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Endor Beats 179 Startups from 30 Countries to win MetLife Korea’s Insurtech Innovation Challenge

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Endor, a Prediction-As-A-Service company has been announced as the winner of MetLife Korea collab 5.0 Innovation Program that took place in Seoul last week. The Collab 5.0 challenge saw 180 different startups from 30 countries competing to win the top prize from MetLife, the South Korean branch of MetLife Inc., a multinational financial services company listed on the NYSE.


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Endor outperformed 179 other startups to emerge the first and now it will get a contract from MetLife Korea to deliver AI and predictive analytic services to worth $100,000 to the South Korean insurance provider. Some of the AI & predictive analysis services that it will render will be geared towards helping MetLife Korea improve customer engagement, unlock peak operational efficiency, and to improve its sales process.

Endor was founded in 2014 by researchers at MIT and it is simply a solution for layering predictive analytics and a proprietary Social Physics technology on the decentralized layer of Blockchain technology. The endgame is that businesses and organizations will be able leverage Endor to unlock accurate predictions about market and consumer behaviors in the shortest possible time. The more impressive feature is that Endor can analyze encrypted datasets without first needing to decrypt the data. Hence, Endor has the right mix of features to help its users access accurate, secure, scalable and affordable encryption.

It is also worthy of note that the Endor Protocol v.1, which was recently released to the public is a blockchain-powered protocol for sharing datasets across multiple users. By allowing users to share datasets over a Blockchain, Endor is confident that it can lower the financial barriers to accessing AI and predictive analysis for businesses. The Endor Protocol is a self-service solution that stakeholders can access through the ERC-20 EDR token.

In the words, of Dr. Yaniv Altshuler, CEO of Endor “We are incredibly honored to be selected the winner of MetLife Korea’s Innovation Program, Collab 5.0.  This is a huge vote of confidence in the unique predictive analytics capabilities our platform offers”. Dr Altshuler went on to add that “MetLife is one of the largest insurance companies in the world and we are excited to participate in advancing innovation with such an important player in the insurtech industry, particularly in such an important market as South Korea, which pioneers disruptive technologies”

Collab 5.0 is the innovation center of MetLife Asia developed by LumenLab as a platform for innovative concept and startups in the insuretech space to showcase their ideas to the senior executives at MetLife, Venture Capitalists, industry veterans, and successful entrepreneurs.

Zia Zaman, the CEO of LumenLab’s and Chief Innovation Officer of MetLife Asia observes that  “Innovation is a business imperative and external collaboration forms a key component of MetLife’s efforts to transform the insurance sector. Collab is about building partnerships that help us innovate ahead of tomorrow’s challenges to have a greater impact on those we serve,”

About Endor

Endor is the world’s first prediction engine designed to provide businesses with accurate analytics to make informed business decisions within a fast and automated setup. Endor is leveraging artificial intelligence layered on blockchain technology and its proprietary Social Physics technology to unlock intelligence from Big Data to help identify current and emerging patterns in customer behavior. Endor can analyze different kinds of datasets irrespective of whether they are on-chain or off-chain and it can process encrypted data without decrypting it to ensure data sanctity and compliance with GDPR requirements.

Endor is currently being used by the world’s leading banks, global retail chains, and Fortune 500 companies such as MasterCard and Coca-Cola who have openly expressed their how Endor has improved their decision-making processes for a better performance in their top and bottom lines.




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