Emergents The Nine Launch will Happen at The InterPop Block Party

The first NFT comic book in The Nine's Emergents #0 universe will premiere at InterPop Block Party, coming up on July 17, 2021.
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Emergents is a new comic universe from InterPop President & Publisher, Brian David Marshall. Emergents has a total of three comic series: Emergents Presents; The Nine and #ZoeMG.

The first NFT comic book in The Nine’s Emergents #0 universe will premiere at InterPop Block Party, coming up on July 17, 2021.

Moreover, it will be available to read for free on e-reader InterPop. The 1st edition of The Nine is scheduled to be released in September and the other 1st editions will also follow in the fall of 2021.

The best thing about this event is NFT collectors and readers will be able to choose the future of the Emergents universe on topics ranging from fashion, art to the universe.

Particularly, readers can choose which characters live or die and what outfits they can wear.

The launch of The Nine #0

There are a lot of special activities here and get exclusive offers only for participants

  • Taking part in a day-long event that brings together comics, games, NFT and fan culture
  • Free an NFT copy of the comic The Nine Issue #0 and 1 of the first 6 cards from TCG Emergents only for participants
  • Playing with Brio starts on July 8

InterPop, which is a company building future generation fan experiences, reported that the InterPop Block Party will take place. It will be a crossroads between NFT and fan culture.

This event will last for only one day, and happens on July 17, 2021. Anyone who attend this event will receive a free NFT copy of Emergents’ The Nine Issue #0 and InterPop experience.

Emergents TCG & MinterPop

Along with the comic series, InterPop will release TCG Emergents – a trading card game based on the Emergents universe. In this game players will be able to customize their deck by buying, trading and selling NFT cards.

In early 2022, Emergents TCG will be launched.

In addition, InterPop will also launch MinterPop, a dedicated NFT marketplace with primary and secondary markets for digital collections in the Emergents universe including variation covers, original works, lettered copies signatures, enhanced cover effects, collectible characters, and props from the comics.

InterPop Block Party

Through the conversation and experiences that will take place at the event, fans will be able to see how NFTs ushered in a new era in media.

Also, attendees will receive many special gifts as well as unprecedented experiences such as free NFT swag bags, participate in discussions from leading experts, explore the Artist gallery Alley, meet and interact with creators around the world of comics.

The event will be held on the interactive online platform Topia which allows participants to explore an immersive conference by combining virtual movement with video chat and interacting with objects lively.

NFTs on Tezos

InterPop is built on Tezos, a Proof of Stake blockchain that uses 2 million times less energy than competing platforms.

Play with Brio is InterPop’s platform of skilled games. It features popular skill-based games like Solitaire and others on the Tezos Blockchain. This platform is also start testing on July 8.

InterPop is a comic book and game company that builds fan experiences. InterPop is working with the top creators, gamers, artists, musicians and brands.

The company is known for being both the publisher of Emergents and creator of a new TCG based on the Emergents comic universe.

Furthermore, InterPop is also the creator of the Play with Brio game platform and an NFT Minterpop marketplace.

Tezos is a kind of smart money that defines what it means to hold and exchange value in a digitally connected world.

InterPop Block Party will start on July 17, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. EST on Topia. Please use the contact info here to get more information and learn how to register.

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