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Earn Daily Rewards on Vidulum App While Having Full Control of Your Crypto

Vidulum App introduces a non-custodial, multi-currency web wallet that is accessible 24/7 from any modern web browser.
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As the reach of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies continues to expand and accelerate towards the collective community goal of mass adoption, it is increasingly critical that users around the world, and from all walks of life, retain full control of their cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Please Note: This is a Press Release

Vidulum App introduces a non-custodial, multi-currency web wallet that is accessible 24/7 from any modern web browser. Vidulum App currently supports over 30 cryptocurrencies with plans for continued expansion as the team offers to add support for actively developed cryptocurrencies, free of charge.

Key features of the application include:

  • A fully responsive, multi-device front end that is designed to optimize user experience
  • Complete control when sending or receiving crypto from any device when using modern web browsers
  • A non-custodial tip bot for public discord communities driving engagement while adhering to the tenet of ownership and control of your crypto
  • Private key ownership reflected by the company motto, “Your keys – Your Crypto”.
  • A daily reward system where users can earn $VDL, from simply hodling (holding) V-staking enabled cryptocurrencies

Vidulum App is complemented by its blockchain VDL, which serves users as a cryptocurrency, and is a key enabler of the Vidulum Rewards System, which rewards users daily through V-staking.

Cryptocurrency Storage Meets User Experience

Users of Vidulum App are greeted with a simple, elegant and intuitive user interface that is matched with an incredibly powerful backend to create a well-rounded application and user experience. The development team behind Vidulum built an application that is usable by both experienced participants in the space and those new entrants looking for a simple application that can help them get started with crypto ownership.

The application itself features dark and light colored themes, multiple languages, easy account creation and login, an aggregate of on app holdings, a list of supported cryptocurrencies, and a simple to use interface for sending and receiving cryptocurrency. The overall user experience is further enhanced through the application of tooltips that are strategically placed to help guide those users who may not yet share the same terminology used by the broader crypto community.

Accessible Anywhere, Anytime Through Modern Web Browsers

In creating Vidulum App, the developers drew upon their own experience in using cryptocurrency and the need for an application that they could access from any device, at any time, to manage their cryptocurrencies while being in full control. This key principle helped drive development of a fully responsive front-end interface, usable on any device.

Users can download the application on Android, iOS, or login on a desktop or laptop and manage their cryptocurrencies with a seamless experience from one device to the next. This approach to development has created a solid base for continued expansion of the application, scaling of features, and the development of new ones.

Latest Feature: Non-Custodial Discord Tip Bot

With user engagement being of critical importance to crypto communities, Vidulum App now features a Discord integration that enables a non-custodial tip bot for users to send and receive VDL and every other supported asset on the application quickly and easily through Discord.

As a first of its kind discord tip bot, a key feature is the ability to send any supported coin on Vidulum App to any user in a discord server that has the tip bot enabled. More importantly, users must personally sign the transaction through the Vidulum App. This means your crypto and more importantly your private keys are not controlled by a third-party like other tip bots available today. Instead, Vidulums new non-custodial discord tip bot interacts with your Vidulum App wallets to build transactions only after you sign them. It also means that there are no extra wallets to manage and monitor on various platforms. With Vidulum App’s Discord Tip Bot, users can manage everything from a single interface, reducing friction and fostering ease of use.

The discord tip bot has already been invited to the discord communities of various projects and with little to no effort in set up, the Vidulum Team hopes to see members of all communities enjoying the Vidulum Tip Bot as time goes on.

Your Keys – Your Crypto – A Non-Custodial Web Wallet

Central to Vidulum’s mission is the importance of private key ownership by the end user. It is well known within the crypto space that if you do not own your private key, you do not own your cryptocurrency. With this in mind, Vidulum App was developed to put users in full control of their digital assets. Users can download their private keys from the settings page within the application as well as from the individual wallet pages, in fact it is highly recommended that users take this action upon creating an account.

As a non-custodial wallet, Vidulum is unable to recover accounts. The team does not store passwords, pins, or private keys on its servers, holding true to the concept of being a non-custodial multi-currency web wallet.

Earning Daily VDL Rewards with Vidulum’s V-Staking System

Built into the blockchain, Vidulum’s native platform cryptocurrency, VDL was developed to include an earmarked portion of the block reward for the community. This Vidulum Reward System is known as V-Staking and is akin to cold staking, meaning that users don’t need to keep a wallet open, they just simply need to hodl (hold) a specified amount of a supported cryptocurrency; in the case of this crypto wallet, users must login within every 60 days to be included in the reward pool.

Through the web wallet application, owners of v-staking supported cryptocurrencies, earn daily rewards delivered via VDL and the amount is proportionate to their weighting of the current pool being held on the application for V-Staking. Currently, holding 100 VDL qualifies users for earning free daily crypto rewards. The bigger your share of the pool, the bigger your share of the rewards.

Creating an Account on Vidulum App

If you are ready to take control of your cryptocurrency and digital assets and access your wallets from anywhere all while earning daily rewards, you can simply create an account at Ensure you take a secure backup of your login credentials and of your private keys upon account creation as Vidulum App truly is non-custodial.

Users who wish to participate in V-staking can find VDL on Stex and Crex24, mine it as a proof of work blockchain or accumulate it by running masternodes to support the network. Learn more about Vidulum, VDL and the V-Staking system by joining their community on discord or following them on twitter @VidulumApp.

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