Beginner’s Guide to Dropil: Autonomous Trading & Arbitrage Platform

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According to Dropil’s tagline, this project aims to “automate the world of cryptocurrency.” In practicality, that means that Dropil takes care of all the hard work when it comes to analyzing, trading, and storing cryptocurrency via a range of autonomous tools.

Dropil Guide

Dropil prides itself on removing the stress from the process of investing in cryptocurrency and simply entering the world of crypto. There is also a strong, active community on Telegram where you can find plenty of support and information, as well as a social aspect to Dropil.

What Are Some Key Characteristics of Dropil?

To help the platform stand out from the crowd, Dropil opts for smart reporting that focuses on simplicity that delivers the information you need instead of wasting time and effort with obscure analytics you do not care about. Dropil also makes it possible to withdraw at any time and to anywhere. Dropil is even free to use, with the only requirement for accessing to service being holding Drops. There are no management or transaction fees.


Dropil Autonomous Trading

One of the key features of Dropil is Dex, its smart trading bot that allows for simpler automated trading. The dynamic logic swapping and diversification used by the bot are unmatched for results, unlike those of other platforms. Dex was designed to use deep learning dynamic algorithms to make trades. These algorithms were developed in house and will help you get the best possible profit. The team has perfected Dex over the past year, so it automatically swaps and scales strategies based on live trading markets for any crypto on any exchange. Additionally, the Dex System constantly automatically updates itself based on calculations from new trading data.

Autonomous Trading

For consistent results that maximize profit and minimize risk, Dex has several safety nets in place. One of the secrets to the success of Dex is that it has diversification across platforms instead of just using one cryptocurrency. The Dex System also pools investments together depending on your chosen risk level, so your investments always remain protected.

Dropil Arbitrage Analysis

Another bot, the smart arbitrage bot named Arthur, provides arbitrage analysis. Arthur provides all the information you need so you are aware of top arbitrage opportunities immediately. Arthur works to monitor exchanges and coins that you choose and will clearly show their price differences. The system can monitor 13 different exchanges for those variations in price without requiring a user account f API. The team plans on adding many more exchanges in the future to improve the functionality of Arthur.


You can customize Arthur however you want, with the option to monitor all 13 exchanges and 10 cryptocurrencies or as few as you want. Adjust your preferences by checking and unchecking boxes. Receive notifications via Telegram and email when you reach your chosen alert threshold. Arthur is free to use for Drop holders with at least $50 worth of the crypto.

Dropil also has plans to add premium features in the future, including SMS notifications, text message arbitrage execution, customized alerts for every exchange and coin, and adding Exchange API keys to allow for automatic arbitrage.

What Should You Know about Dropil’s Smart Wallet?

In addition to the other functions, Dropil has its own smart wallet to allow for secure storage of your cryptocurrency assets. Compared to other wallets, this one is smarter, more flexible, and safer, and it has a simpler interface. The wallet will include a dedicated personal assistant bot named Max.

Drop Tokens

Drops are the ERC-20 utility tokens behind the Dropil system. Drops power every part of the Dex system, with users relying on them for storing and investing funds.

Drops deliver fast transactions courtesy of the Ethereum blockchain. These tokens are also secure with the transactions recorded publicly on the Ethereum blockchain, making them trackable. There is also a capped supply of Drops to prevent deflation and help improve the price with the rise of demand and adoption. Dropil predicts that the Drop tokens will appreciate in value over time, which would increase net returns.

DROP Tokens

The Dex system uses Drop tokens to control asset volumes managed by its smart trading algorithms. They are also key for using Arthur for arbitrage and will power the wallet’s breakthrough smart features, such as Max.

There will be a maximum of 30 billion Drops ever created, which were generated during the token event on Jan. 10. Sixty percent of tokens were distributed and sold during the ICO, with 20 percent going to the founders, 15 percent to the Dropil vault, and 5 percent to the Dropil team. There is also a lock on 50 percent of the founder token supply.

At the time of writing, Drops are available on Tidex as a trading pair with BTC or ETH and on IDEX as a pair with ETH or DAI. Dropil plans to work to extend the number of exchanges offering Drops.

How Do You Get Started with Dropil?

Those who want to take advantage of Dropil to get into cryptocurrency just need to start by buying Drops. From there, you can create a free account and start using all of the tools you want, including Dex, Arthur, and Max. Since you have complete control of your Drops, you can automatically reinvest your returns if you use Dex or cash out whenever you want.

DROP Tokens are currently available on the following exchanges:

  • Tidex
  • RightBTC
  • IDEX

Buy Drops

What Does the Dropil Roadmap Look Like?

The Dropil presale started on Jan. 26, with the ICO lasting from Feb. 7 to March 7. The mobile wallets for the most popular operating systems will launch in April and May of 2018. Between April and June, Dropil will implement high-limit investments. The team is working on integrating Drops into larger public exchanges. Starting in Q3, they will begin discussing the implementation of a next-generation retirement plan with the platform.


Dropil is an innovative platform that lets users enter the world of cryptocurrency and increase their activity in the community via trading, arbitrage, and more. Dropil stands out from other platforms with its assortment of smart bots that serve specific functions and provide automation and algorithm-based advice. Those in search of a simpler way to hold and invest in cryptocurrency should definitely take a closer look at Dropil.

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