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New Futuristic Decentralized Crypto Exchange DexAge to Connect Users Over Social Web

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DexAge is a revolutionary user-centric blockchain-based decentralized exchange portal with multi-trading ecosystem that connects all the users over a social web.

November 27, 2018: A new crypto platform is all set to dawn in a new socio-economic paradigm shift in the present crypto trading world. Titled “DexAge”, the latest crypto portal is governed by the innovative concept of social web and it aims to connect all its users over social web. Unlike the existing centralized exchanges, DexAge is powered with a blend of distributed blockchain & decentralized social web where members have the unique ability to exercise control over their funds, without any interference of an interagent.


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The revolutionary crypto platform is a user-centric decentralized exchange portal with multi-trading ecosystem that offers P2P crypto-crypto exchange, P2P crypto to fiat trading as well as P2P lending & chat on DexAge mobile app (DAPP). The “social” quotient of DexAge is meant to facilitate greater and better crypto trading and lending in a proliferating and safer ecosystem.

“The usage and popularity of cryptocurrencies is widely influenced by the type of news released on the social media news feeds. Positive news articles on digital assets on social media drive up the prices in the crypto market while negative reports too pose an adverse effect in value of cryptocurrencies. And DexAge is aimed to leverage this very crypto-social quotient and scale up its ecosystem by connecting all its users over a social web”,

stated a leading spokesperson from DexAge.

DexAge is soon to come up with a P2P mobile chat app (DAPP) to promote its user-centric architecture. The app will enable users to conduct various exchange-related activities as well as chatting.

“The main ethos behind our trust-less social network is user empowerment. Unlike centralized crypto exchanges, DexAge will enable every user to have his say in operation of the network and to play a major role in the progress of the platform.”

The DexAge easily stands out over other exchanges & networks due to its cutting-edge features:

  • While traditional social networks are plagued by the woes of goal-misalignment of each party, the DexAge network assures complete goal-alignment for every user through its unique users-as-stakeholders approach. The portal aims to create a mutually beneficial ambience where the platform will grow along with the progress of every stakeholder
  • Users will get a free and open-source messaging portal where they can engage in varied exchange activities. This facility will fast lead to increasing adoption of the DexAge technology & tokens· DexAge’s autonomous model will enable its network to avoid government censorship & to prevent external forces to pose limitations on network usage. As a result, each user here will enjoy safe chatting & trading in a portal which assures complete protection of their privacy and also offers them control over the network

DexAge pre-ICO will run from November 30 to December 31, 2018.

DexAge has already signed a listing agreement with leading crypto exchange LaToken. Interested investors will be able to invest on DXG through both LaToken website and DexAge portal.

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