, users are offered a number of safeguards to keep portfolio data away from the wrong hands. This includes the option to set-up FaceID, TouchID, or passcode lock.

Apple Watch Integration

If you’re currently in possession of an Apple Watch, you can now integrate the Crypto Pro App. Never before has portfolio and news tracking been such a seamless task. Once you have set up the necessary fundamentals via your iPhone (such as what coins you want to track), this will automatically feed over to your Apple Watch.

For those of you looking to take things to the next level, you can also customize what Crypto Pro complications you want to display on your Apple Watch, with the complications updating every 15 minutes.


Taking into account the size of the interface, the Apple Watch integration allows you to display your favourite cryptocurrencies

Customize Your Crypto-to-Fiat Calculations

Much like in the case of Gold, Oil, and virtually every other asset class in the investment space – the cryptocurrency trading arena is denominated in USD. While this allows the industry to reach consensus on research and analysis, there may come a time where you need to view the value of your portfolio in a different currency.

For example, if you are based in the UK and thus, your entire portfolio was purchased with GBP, you’d probably also want to take into account the pricing fluctuations between USD and GBP – as this will have a direct impact on your profit and loss.

As such, the Crypto Pro app allows you to view your portfolio against any fiat currency of your choosing.  You can also access a currency conversion calculator within the app, alongside real-time prices of commodities such as gold, silver and palladium.

Taking Statistics to the Next Level

The Crypto Pro app also comes with a number of handy tools to increase your exposure to real-time statistics. For example, you can easily view pricing history graphs for the previous 24 hours at the tap of a screen. For the more advanced trader, the graphs come with candlestick charts with indicators, as well as sparklines.

More than 100 different cryptocurrency exchanges are tracked, which ensures that the prices displayed by Crypto Pro are credible.

As an additional feature, not only can install pricing alerts for a specific coin or trading pair, but you can even narrow this down to a particular exchange. For example, if you wanted to receive pricing alerts on BTC/ETH on Binance, or BCH/USD on Bittrex, you can receive this information straight to your phone.

Users also have the option of connecting exchange balances via an API, which further increases the ease at which you can keep track of your holdings.


At the time of writing, the Crypto Pro app is only available on iOS devices. As the app has already received more than 35,000 5-star reviews worldwide on the App Store. the team at Crypto Pro will be releasing an Android version very soon, as well as a macOS-compatible app this Fall. You can also view cryptocurrency prices straight from your web browser on Crypto Pro’s website.

Crypto Pro: The Verdict?

In summary, Crypto Pro aims to take cryptocurrency portfolio tracking to the very next level. On the one hand, if you’re a long-term hodler looking for real-time pricing data – you can view your entire portfolio in just a few taps. With more than 5,500+ coins and tokens supported, you’ll always be able to check on your micro-cap projects on the go.

Moreover, if you’re desperate to hear about important news stories surrounding a particular cryptocurrency you’re holding, the Crypto Pro app can feed this straight to your phone.

For those that are more involved in the cryptocurrency trading scene on a day-trading basis, the Crypto Pro app offers you even more features and benefits. Whether it’s access to advanced chart analysis tools, pricing feeds for your chosen crypto pairs at specific exchanges, or API integration with over 60+ exchanges – Crypto Pro has you covered. As an added bonus, those of you in possession of an Apple Watch can even merge your Crypto Pro portfolios across.

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