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Crypto Software Company Among the Winners of Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award

Empirica builds automated high-end trading solutions for institutional investors.
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Deloitte Technology Fast 50 is a program that recognizes and profiles the fastest-growing technology companies in Central Europe.

The program, which is now in its 20th year, ranks 50 public and private technology companies that build innovative products. The place on the list is determined by the scale of revenue growth for the last three years.

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In this year’s edition among the 50 finalists were two companies related to fintech, among them one is related to cryptocurrency trading technologies. Empirica builds automated high-end trading solutions for institutional investors.

It specializes in implementing high performance and low latency systems for trading including market connectivity, algorithmic trading, and trading bots.

Trading Bots for Crypto Hedge Funds

On cryptocurrency markets, Empirica works with hedge funds giving in their hands a set of institutional-grade trading bots. These bots include:

  • utilizing market-neutral strategy market making bot, which provides liquidity on multiple trading pairs while profiting from the spread
  • helping execute large orders with best possible prices Smart Order Routing algorithm integrating many different crypto exchanges
  • Giving a possibility to exploit small differences in pricing between multiple exchanges crypto arbitrage

The company also adjusted its algorithmic trading software from traditional to cryptocurrency markets. This set of advanced tools allow hedge funds to implement and test their own proprietary algorithms.

With the software, hedge funds are connected to a set of major (like Binance, Coinbase, Bitmex) and niche (Deribit, BitBay, CoinDeal) crypto exchanges.

 Company History

Empirica was founded in 2012 as a software company with a sole focus on trading in capital markets. From the very beginning, Empirica invested in its proprietary software solution – Algorithmic Trading Software for automatization of trading operations on capital markets for institutional investors.

In the first years, Empirica concentrated on the capital markets and the software was introduced to traditional brokerage firms.

In 2018 Empirica extended its operations by connecting cryptocurrency markets. This year Empirica also invested in rebuilding the architecture of its Algorithmic Engine to fulfill high-performance and low latency requirements needed by market makers.

Empirica invests every year over 30% of its annual revenues in R&D to test appliances of blockchain and AI in financial markets and quantitative trading.

During 9 years of operations, Empirica has established an impressive track record in terms of helping stock and crypto exchanges, brokerage firms and market makers, as well as various financial institutions and FinTech startups. Among its customers are the ones like the Warsaw Stock Exchange, BitBay, CoinDeal, ING, Credit Agricole and a number of smaller hedge funds.

 About the Deloitte’s Ranking

Gavin Flook, Partner, Clients & Industries Leader from Deloitte said

“Every year, I ask myself what it must take to be one of the exceptional businesses ranked in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 for Central Europe. Energy and commitment, certainly. Great leadership, with the ability to inspire others. Vision. Technical understanding. An eye for a market opportunity. Entrepreneurial flair and a talent for sales. And a capacity for team building, with a positive culture and ambition to succeed.”

As the average revenue growth of the companies that were listed in the ranking amounts to 1129% for the last three years, there must be something behind these considerations.

The twentieth edition of the ranking of the fastest-growing technology companies in Central Europe has confirmed that technology innovation is a very dynamic growing sector.

It is interesting to consider where the companies come from, in terms of industry. With 31 software companies, representing 62% of the ranking, a majority of the region’s most dynamic young minds clearly believe that the world is set to continue running on software.

As the digital assets are inherently related to software, it is a natural fit for companies like Empirica that helps professional investors to automate their trading operations.


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