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Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr lets users rent real hash power from its crypto mining equipment. The team behind is the same one behind The latter platform is an established network for advertising. It has gained a reputation for delivering high-quality traffic for startups, blockchain products, and ICOs.

The idea for developed from two people and their passion for cryptocurrencies and the crypto ecosystems. As mentioned, the owners of, Andrew and Cristian Entrepreneurs, are also behind began more than half a year ago and has already established itself as highly successful.

DrMiner’s address is the same as that of Chainads SRL, which has company number 29881855. The address is Str. Mieilor, Nr. 15, Romania, Bucharest Sect. 2. Hardware uses some of the best hardware to ensure high profits. These include Antminer S9-Hydro, Antminer S9i, Antminer D3, Antminer L3+, Antminer 3++, and GTX 1080TI. The system for was created with real equipment. As such, the mining power may occasionally be limited. When upgrades to add more equipment, it will be able to expand the mining power.

Advantages of allows mining to begin almost right away. As soon as an administrator approves your purchase of a plan, you will begin accumulating rewards from the mining. Withdrawals are also very quick. keeps the payment process streamlined by sending withdrawals on weekends regardless of when you make the payment request.


When you use, you can easily stay up to date on the various statistics related to your mining. All information is updated every five minutes with plenty of detail. This lets you stay on top of profits and track stats and more.

Supported Coins has plans that include Bitcoin and Ethereum. The company also intends to expand its offerings with the addition of Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Dash. Plans

Most similar platforms sell the hash power behind their hardware, letting users make a profit based on their purchase of hash power. By contrast, does not sell the hash power. Instead, it sells a portion of the amount produced by the machines.

The plans from are divided up with the rates depending on the length of the plan. They are priced for 1,000 GH, although also lists the price per 1 GH for simpler comparison.

Mining Plans

The minimum purchase is set to 1,000 GH, which you should keep in mind. For three months and 1,000 GH, you pay $60 ($0.06 per 1 GH), which goes up to $116 ($0.116 per GH) for six months, $225 ($0.225 per 1 GH) for one year, $563 ($0.563 per 1 GH) for three years, and $750 ($0.750 for 1 GH) for five years. Because of the extended length of time with the given hash power, the longer-term plans cost more upfront but offer a better value. prides itself on not having any hidden fees or commissions. Instead, the costs associated with using the platform are clear. You can clearly see all transactions via your account. This is part of’s efforts to ensure that fees remain as low and as transparent as possible. Bonus

Every single investor who buys a plan from gets the bonus gift of a 16 GB memory card in the USB style. Shipping for this memory card is worldwide, so all investors can take advantage of this bonus. This USB is conveniently shaped like a card, so you can fit it inside your wallet and take it with you wherever you go.

Free Gift

You should also keep your eyes out for other bonuses, such as the Halloween Bonus Month. Until the end of the month, active and new investors earn just $1 per 1,000 GH, a promotion which is sustained via special funds. also has a referral program. When you invite a user who then goes on to sign up for and deposit a minimum of $60, you earn 10 percent. Payments

Daily rewards depend on the ETH and BTC prices as well as the mining difficulty, which can lead to varying payouts from day to day. The estimated rewards per day for 1,000 GH is about $0.80, although this varies based on the above factors and machine earnings. Since one of the factors affecting reward allocation is the price of Bitcoin or Ethereum, this price information is updated every 15 minutes, letting you track it conveniently.

To make a withdrawal from, you must first enable two-factor authentication as a security precaution. Payments are always sent on Saturdays and Sundays, regardless of when you request the payment.

The platform behind is highly secure to protect all information sent. Additionally, requires two-factor authentication for withdrawals, instead of just suggesting this security measure. Customer Support offers customer support via two different main avenues. You can contact the company via its support email address. Alternatively, you can get customer support via Skype. Additionally, has a presence on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Those with questions or concerns can contact the platform via those profiles, as well. For those in Bucharest, you can also find a map displaying the location of the office on its Contact Us page.

Conclusion comes from the experienced team behind, which has already proven itself in the world of advertising for blockchain, startups, and ICOs. is transparent about its plans and rates, as well as the equipment used. Instead of selling the hash power like most similar platforms, shares the quantity produced by the machines and pays out rewards daily.

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