Eligma ICO: AI-Driven & Blockchain-Based Cognitive Commerce Platform

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Eligma is a cognitive commerce platform driven by artificial intelligence and based on the blockchain. With the presale and crowdsale about to begin, this is the ideal time to learn more about the platform that will let users discover, buy, track, and resell products.

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There certainly are numerous other commerce platforms online, including several that are based on the blockchain. However, Eligma stands out by delivering “one place” that users can take advantage of to perform multiple functions. These include shopping all online stores around the world, learning the ideal time to sell their household items, and checking the value of those items. Additionally, Eligma will stand out with its fully decentralized loyalty program that encourages every house to become a business. In fact, one of its taglines is, “Every household is a business.”

What Features Does Eligma Offer?

To accomplish all of the above goals, Eligma has multiple functions that users can take advantage of. It provides for the discovery of global products with a unified shopping account, digital item profiles, and the option to pay for your favorite items with cryptocurrency.

In terms of inventory functionality, Eligma predicts the value of an item with artificial intelligence and works as a household trading agent. It also provides automated secondhand listings and lets users complete a decentralized sale using the blockchain.

Eligma also has a universal loyalty program. Users receive rewards for their contributions, and any merchant can join the loyalty program. This program also includes the option of receiving ELI tokens for the payment.

Eligma Features

What Advantages Does Eligma Deliver?

Eligma promises users the ability to waste less time shopping for a specific item they want. This is a common problem today with so many different stores online. Instead, Eligma puts them all on a single platform for a streamlined experience. Instead of having to search and manage all your accounts from multiple stores separately, Eligma lets you manage all of the stores you shop at online from a single account.

Why Eligma

Those who hold cryptocurrency currently face problems finding stores that will accept it as payment since this system is not yet widely adopted. Eligma takes care of that, giving users the ability to make purchases with cryptocurrency.

Eligma also lets users track everything that they own and put them to good use. It also promotes privacy while shopping online, so you don’t have to worry about online stores tracking your movements to target ads or sell data about you. Finally, Eligma says that the loyalty program is one that users will actually benefit from, unlike many others offered.

When Is the ELI Crowdsale?

ELI is the token behind Eligma, and there is a total supply of 500 million ELI. During the crowdsale, 60 percent of this supply, or 300 million ELI will be sold. The remaining tokens will be divided up as follows: 19 percent for the Eligma team, 12 percent for community and user growth, 5 percent for advisors, and 4 percent for future partners.


The exchange rate is set to 1 ELI for each 0.1 USD. During the sale, the minimum contribution will be 0.1 ETH. The public presale will begin on March 20 and last until April 10, followed by the public crowdsale from April 17 to May 8. There will be a soft cap of the ETH in the equivalent of $3 million USD and a hard cap of the ETH equivalent of $24 million USD.

What Does the ELI Token Do?

In addition to raising funds for the Eligma project, the ELI token will provide a long list of benefits. You can receive ELI tokens as rewards for user registration, adding information to your profile, making purchases via Eligma, uploading receipts, adding items to the system’s inventory, referring online stores, referring users, publishing wish lists that lead to sales, and social media actions that lead to sales. Merchants can also use ELI to reward their loyal customers.

ELI Token

In addition to all of the above rewards, those on the platform can use ELI to make purchases and more. Other functions of the token include using the platform’s “product hunter” service, having Eligma list your offers on secondhand markets, and using the Eligma escrow service. You also can use it for advertising on the platform, purchasing with merchants who are part of the loyalty program, and completing decentralized sales of items on a blockchain.

What Does the Eligma Roadmap Look Like?

The idea for Eligma began in September of 2017. This is also when the first investment of 1.5 million Euro was received. The presale will take place from March 20 to April 10, as mentioned earlier. At the same time, March will include the integration of a POS system that accepts crypto payments in BTC City. Additionally, the v1.0 mobile wallet will be launched. April 17 will mark the beginning of the public crowdsale.


Looking further ahead, Eligma will launch its AI-driven item discovery feature in Slovenia in December 2018. In April 2019, it will add the user inventory module to the platform, as well as introduce DIPs. By May, the platform will enable decentralized item sales on the blockchain. June will see the beginning of a geographical expansion to include the United Kingdom market.

In Q1 of 2020, Eligma will see the first merchants begin claiming loyalty ownership. Q2 will add the introduction of the secondhand “automated listings” based on user inventories.

Q1 of 2021 will include the launch of the crypto payment gateway. Q3 of that year will feature the global unified shopping account.


Eligma shows how the blockchain and cryptocurrency can be used to enhance the online shopping experience. When it is fully launched, it will have many useful features, such as the ability to efficiently comparison shop across numerous online stores and the automated listing of your secondhand items on relevant websites without any effort on your part. Although many of these features are still several years in the future, Eligma seems to be a platform to watch thanks to its innovation and what it has already accomplished.

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