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eHealth First: A Decentralized Medical Revolution

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Merging health and technology

Health is important—everyone wants to lead a long, healthy life. Reliable access to healthcare services is vital, saving or significantly facilitating lives, and the dissemination of dependable health-related information is important in the maintenance of good health and the prevention of disease.

eHealth First

Please Note: This is a Press Release

Unfortunately, despite the awe-inspiring advancements of the past century, the contemporary medical sphere is plagued with crippling problems—from inaccessibility and unimaginably long queues to unbearable expenses and to a lack of adequate information, for many, the present provision of health services is less than optimal.

But this can all change.

Technology has been transforming our lives more and more rapidly over the past few decades. The internet, introduced only in the 1980s, is now involved in almost every facet of our daily lives. The growth of technology will only continue, and as it does, it will embrace yet more sectors, facilitating and improving the lives of people all around the globe. It is only a matter of time until technology solves the current problems of the healthcare industry—and eHealth First endeavors to be the first step in this process.

What is eHealth First?

eHealth First is a decentralized, blockchain-based health platform designed to facilitate medical treatment and encourage healthy lifestyles. The blockchain ensures security, anonymity, and transparency on the system, and the vast array of health-related services the platform offers guarantees to aid patients, physicians, and health-conscious individuals alike.

Using such technologies as artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning, eHealth First incorporates an expansive, ever-updating database of the latest medical knowledge. Such a large pool of data would be impossible for humans to process, but with these cutting-edge technologies, it is easily manageable.

But EHF is more than just the largest collection of medical knowledge to date—it is also a platform for healthcare professionals and patients to communicate with one another, for individuals to monitor their health conditions, and for one to purchase diverse health-related apps and services. In essence, eHealth First can serve as a digital health center, serving a vast range of health-related needs.

Who is eHealth First for?

In a word, everyone.

The platform benefits patients and health-conscious individuals by granting them access to unlimited medical information, allowing them to obtain a digital second opinion on their diagnosis or treatment plan, but that’s not nearly all. Telemedicine consultations allow for the quick handling of non-urgent health issues, and the platform can help patients locate the most suitable medical center in the vicinity when telemedicine isn’t enough. Additionally, using the internal ETH token, patients can purchase relevant medical apps to further facilitate their care process.

For healthcare providers, eHealth First offers occupational aid. Securely access patients’ records to review their medical history and what treatments have and haven’t worked for them in the past—this allows you to zero in on the best treatment plan for your patient, saving time for both of you. EHF’s massive database of medical knowledge also enables to you stay well informed of the latest information in the medical world—and you can communicate with your patients on the platform about future appointments or their progress. Basically, EHF helps make you the best healthcare professional you can be.

Researchers stand to benefit from the massive amounts of medical data stored securely on the system. Naturally, only impersonal data whose use for research purposes has been explicitly approved by the patient is available to researchers, who can use the data to further improve the state of the healthcare sphere.

Finally, the platform offers developers of health-related apps and software the unique opportunity to develop and sell their products as project partners. The work of project partners not only financially benefits the developers but also contributes to the continuous enhancement of the platform, with new, innovative apps and features constantly being added.

What are the benefits of the EHF token?

As mentioned earlier, users can spend EHF tokens to purchase services and apps on the platform—as well as to participate in unique health-oriented campaigns and programs. However, the EHF token affords its holders an additional pool of advantages.

Holders of EHF tokens are awarded the privilege of voting on future developments on the platform—voting power is proportional to the number of tokens one possesses. The tokens may also be invested, as the token price could grow—thus, eHealth First offers financial opportunities in addition to health benefits. Tokens may additionally be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

Who is behind eHealth First?

The EHF team consists of an array of extensively experienced individuals. It would take too long to list each one of them and their many accomplishments, but it should be noted that the team incorporates experts in diverse fields, from blockchain technology (Zamir Akimov, Denis Rysev) and advanced data analysis (CEO Nickolay Kryuchkov, Prof. Arnold Mitnitsky) to clinical epidemiology (Dr. Nick Guldemond, Prof. Sviatoslav Plavinsky) and longevity (e.g., Dr. Daria Khaltourina, Dr. Aubrey de Grey). Composed of experts from these (and more) various fields, the EHF has all bases covered—and well covered, at that.

When does the pre-ICO start?

If you want to contribute to this revolutionary health platform, get ready, because the pre-ICO is almost here: It will be held in April-June 2018. A total of 2,000,000 ETF tokens are up for grabs at 0.006 USD per token, and a 40% bonus will apply. These are fantastic deals, so make sure not to miss the pre-ICO.

If you miss the pre-ICO, mark your calendar for July 2018, which is when the first round of the ICO starts. In the ICO, tokens can be purchased for 0.01 USD per token. In both the pre-ICO and the ICO, please be aware of the daily price increment of 0.25%.

Subsequent rounds will begin 12 months after the previous round has concluded.

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