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CryptoCardsPlus Enables Purchases in Cryptocurrency on Famous Shopping & Gaming Platforms

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Growing popularity of cryptocurrencies arose the questions of their application. Crypto assets holders around the world are thinking about where to find a use for them and how to spend them wisely and comfortably on something really necessary.

Taking into account the widespread use of bank cards, cryptocurrency is no exception. Many services producing cryptocurrency plastic cards have recently appeared. However, the use of such cards has a number of obvious disadvantages. First, you will have to pay almost for everything: for the card issuance and delivery, for withdrawals and depositing funds, for servicing, for cash withdrawals, for the card re-issuance, for transactions and payments, for currency conversion (from cryptocurrency to fiat and backward). And in this case, the amount of fees is much higher than when using bank cards in fiat currency.


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Secondly, it should separately be noted that the plastic card is not tied to your wallet address directly, but it is tied to the wallet of the service that issued the card. Thus, your cryptocurrency is actually in the possession of a third party. And if for any reason this third party closes, your funds will simply disappear. Moreover, the internal cryptocurrency exchange rate of such services is generally not the most profitable on the market, which will make the transaction not that attractive compared to the cryptocurrency exchange on the most popular exchanges.

However, the possibility of making online purchases using cryptocurrency attracts many of its holders. In this regard, most of them just don`t have any choice and have to accept all the above disadvantages and use a plastic card in cryptocurrency. And what if we tell you that you can make purchases on the Internet using cryptocurrency, without using a bank card? And the founders of the CryptoCardsPlus project, which was intended for this purpose, can confidently declare it.

Through its website, the CryptoCardsPlus offers the purchase of gift cards of the most famous world shopping and gaming online platrforms. The list of cards is constantly expanding, as well as the cryptocurrencies accepted for payment. At the moment the card purchase is available in BTC, ETH, DASH, LTC, BCH, XRP, ZEC, PM. The cards of the following services are already presented for purchase at: Amazon, XBOX, NETFLIX, Ebay, Visa/MasterCard, Playstation Plus, Google Play, Steam, Apple iTunes.

We would like to specially note that the cost of the gift cards within the CryptoCardsPlus is sometimes cheaper than in other platforms providing similar service. Besides, the CryptoCardsPlus will also offer discounts on cards available for purchase on the website in the future. Thus, using the CryptoCardsPlus service, you get several advantages: there`s no need to pay for the transaction, to verify, to fill in your personal data. You just leave your email address where you instantly receive the card code after sending the cryptocurrency. In addition, the card code is displayed on your screen on the CryptoCardsPlus website. By using the CryptoCardsPlus service, you save time and money, and get the opportunity to make purchases at different entertainment and shopping online sites in return!

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