Emercoin is both a blockchain service platform and a digital currency. Emercoin considers itself to be the premier public blockchain for delivering business operations that are decentralized and secure. The public Emercoin blockchain relies on the EMC, Emercoin cryptocurrency, to deliver a range of services.

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What Are the Emercoin Services?

The Emercoin blockchain supports a long list of services and operations for businesses. EmerDPO is an anti-counterfeiting service that delivers digital proof of ownership for both digital and physical services and goods. EmerDNS provides domain name services, such as recording, securing, and proving ownership. Magnet is a distributed torrent tracker that helps with internet file sharing.

Emercoin Services

EmerTTS delivers digital timestamping, while EmerLNX is for decentralized pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. EmerSSL provides decentralized management and authentication of client-server SSL certificates, as well as SSL-based authentication without passwords. This works with InfoCard, which stores electronic business cards.

EmerSSH is a form of decentralized secure shell management as well as access control, something every site admin needs. Finally, ENUMER is the distributed directory for a direct connection to the various VOIP servers, also described as a blockchain-based telecommunications platform.

What Sets Emercoin Apart?

With so many blockchains offering services, Emercoin aims to set itself apart with its data organization system. That system lets the various services use valuable data without any need for complicated coding languages or vast quantities of storage space.


What Advantages Does Emercoin Offer?

Emercoin provides users with security since a robust consensus algorithm protects all the data stored and executed on its blockchain. This algorithm includes both proof-of-stake and proof-of-work mining.


Additionally, Emercoin is highly accessible, making it possible for businesses anywhere in the world to securely access data and use the services of the Emercoin blockchain. Emercoin can also help businesses move their crucial services to a secure platform that takes advantage of blockchain technology.

How Do You Use Emercoin Blockchain?

To take advantage of any of the above services, you just need EMC. Any of the services offered by Emercoin Blockchain only use very small fractions of EMC, so your cryptocurrency goes further.

What Should You Know about EMC

Getting EMC or Emercoin is actually very simple. Start by getting a wallet, which you can find for Windows, Mac, or Linux. Then, buy the coins on one of the exchanges that include EMC. Emercoin suggests Indacoin, despite its high commission fees, thanks to its speed and ease of use.

Emercoin Wallets

During the past three years, the EMC exchange rate has increased 102 times, indicating a strong history of growth. Because of the proof-of-stake mechanism, Emercoin has a guaranteed yield of 6 percent annually.

At the time of writing, the 24-hour volume of Emercoin was $988,128 USD or 101.91 BTC with a market cap of $170,898,886 USD or 17,625 BTC. The circulating supply is 41,473,870 EMC, and the current exchange rate was 1 EMC for $4.12 USD or 0.00042496 BTC. Of course, these figures fluctuate regularly.

What Kind of Companies Use the Emercoin Blockchain?

Emercoin lists multiple companies that use its technology. These include companies from a range of industries, such as a document management project, a decentralized international market dedicated to car-related data, a decentralized utility and real estate company, a company that lets users notarize the time they recorded a video, a freight shipping e-marketplace, and a farming company that relies on the tech for its decentralized share ledger for distributing dividends and issuing shares.

Companies using Emercoin

There is also a free service that uses EmerSSL to provide websites with the option of password-less authentication and an ICO project aggregator that relies on password-less authentication for security, both as a company and for the ICO projects it lists. You can also find Emerson on RedHat and Microsoft Azure cloud.

What Has Emercoin Achieved?

Emercoin began in December of 2013 in the form of a Peercoin fork. During 2014, it added STUN IP discovery and Name-Values Storage, which is a universal trusted platform working with external blockchain-based services. It also implemented EmerDNS that year. In 2015, it implemented blockchain-based security services and added EmerSSH, EmerSSL, and the InfoCard. It also added the concepts for Magnet, EmerTTS, and EmerDPO.

2016 saw a partnership with the Microsoft BaaS program and the release of the MS Azure application “Blockchain Engine.” This year also included the first real use of EmerDPO, a traction optimizer to prevent unnecessary inflation of the blockchain and distributed dynamic checkpoints. In 2017, Emercoin added to RedHat and introduced its mining mechanism that combines PoW, PoS, and merged mining. This is when core improvements, like full decentralization, occurred. It also began the public testnet, created ENUMER, and added the on-the-fly ability to exchange Emercoin into other cryptos via external exchanges API.

Emercoin Roadmap & Future plans

In 2018, the team wants to release the core wallet 0.7.0, which will include a DNS subsystem, improved core kernel, and Segwit. They also hope to finish implementing ATOM, which is a safe protocol for peer-to-peer selling of NVS records without escrow and implement the second generation of Randpay, the Lottery model payment aggregation.

Between 2019 and 2021, they will integrate with the Exonum protocol of Bitfury, improve their existing services, develop new services and products, integrate with the Lightning Network, and redesign EmerLNX for a CPA model.

Emercoin Roadmap

They also want to either create a partnership with an existing certification authority or create their own, so they can generate SSL certificates for webpages within the EmerDNS. Finally, they aim to develop a browser based on the Chromium engine. This browser will bundle their services “out of the box,” including transparent EmerDNS access, and include their CA trusted root.


Emercoin provides businesses with an extensive list of blockchain-based services on its own blockchain platform. Emercoin was designed to be easier to program, making it simpler to produce more services and products. The EMC coin is your ticket to taking advantage of Emercoin services, and you can find it on several crypto exchanges. Emercoin is certainly useful, and many companies have already taken advantage of its services.

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