Amid Calls to Delist Bitcoin SV: OKEx Partners on BSV-Based Exchange

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As Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) figurehead Dr. Craig Wright has begun legally targeting those who deny he is Satoshi Nakamoto, prominent cryptoverse stakeholders have started calling for cryptocurrency exchanges to delist BSV.

On the other hand, popular crypto exchange OKEx has now partnered with RelayX founder Jack Liu to found Float SV, a trading platorm that will use BSV as its base trading currency.

The delisting campaign contrasted with the partnership announcement highlights once more how fragmentation in the cryptoeconomy has lead to some enterprises building in the name of neutrality, i.e. embracing whatever projects arise no matter how contentious they are.

Float SV

A New Exchange Challenger Approaches: Float SV

Former OK Group executive Jack Liu has rejoined OKEx to help steer the platform’s latest Float SV venture, a BSV-based crypto exchange.

The platform will leverage OKEx’s OKNodes Program, a build-your-own-exchange service that allows participants to share liquidity and infrastructure with the wider OKEx ecosystem — currently one of the biggest facilitators of trade volume in the cryptocurrency space.

The partners declared that the new platform will be exclusive, insofar as it will only list “real assets” as well as blockchains that are linked to BSV via the SHA256 algorithm:

“Float SV will deliver a real asset exchange experience by committing to only list blockchains running Proof of Work SHA256 and real assets such as commodities and currencies. Float SV will not list native tokens of other blockchains nor securities or STOs. A portion of Float exchange revenues will be reinvested into Proof of Work.”

And as far as neutrality goes, Liu said the collaboration was possible because Float SV could rely on OKEx’s “neutral” position:

“[I]t is great to be back leveraging OK’s trusted and scalable exchange infrastructure with which I am very familiar with. Float SV can count on OK’s track record of being a neutral technology platform.”

For now, Float SV is projected to launch this month, though Liu noted the platform’s launch could be postponed if any other “major exchange delists” BSV.

BSV Delisting Calls Grow as Craig Wright Attacks His Critics

BSV proponent and Satoshi Nakamoto claimant Dr. Craig Wright has caused a stir in the space in recently launching lawsuits against prominent Bitcoiners like Hodlonaut and Peter McCormack for denying that Wright is the creator, or one of the creators, of Bitcoin.

As for Hodlonaut, Wright has demanded that the Twitter user apologize in open court for “defamation.” The nChain CTO has also offered $5,000 USD worth of BSV to anyone who is willing to unmask the real identity of Hodlonaut.

These barbed actions have caused many prominent figures in the cryptoverse to suggest delisting BSV as a recourse against Wright, who is the highest profile proponent of BSV and who has been highly controversial ever since he claimed to be Nakamoto back in 2016.

Now, some powerhouses like Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao have threatened to delist BSV for good if Wright and company’s aggressive antics continue.

Other popular cryptocurrency pundits, like Anthony Pompliano, have similarly called for BSV to be ostracized accordingly.

Whether BSV will be delisted throughout the ecosystem en masse remains to be seen. If Float SV is any example, then it’s clear that BSV’s presence in the cryptoeconomy can’t be totally eradicated.

OKEx Pivots Toward Europe

Zooming out, OKEx is trying to expand its operations in all directions — most recently in Europe.

That’s because the exchange just launched “consumer-to-consumer” fiat trading pairs for the European Union’s euro, Russia’s ruble, and the Turkish lira.

“We strive for building a robust crypto ecosystem, that’s why we will never stop expanding and pushing crypto adoption forward,” OKEx Head of Operations Andy Cheung said.


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