Introducing Darico ICO: A Gold-Hedged Cryptocurrency Investment

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The developers behind Darico created the platform to make it easier to invest in cryptocurrencies. They call it an “easy-access gateway” for cryptocurrency investment that is safe, and that description seems to be accurate. It is designed to appeal to those new to the world of crypto investments, as it combines the potential of cryptocurrencies with gold’s safety and stability. This can give new investors confidence due to the reduced risk; after all, everyone agrees that gold is a solid, reliable investment.

Darico ICO

The name “Darico” actually represents some of its key characteristics: Decentralized, Assets-backed, Return-focused, Investment-grade, COin.

Who Is Behind Darico?

The team behind Darico has years of experience in related fields. Mojtaba Asadian is the founder and CEO, while Solange Basseterre is the project manager. Ihor Pidruchny is the blockchain architect, and Andrew Zubko is the blockchain engineer. Other members of the team include Roman Tsivka as the smart contract developer, Liwaa Chehayeb as the business development manager, Kirsten Morel as the content manager, Kelly Stafford as the community manager, and Marco Schlauri as the marketing manager. Advisors include Luke Szkudlarek and Mario Colombo.

Darico Team

What Factors Make Darico Stand Out?

There are other cryptocurrency investment tokens available, but the team behind Darico designed this one with plenty to set it apart. It should provide investors with asset diversification, as well as the security of a long-term investment, with just one cryptocoin. As such, there is no need to search for the best investments to include a diversified portfolio; Darico does it for you. Investing in Darico Coin automatically gives you that diversified portfolio.

Because Darico relies on gold, Bitcoin, and Ether, it is able to provide the stability of gold with the liquidity of Bitcoin and Ether. Factor in the potential of the cryptocurrencies, and Darico Coin provides investors with all the best characteristics of both traditional and crypto investments.

Darico Elements

Darico is a direct response to issues like a lack of liquidity, a high positive correlation, and a high volatility risk currently found in the cryptocurrency market. With its diversified portfolio, Darico addresses all of these problems. It is important to note that some volatility is necessary, but current crypto options are extremely volatile, leading to extremes in terms of loss and profit in a short term. Darico, on the other hand, delivers controlled volatility, which is more consistent over time.

How Is Darico Diversified?

One of the keys to Darico is the fact that 35 percent of it is backed using solid gold that sits in custodial vaults. This takes advantage of gold’s reputation as a steady investment and its use as a reserve for several thousands of years. This gold backing provides the safety and stability other cryptocurrency investment portfolios tend to lack.

In addition to the portion backed by gold, Bitcoin backs 55 percent of Darico, with Ether backing the other 10 percent. This division sets up Darico Coin so it can gain value as the most profitable cryptocurrencies in the world increase their own value.

This unique diversification of Darico also ensures that it has a nice, low correlation with the other crypto assets you will find. The result is safety, reliability, and attractiveness for those who seek diversification in their portfolio.

Darico ICO Details and DRC Token

DRC is the token that fuels Darico, and it is currently in the pre-ICO sale, which ends Dec. 30. As of the time of this writing, 606,000 DRCs have been sold out of an allotted 3 million, which is equivalent to $2,038,003 USD. Those who invest during the pre-ICO receive a bonus of 110 DRC for every ETH invested.

The ICO itself will span six months, during which time 60 million Darico will be sold. Any excess coins not sold will be burnt, as this preserves their value. Contributions until 3 million DRC will deliver 110 DRC for each ETH. After this point, the rate drops to 100 DRC per ETH. Starting at 25,000,001, it becomes 90 DRC, and it goes to 75 DRC at 50,000,001. Following the ICO, at least 90 percent of the funds raised during that period will go toward buying the assets behind the Darico Coin, with the division mentioned above.

Darico Token Sale

Everything about Darico is designed to make investment easy for those who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, including the Darico Wallet. The wallet is still being developed, as is a Darico debit card. Once completed, both will be intuitive to use, allowing everyone to invest in and spend their Darico Coins regardless of their familiarity with cryptocurrencies. The goal is to allow for transactions with Darico Coins on the web and off of it, which will, in turn, allow for infinite investment options.

How Does Auto Mining Benefit Darico Coin Owners?

Darico Genesis Accounts, known as DRX, are rewarded to investors for each 1,000 Darico they buy during the ICO phase. Those who hold Darico Genesis Accounts will get additional income via auto-mining. These particular accounts emit new coins daily. This daily auto-mining will continue for an impressive 18 years until the cap of 240 million is reached. That time frame of nearly two decades secures Darico’s place as a long-term investment. The emissions are shared between holders of Darico Genesis Accounts based on their current holdings. Both the rights of these future coins and ownership of the actual Genesis Accounts are transferable.

What Are Darico’s Plans for the Future?

Darico was conceived in Q4 of 2016, and the pre-ICO is currently underway in the Q4 of 2017. The ICO will take place in Q1 of next year (2018), with the trader component and Darico App arriving in Q2. Darico Investment Funds will arrive in Q3. From there, they will develop the Messenger Component of the Darico app, followed by the app’s Indexes and Cryptocurrency Pools. Finally, the team will integrate collateral technology, as well as smart mortgage contracts.

Darico Roadmap


Darico has the potential to be a smart, reliable investment for everyone, regardless of their familiarity with cryptocurrency and whether they already have crypto assets. The combination of crypto backing with gold should provide the desired stability, liquidity, and other benefits. While this is clearly a long-term investment, just like any other investment portfolio, it appears to be a smart decision.

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