Emirex Review: World Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

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The financial markets are changing, and Emirex is building a next-generation platform to help everyone in the financial world trade seamlessly. There are many areas that are underserved by the existing financial system. The tokenization of assets can change the way that people turn assets into tradable securities, and also shift who makes the money in the securitization process.

Emirex sees how blockchain technology is able to help businesses take their assets to the marketplace, and avoid dealing with major banks that take a lot of money for their services. In many ways, the models that the existing financial system are built on are archaic and need to be replaced.

Efficiently allocating assets and capital is why any economy is successful. Emirex has an exchange model that allows the companies that create value to access capital nearly directly, so that money flows to projects without any unnecessary steps. The platform does a whole lot more as well and may be one of the most important exchange structures in the medium term.


Emirex is Building Efficiency

Unlike many companies that have sprouted up in the post-2017 Blockchain boom, Emirex’s companies were founded as early as 2014. Emirex is a group of companies that are built to create efferent ways for capital to reach value producers, as well as make trading assets easy by leverage digital technology to replace legacy systems.

Emirex has a number of companies under the group’s umbrella that are working in accordance with all the relevant regulations and hold licenses to trade in a number of financial assets with other global exchanges, as well as end-users, and traders.

The Emirex Group of Companies has its homebase in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which is a dynamic location for any company that wants to access both Eastern and Western markets. As a global financial center, and commodity trading hub, Dubai is well placed to serve a global clientele.

Why Tokenization?

It is fair to ask: Why should we tokenize the global economy to a greater degree?

Digital assets have the ability to change how we trade, and own simple things like equity in a company. Instead of using banks and custodians to securitize, hold and trade assets, tokens would allow us to do many of these actions with less involvement from intermediaries that make their money by getting in the middle.

Let’s use a company that wants to ‘go public’, or raise equity from investors as an example of how tokenization could help both investors and companies create gains in efficiency.

If a company wants to have its equity listed on a public exchange, like the NYSE, there are a lot of financial entities between the company, and the investors who will ultimately trade in their equity. If the same company wants to use a private issuance of equity, that is generally easier, but the number of investors who can participate in the sale falls, and it becomes more difficult to trade the equity on the secondary market.

Tokens Make a Lot of Sense

Instead of choosing between the hassle of a public IPO, or a sale of capital to private investors directly, tokens act as a bridge between a company, and just about any investor that wants to have exposure to that company.

The equity of a company can be held in the form of a token, which can then be held by an investor directly, or held by a custodian if the investor wants to pay for that service. When it comes to trading in tokens, it is simple. Just like cryptos, tokens can easily be traded directly on a peer-to-peer basis, or traded via a centralized exchange that acts as a custodian to the assets.

Emirex has already created the Bitcoin Middle East Exchange, or BitMeEx, and has also engineered a token-based commodity trading platform. BitMeEx allows trade in protocol, utility, payment and commodity tokens, and it could be expanded to work with almost any kind of digital asset.

In case you were wondering, there is something of a power-play when it comes to where and how financial instruments are traded. Most of the globe’s commodities are traded in Western financial centers, like New York, London, and Chicago, even though these nations don’t produce much in the way of the commodities (from an overall-market perspective) that are traded on their exchanges.

EMRX Token

Read more about the EMRX token here.

Opening up New Markets

There are some major benefits to a nation that can convince the world to use its exchanges, and its currency, to trade. The US and UK have been able to exert an outsized influence on the global financial system, and the world’s commodity-producing nations, as the world uses the US and UK financial systems to buy vital resources, and reinvest in financial assets.

While there are clear political effects from these market forces, the real issues emerge as losses in efficiency. In order for a project or company to gain financial support, they must be accepted by the financial institutions that are at the helm of the Western financial system.

Many small companies from nations that simply don’t have access to investment banks won’t be able to grow, and the net result will be a lack of small producers in the marketplace. A single small company may not make a big impact on global supply and demand, but thousands of small companies in emerging markets will begin to affect how the world’s economy works.

As it stands today, small companies simply can’t access capital because their only options are controlled by financial gatekeepers, and marketing private securities is difficult, even in advanced economies. Tokenization can help to solve this dilemma and make the global marketplace far more efficient.

What does Emirex have to Offer?

The Emirex group has numerous divisions that add up to one of the most complete token teams out there today. Here is a list of its member divisions, with descriptions from the company about what they all do:

Emirex Exchange

A platform for investors and traders, allows digital asset trades to take place in an easy, fast, compliant and secure way.

The exchange has two key functions:

  1. Primarily it offers an easy to use interface that lets non-professional traders buy and sell digital assets easily. Emirex Exchange can be used with confidence by a non-technical user. We want to give end-users access to digital assets in a safe, simple and compliant way.
  2. It also offers a professional platform for expert traders, complete with the functionality expected from established trading platforms in the traditional foreign exchange and commodities markets.


Emirex Exchange Engine

  • Order book is capable of handling 1,000,000 orders/second
  • Offers spot trading with professional order types as well as margin and futures trading
  • Delivers advanced security measures compliant with the international standards of IT security in the banking industry, per ISO 27001
  • Has customizable trading view charts for professional traders, as well as advanced functionality for order book, trade-history, markets and market depth
  • Offers a drawing toolbar for technical analysis and other technical indicators shows advanced historical trade analysis Integrates advanced liquidity aggregation technology

Emirex Tokenization Platform

A primary issuance platform for tokenized assets, specifically focusing on commodities.

The Emirex Group strongly believes that every stock, bond, currency and commodity will be tokenised and traded peer-to-peer.

Having successfully delivered blockchain-powered corporate bond and tokenised commodities platform, and has advised on multiple equity tokenisation projects, we are currently developing a primary issuance platform for tokenised securities and assets.

The Emirex Tokenisation Platform is built on our experience coupled with accepted best practice. It offers:

Emirex Cryptocurrency Wallet: for EMRX and other cryptocurrencies

Emirex holds EU licenses for a virtual currency wallet service and the services of exchanging the virtual currency into a fiat currency. We are in continuous communication with regulators across the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey (MENAT) Region to ensure that we will be granted similar licenses in these jurisdictions as soon as regulations make it possible.

Emirex Advisory

Focuses on advising companies in the commodities sector on tokenisation of their equity, debt and assets, as an alternative capital formation.

Emirex Custody Services

Aims to solve the localized need for secure storage of digital assets, which is one of the barriers to adoption of digital assets adoption for institutional investors.

Emirex will use 100% cold storage, ensuring that users’ crypto assets remain secure and available to meet investor redemption and verification requirements. Our custody model will protect custodied assets by ensuring that they are never commingled with assets held in customer trading accounts. The service level for cold storage will meet the current levels of leading European banks.

Clients will receive regular and auditable consolidated reporting, including market and performance valuations for their asset portfolio. Reporting will be issued at monthly, quarterly and annual intervals.

Emirex Underwriting Fund

Supports long-term Emirex growth by strategically investing in the best projects in the area of digital assets issuance, management, and trading and shall be set up as a regulated investment vehicle, raising funds from our current strategic investors, as well as investing own

Emirex Wealth Management Services

The Group is in the process of obtaining financial intermediary licenses in Tier 1 jurisdictions to meet the requirements of family offices and HNWI that are either operating in the Middle East or aiming to secure their wealth by operating in the Middle East.


The Emirex Group has put together an amazing collection of top-tier financial services that can help to bridge the gap between the established financial system, and the financial system that will emerge over the coming decades.

If you want to learn more about what the Emirex Group does, or how you can use its many services, just click here for its whitepaper, or check out its Linked In page for  more information.

Important Note: There have been reports of scammers approaching companies via Telegram, LinkedIn and Other Social platforms purporting to represent Blockonomi and offer advertising offers. We will never approach anyone directly. Please always make contact with us via our contact page here.


Nicholas Say was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He has traveled extensively, lived in Uruguay for many years, and currently resides in the Far East. His writing can be found all over the web, with special emphasis placed on realistic development, and the next generation of human technology.

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