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Emin Gün Sirer to Deliver Compelling Keynote at Eurasia Blockchain Summit

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With the inaugural Eurasia Blockchain Summit set to kick off in Istanbul on October 18, one of the most influential academics within the crypto ecosystem, Emin Gün Sirer, has been announced as a keynote speaker.


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A professor of computer science at Cornell University, founder of Ava Labs, co-founder of bloXroute Inc, and co-director of the Initiative for Cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts (IC3), Sirer brings a wealth of industry experience to the event and will conduct a talk entitled “Beyond Blockchains and Proof of Work.”

Among other achievements, Sirer is credited with having envisioned the first digital currency to utilize proof of work to mint coins. He is also famed for characterizing the scale and centralization of existing cryptocurrencies, as well as for having proposed the leading protocols for on-chain and off-chain scaling.

A Keynote From a Key Crypto Thought Leader

In his keenly-anticipated speech, Sirer will argue that blockchain technology in its current form is wholly incapable of living up to the dream which has been sold to the masses. Citing problems concerning scalability, Sirer will investigate the potential of fault-tolerant systems that control money flows without trusted parties, and ask what the future holds.

Much of his talk will focus on a recent development in blockchain infrastructure: a novel consensus protocol family called Avalanche that combines the best features of the Lamport-Liskov and Nakamoto protocol families that preceded it, to yield a currency with low latency to finality, high throughput, and a high degree of decentralization. Sirer is one of the most influential scientists within the crypto and blockchain ecosystem, and his voice represents an academic view on the development of distributed ledger technologies.

Sirer, who also spoke at the Token Summit event in New York earlier this year, will have a particular place in his heart for Istanbul’s Eurasia Blockchain Summit, as a Turkish-American. The event, hosted by Huobi Group and Kemer Partners, has already attracted the participation of leading blockchain companies, professionals and speakers, with the aim of furthering the adoption of crypto technologies in Turkey and throughout Europe. The event takes place over two days, October 18 and 19, at the luxurious Wyndham Grand Istanbul Levent.


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