CURES Token is a blockchain-based ecosystem that has been designed to decentralize the healthcare system and make it more accessible and affordable for individuals. It empowers patients, health app developers, medical service providers and equipment suppliers by extending innovating technology that reduces costs and optimizes the utilization of resources. What makes the project even more attractive, though, is that the CURES Team are gearing up to launch Security Token Offering (STO) for it’s EHR platform by the end of the year 2019, so keep on reading.


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The STO – Increasing profit while securing investments

Electronic Health Records platform, more about which is further written, is one of the important offerings of CURES Token. And presently the team is working on creating opportunities for investors to maximize their profit and further strengthen the development process of EHR platform through STO. Investors can take in the offering and claim the company’s shares and profits. The token holders will be rewarded using net income from dividends and they can also obtain capital gains as the business grows.

Other than that, the CURES ecosystem offers the following six platforms in order to streamline the healthcare system:-

Electronic Health Records

Documenting patient’s records is one of the critical challenges that healthcare system deals with. And the traditional antiquated system proves to ineffective for many reasons including:-

  • The systems are vulnerable to security threats
  • Patients are not able to access their records timely
  • Lack of patient’s control over their data
  • Patient’s don’t have free access to their own health records

CURES Token has extended the right solutions through Electronic Health Records platform that operates on Blockchain technology. It allows users to retain full control over their records and give them the control to offer access to health care providers and institutions across the globe. Since its a decentralized platform, the data is not stored over a centralized server, thereby offering maximum security.

Health App Store (HAPP Store)

The Health App Store is an extensive marketplace for health apps that are built to offer accessibility and quality medical services. Users can acquire application using a standard payment method, that is, CURES Token. The application is accessible on various electronic devices including smartphones, tablets, PC, etc.

Health Assurance

CURES Token offers innovative future contracts concept include two types of contract- specific and future contracts. Specific contracts are an agreement between a patient and medical service provider for specific medical services. Future contracts are between patients and clinics that include the scope of future collaborations. These contracts assure that the interest of both the parties are fulfilled and they are well aware of their rights, duties, and obligations.

Marketplace and Trust Review Platform

One of the fundamental aims of CURES Token is to globalize the health industry thereby increasing its quality, competitiveness, and inclusiveness. Moreover, Patients no longer depend merely on the word of mouth recommendation. They also research online to ensure cost-effectiveness, security and quality. CURES Token has established a decentralized trust review system that enables only genuine and verified recipients of the healthcare service to post reviews.

Trading Platform

This dedicated sales channel enables Medical Equipment Suppliers (MES) to sell their products to hospitals, clinics, patients and other traders without any intermediaries. With this platform, the project envisions to decrease long supply chains and reduce product costs. The trading platform compliments the marketplace, but it has its unique space along with a different user interface.

Charitable Trust Fund

It is a separate legal entity, which is funded by 5% of the token supply along with voluntary contributions of token users. It is to be used as a funding instrument for charitable projects in order to improve the healthcare systems in economically-backwards regions.

CURESToken – A Patient-Centric Healthcare Solutions

CURES Token is an unconventional solution that addresses the imposing issue of rising healthcare service costs. It is an extensive ecosystem that is reinforced by powerful platforms that offers access to high-quality medical services, equipment, applications, etc. to patients at competitive prices.

CURES Token is offering up to 20% bonuses for every contribution. Participate:

Invite-a-friend for weekly ETH rewards:

Stay tuned for updates:

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