Beginner’s Guide to Edge: Blockchain Wallet & Security Platform

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Edge began as a bitcoin wallet and a business directory known as AirBitz. Edge now plans to expand into the world of security, offering the Edge Security platform to ease concerns about large-scale data breaches.

Edge Wallet

Edge started as AirBitz in winter of 2014 with the business directory and wallet that the brand is currently known for. The Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet was the team’s first application for the Edge Security model. Members worked to create a software development kit (SDK) for developers using the tools of the Airbitz Wallet and achieved that goal in 2015. Since then, the Edge Security SDK has been a part of multiple successful blockchain projects.

By 2017, the Airbitz Wallet had become much more than just a simple Bitcoin wallet. At this point, it was a multicurrency wallet and data security solution. Since the company coined “Edge Security,” turning the data security solutions into a platform was the next logical step.

Edge Benefits

What Issue Does Edge Security Hope to Resolve?

Edge Security will change the historic reliance on large organizations to secure data. Unfortunately, this security model creates large pools of data, making the organizations attractive targets for both attackers and hackers. It only takes a single vulnerability and a hacker that finds that vulnerability to access everyone’s data. The team at Edge saw how trusted data custodians can fail. With the increasing amount of sensitive data, they decided to do something about this issue. Using blockchain technology, the Edge Security platform will eliminate large-scale data breaches, letting everyone use emerging networks with one less concern.

What Features Does the Edge Wallet Have?

While waiting for the Edge Security platform to finish development, you can enjoy the Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet. As mentioned earlier, this wallet has support for multiple cryptocurrencies, so users can hold all of their crypto-assets in one convenient location. To provide the best possible multicurrency support, the Edge Wallet makes it possible to exchange between assets while on the go. At the time of writing, the Edge Wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Wings, and Augur REP. The team gladly accepts requests to add support for other cryptocurrencies, as well, so this is always an option if it does not have the one you prefer. The ability to request new cryptocurrencies also means that you can expect the list of supported ones to keep expanding in the future.

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How Does the Edge Wallet Improve Upon the Competition?

Traditional cryptocurrency wallets only support a single cryptocurrency, meaning that you would need multiple applications to manage your assets, but the Edge Wallet has multi-cryptocurrency support, so you can manage everything in one app. This makes life more convenient since you do not need to switch between applications to check your assets. In addition, it reduces the passwords and login information you need to remember.

Additionally, most other crypto wallets do not offer automatic syncing between devices and make it hard to back up your information or recover those backups. With Edge Wallet, you just need your password and username to back up everything. It is also possible to seamlessly log in on multiple devices. For even more convenience without sacrificing security, you can also access your wallet with Touch ID or a PIN.

Edge Wallet

The Edge Wallet is also one of the few cryptocurrency wallets that functions for both storing your crypto and exchanging it. There is no need to download a separate crypto exchange app since you can seamlessly exchange your cryptos for each other within the Edge Wallet.

What New Features Does Edge Wallet Plan on Adding?

There are planned features for buying and selling cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies within the app. This particular capability is “coming soon.” Overall, the Edge Wallet is user-friendly for those of all experience levels and has excellent security and user privacy.

Edge Wallet will also be partnering with top providers of blockchain services around the world. This will result in the ability to buy and sell, make mobile top-ups, use and buy gift cards, and even integrate with your bitcoin debit card, all within the same application as your Edge Wallet.

How Does Edge Provide Security?

Considering the team behind Edge Wallet coined the term “Edge Security” and plans to launch an Edge Security platform, it is a given that the products are incredibly secure. One of the main features allowing for this is client-side encryption, which means that every piece of data gets encrypted via your device before the information gets to the servers. This means there is no risk of a hack to the server or malware affecting your assets. Additionally, client-side encryption ensures that the company Edge cannot access your account information.

Edge also features zero-knowledge security architecture, so they do not need any of your private information. To create an account, you do not need an ID, phone number, or even email address.


Following the client-side encryption, Edge automatically backs up all of the information with redundant peer-to-peer cloud servers. The information stored in the clouds is secured via that encryption and can only be decrypted by you when you enter your password and username. This means that if you get a new device or have to uninstall and reinstall Edge, you will still find everything exactly how it was, but no one else can access your account or information.

To round out the security features, Edge includes powerful yet easy-to-use security tools. It encourages users to utilize 2FA, which you can set up by just touching a button. It also lets you set up password recovery for your wallet using just your email address and two questions. This is in sharp contrast to many other digital asset wallets that have no password recovery method, causing you to lose your assets if you forget or lose your password.

Additionally, the code for Edge Wallet is open source, allowing for transparency. Leading security experts have vetted the code, so users know they can count on it.


Edge is highly rated cryptocurrency wallet with support for multiple cryptocurrencies and the ability to exchange within the application. The project used to be known as AirBitz, so the Edge Wallet is essentially the same as the Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet. Edge is also working on a security platform utilizing the tools it has already put in place to protect the wallet.

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