Brands and services providers constantly work on improving their advertising campaign by choosing different approaches and channels for promotion. According to Ironpaper research, banner advertising is the 2nd biggest segment of the digital advertising market. EasyVisual has recently launched a mobile application Banners App that will help companies to make their banner advertisement more effective.

Banners App

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Banners App

Banners App is a mobile application that shows a banner advertisement to users every time they unlock their smartphones which happens on average from 80 to 110 times per day.

The application is based on the  Android operating system as it takes the leading and more profitable position in the market rather than iOS. Newzoo report states that 75,9% of all smartphones in November 2017 were Android-based.

The app can be downloaded from Google Play and has a wide range of functions. Users indicated their personal information and can set how many times they want to see the ad. Meanwhile, the targeting is based on location, gender, marital status, education, languages, interests, professional achievements, and wellness and the ad is shown only to relevant users.

Benefits for brands and advertisers

Advertising companies and brands should have alternative channels for promoting their products. 69% of consumers from 18 to 39 years old use mobile phones for a research of products before purchasing them, 44% – use tablets. With Banners App there will be an access to the statistical data (number of real views and a conversion rate of the advertisement) and the ad will be shown only to the target audience thanks to a detailed configuration of user’s characteristics. At the same time, there is no pressure for users as they look at the advertising messages voluntarily and it also excludes reputational losses of brand-advertisers.

About EasyVisual

EasyVisual is an innovative advertising network that allows advertisers to create and customize promoting campaigns and to monitor the results. Since the beginning, the company has already had a 3,5 million audience in 190 countries including South Korea, China, Vietnam, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Ukraine, Turkey, Czech Republic, Israel. More information about the network is available at the official website or by e-mail:




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