Introducing Cryptonomos: A Complete ICO Platform for Crowdsales

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Cryptonomos is the single platform that allows users to buy a range of tokens safely and easily. With Cryptonomos, both developers and investors get a streamlined experience: Investors are able to choose multiple investments and cryptocurrencies without the need to visit numerous websites or create multiple wallets and invest in the ICOs with ease.

At the same time, developers can use the site to launch their own Crowdsale and are able to reach a built-in audience and make use of the service which aims to simplify the ICO process greatly.

Cryptonomos Website

Who Is Behind Cryptonomos?

The co-founders of Cryptonomos include Andrew Kuzenny, Eduard Khaptakhaev, and Leonid Markin. Oleg Poskotin is the CEO, while Olesya Egozina is the CPO and Zeev Kirsh is the legal counsel. Key members of the team at Cryptonomos have over a decade of experience.

Gus Donohoo is in charge of public relations, he has extensive experience in media and tech, having worked as both the Editor of a major magazine and in two different physics labs. Vladimir Karpeev is a head of digital marketing with over 10 years experience in the space.

Cryptonomos Team

How Do You Participate?

To participate in Cryptonomos, just create an account, which will only take a few minutes. From there, you can make a deposit to your wallet and choose which ICO or ICOs you want to buy tokens from. After the tokens are issued, they appear in your account.


How to Set Up Crowdsales

One of the amazing things about Cryptonomos is just how simple it is to set up a crowdsale using the system. Startup companies begin by filling out an application. You will then work with the Cryptonomos team to agree on terms and create a token offer strategy. From there, you move on to marketing and legal details as a team before creating a smart contract. Finally, you launch the sale on the Cryptonomos platform and collect the funds. They are then transferred either to the startup or their escrow agent.

Cryptonomos also assists with issuing and managing tokens. Companies have the option of taking advantage of all of these services from Cryptonomos or just a few, depending on their preference.

List Your ICO

What ICO Services Does Cryptonomos Offer?

The ICO services available from Cryptonomos span the entire process of the crowdsale. Before the ICO begins, it can help with legal analysis, the ICO website design, token economics, and more. It assists with technology, such as securely collecting funds, developing tokens, and creating a secure user wallet. With the ICO itself, Cryptonomos assists with early backer engagement, PR¸ escrow, and community channel management.

Startups Get to Take Advantage of Cryptonomos’s Experience

By working with Cryptonomos, startups are able to take advantage of the team members’ experience. This is particularly helpful for those startups whose key team members haven’t previously done an ICO. Essentially, someone with vast knowledge and experience will be managing your crowdsale, which will dramatically increase the chances of success.

For example, the team at Cryptonomos knows that a successful ICO depends on a project that is important for the blockchain industry and market, overlapping between the token holders and users, and a high token value for future holders.

What ICO Sales Has Cryptonomos Worked On?

One of the ICOs under Cryptonomos’s belt is Giga Watt with its token, WTT. Giga Watt offers turnkey mining services, along with custom packages to meet the needs of users. There is a range of services for mining via equipment sales, repair, and maintenance, as well as private blockchain servicing. Team members pride themselves on being transparent and have the goal of participants accessing the cryptocurrency mining industry and technology advancements. With the WTT tokens, investors have the right of use for the processing center of Giga Watt without rent for 50 years. Each token represents 1 Watt of power consumption for mining equipment. Owners can use it themselves or rent it.

Cryptonomos also offers the ability to invest in the ICO for ICOS. This is the very first token that gives the blockchain community the ability to vote on the top projects to be developed via their own ICOs. It also allows token holders to access future presales of these ICOs, including a discount averaging 75 percent. It has a minimal risk since the token exchange rate remains the same at all ICO stages and following the crowdsale.

What Ongoing ICOs Can You Take Advantage with Cryptonomos?

For those who want to take advantage of Cryptonomos, you can easily find information on all of the current and future ICOs on the website. This way, you can do research before investing.

Horizon State

Horizon State aims to change the way that voting and collaborative decision-making take place. The platform allows for voting and decision-making with a token-based blockchain system. Thanks to the blockchain technology, there is a great degree of trust and security without the ability to be hacked. The developers hope that it will be adopted by political parties, global NGOs, multinational companies, and more.

Play Key

The ICO for the Playkey Token PKT began on Nov. 1. This cryptocurrency is designed to let users play AAA games on a low-end PC or other device with other gaming services. Those behind Playkey see cloud gaming as the future. They point out that the gaming industry is growing but 81 percent of gamers are unable to play the latest PC games because of hardware requirements. Playkey offers a solution: Gamers launch the small application, and the computer transmits the commands to the cloud server. From there, the game is launched via Nvidia with power from the GPU server. This way, the user can enjoy the game in full HD as well as 60 FPS on a Mac or PC.


The ICO for Neuromation begins in late November. This is a distributed computing platform that helps with synthetic data generation and deep learning applications. The platform will let users create dataset generators, as well as generate incredibly large datasets, and train on deep learning models. In addition, they can even trade the models and datasets within the marketplace. Transactions within that marketplace will be done via its token, and mining is possible.


  • Pre-sale starts: October 25th, 2017 – GMT
  • Pre-sale ends:  When ICO begins
  • The main sale starts: Nov 28th 2017,  GMT
  • ICO stops: 24 hours after secret cap is reached, or Jan 1st

Token Information

  • NeuroTokens Minted: 1,000,000,000
  • Issued in ICO: 700,000,000
  • Reserve: 300,000,000 (for liquidity)
  • The secret cap – $60 Mil USD


Cryptonomos seems to have a large number of benefits for both users and startups. The platform makes it simple to invest in an ICO by providing all the relevant information right on the website, along with a link to purchase. This greatly simplifies the ICO process and makes it more accessible to Crypto-Beginners who might be put off with the usual process of sending ETH or BTC to a contract address, figuring out what gas price to use and so on.

For startups who may not be familiar with running a Crowdsale, the ability to increase the spread of their ICO and receive expert advice on their crowdsale is truly valuable, putting them on the path to success.

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    Excellent read.

    I’m new to ICO’s. I participated in my first ICO presale a couple of days ago on this platform. The experience was great. I love that Cryotonomos provides an online wallet for your tokens.

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