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Data Suggests that the Prolonged BTC Bull is Coming

Bitcoin price has remained stagnant in the range of $9,300 - $9,500 for almost a week with low volatility. The longer it consolidates, the closer it will pick a direction.
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Bitcoin price has remained stagnant in the range of $9,300 – $9,500 for almost a week with low volatility. The longer it consolidates, the closer it will pick a direction.

Some bullish traders are leaning towards the past week’s range as a “continuation pivot”, and predict that BTC could eye a recovery above $10,500, while the bearish traders think that BTC may drop to $7,000 level due to the mining difficulty increased 14.95%, which is the first largest increase in more than 2 years.

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However, according to the data provided by blockchain analytics firm Glassnode, bitcoin’s circulating supply in profit is currently hovering at 87%, which means over 16 million BTC out of the total circulation supply of 18,4 million is currently making gains.

It is close to see at the onset of the previous long-term bull markets – 90% in 2017 when Bitcoin surged to an all-time high of $20,000.

The Market will See Great Volatility before BTC Bull

From the BTC market history, it is notable that the BTC price will not surge like a straight line, and in most cases, the bull and bear will fight and weaken each other for the dominant of the future market. Therefore, if you just hold bitcoin, you may wait long to profit from the bull market. But with BTC futures trading, every small price move can give you a chance to make gains.

BTC futures trading enables traders to buy/up or sell/down BTC according to the analysis and prediction on the market trend. As long as there is market volatility, there is opportunity to make profits. In addition, leverage helps traders increase buying power and profits without investing a large amount of money. The higher the leverage ratio, the more you can profit from the market fluctuation, so as the risks.

Popular BTC Futures Exchange – Bexplus

Bexplus is a Saint Vincent and the Grenadines-registered bitcoin futures exchange founded in late 2017, which provides the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin perpetual futures with 100x leverage. Bexplus app for Android and iOS are available to users from 36 countries worldwide and support 21 languages.

Invest small, earn big

Bexplus offers a wide range of trading options including BTC, ETH, and LTC futures and etc. with 100x leverage. This simply translates into the user’s profits getting 100 times more than the original investment. For example, if a user invests 1 BTC, he will get the power of investing 100 BTC. Also, when the market price of BTC goes up by just 1%, the user will get a 100% profit.

10 Free BTC for Simulated Trading

Bexplus user will have a demo account to simulate the real trading environment and strategy with 10 BTC inside. You can practice the trading skills and learn about how to analyze the market trend with the trading simulator. Even though you make wrong prediction and analysis, you will not lose a penny.

Deposit Activity to Earn 100% BTC Cashback

To deposit BTC in the Bexplus account, you can earn a 100% BTC bonus, which can also be used to trade futures contracts. The more deposit, the more bonus you will get. You can get up to 10 BTC as a bonus!

Mobile Support

Android and iOS apps are downloadable on Google Play and App Store. All features on the web are available on the Bexplus app. You will also get price alerts and grasp the trend to make profits on the go.

Understand the volatile nature of the market and take advantage of BTC futures trading that will help you make money even when the risk associated is high. Join Bexplus, you have a chance to make great fortune.


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