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DTube, world’s #1 decentralized video platform is about to launch DTube Coin, its native token to reward social interactions

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After a successful Proof-of-Concept on the Steem blockchain, DTube world’s #1 decentralized video sharing platform with more than 1 Million monthly Unique Visitors, is launching the DTube Coin, its native token specifically designed to tokenize social media interactions.

With more than 15,000 accounts already created on the DTube blockchain in less than 3 months and already $1.1 Million distributed to its users in tokens, DTube is about to launch its Main-net and offers investors a pre-sale of 1 Million DTube Coins (DTC).


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Building and iterating a successful Proof-of-Concept for 2 years

DTube has launched its first version in August, 2017 as a decentralized video sharing platform, leveraging the IPFS decentralized peer-to-peer protocol to host videos and the Steem blockchain to reward users for their social interactions.

A decentralized infrastructure for videos

The IPFS infrastructure offers publishers the guarantee that their content will not be censored or “demonetized” like it happens on centralized social media, it protects our freedom of speech.

As protection against censorship alone could potentially attract lots of illegal and inappropriate content, DTube has developed a mechanism where the community moderates content by upvoting and downvoting videos. Videos with more downvotes than upvotes gets automatically hidden from the platform.

This system has been running for 2 years now and proved very efficient.

A tokenized reward mechanism

On DTube, users post, vote, comment and tag videos and earn a share of the token daily reward pool. DTube blockhain’s algorithm calculates in real time all social interactions on the network and distributes tokens to users according to their performance.

The DTube blockchain, a new business model for social media

After testing the concept on the Steem blockchain, DTube developed its own blockchain and native token based on the same “Proof-of-Brain” mechanism (i.e: tokens are not mined by computing power but rather by successfully playing the social game on the platform).

A complete tokenized economic cycle

DTube Coins (DTC) are distributed by DTube algorithm to users who socially interact on the platform. This increases the total token circulating supply.

To regulate inflation, users can “burn” their tokens (i.e destroy tokens) to access in-platform services (promote a content, create a premium username, VOD access, etc.). This reduces token circulating supply.

Users can also “top-up” more DTCs by buying on exchange markets.

This balanced economic cycle is designed to empower all users thanks to their performance and will create an organic demand on markets for the token, hence increase overall market valuation.

15,000 users onboarded in 3 months!

DTube has released its full feature Testnet in June, 25th 2019, which has been running smoothly and onboarded more than 15,000 users in 3 months!

DTube will launch its blockchain Main-net before the end of Q4, 2019 and launch the DTube platform out of beta.

At this point, the token will be tradable on markets and usable on the platform right away.

DTC token pre-sale is live

Before launching its Main-net, DTube is offering investors 1 Million DTCs for sale at the most preferred rate of $0.1 per token.

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