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Enjin Coin Updates Wallet: Prepares for Mass Adoption with ERC-1155 & ERC-721 Tokens

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Enjin has upgraded its Enjin Smart Wallet, adding ERC-721 and ERC-1155 token support as part of the project’s ongoing push to revolutionize the decentralized gaming industry.

The new Enjin Smart Wallet update retains the wallet’s ability to hold more than 700 different cryptocurrencies in addition to the new token classes. Initially supported decentralized games include “Gods Unchained,” “War of Crypto,” and “CryptoKitties,” with a slew of new publishers coming online in the near future. ERC-1155 tokens will be instantly added and rolled into the wallet upon creation, creating a seamless experience for users and developers of ERC-1155 tokens.

Enjin Wallet

Free Gaming Item

To commemorate the Enjin Smart Wallet upgrade and boost the wallet’s already impressive adoption numbers, Enjin is offering a free multiverse gaming item to wallet users. To gain the item, wallet users can register here.

Enjin bills its new and improved wallet as likely the most advanced on the market. It sports a simple and user-friendly interface, fingerprint identification login security capabilities, and the ability to handle an unlimited number of blockchain addresses.

It compares favorably in terms of overall security with most banking and financial services apps due to its implementation of NSA-grade AES-256 encryption, RAM encryption, and keylogger-proof keyboard.

We started with checking out other popular wallets, searching for ideas we could improve upon — and we came out empty-handed and somewhat disappointed. During our analysis and testing, we managed to penetrate most major mobile wallets and extraction of passwords and passphrases was achievable.

The wallet currently boasts a Google Play Store rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, which computes to a 94 percent approval rating. It has been downloaded via Google Play by at least 129,000 users, with an additional 81,000 downloads stemming from the wallet’s Android API package file and the iOS version.

Smart Contract Advances

Concurrent with its wallet upgrade, Enjin has brought its smart contract protocol live on Ethereum’s Mainnet. This gives potential developers access to the Enjin system and allows them to craft custom ERC-1155 tokens using the full suite of Enjin’s development tools database. Because of the wallet upgrade, as mentioned above, newly minted ERC-1155 tokens will be rolled into the wallet’s functionality automatically. This ensures a short lead time between app development and app usage.

Ethereum ERC-1155 Token

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Enjin emerged in late June 2017 and immediately attracted industry attention as a token standard for a wide variety of blockchain applications, with its core functionality centered around the gaming industry. Enjin was built from the ground up with flexibility as a core focus, and new tokens created with the Enjin system can be fungible, semi-fungible, or non-fungible.

This gives developers the opportunity to take on unique projects or adapt existing projects to meet their needs. The Enjin development team claims that the Enjin standard is more efficient than either ERC-20 or ERC-721, giving users the ability to create bundled transactions – or transactions consisting of more than 200 tokens in a single go.

Another development within the Enjin project is the upcoming blockchain explorer Enjin-X.

We built our custom blockchain explorers for ETH, BTC, LTC and ERC-20 tokens, hosting full-node blockchains for optimal security and speed for all transactions. This powers the Enjin Wallet with detailed transaction information and other great features.

Enjin-X will come bundled with native support for ERC-1155 tokens, working in tandem with the wallet to engage this increasingly active development space. The Enjin development team likens the upcoming Enjin-X explorer to an encyclopedia for items hosted on the blockchain. Users will be able to page through their digital wares to identify and verify the intrinsic value of items they own by pulling up relevant data on scarcity, item identity, history, provenance, authenticity, and more.

Enjin Adoption Growing

At least seven games have thrown their weight behind the ERC-1155 standard for gaming item tokenization, and Enjin expects more developers to hop onboard soon. As a sign of this growing adoption, Unity Technologies will soon be listing Enjin’s Blockchain Software Development Kit on the front page of the company’s Asset Store. Unity’s game engine is the world’s most-used game development platform, so Enjin’s front-page visibility in the Asset Store will give 4.5 million Unity developers the opportunity to hop in and begin minting ERC-1155 crypto items directly and immediately. Due to the need for Enjin’s proprietary coin and Ethereum tokens to do so, the project is expected to gain a big boost from this mass exposure.


The Enjin project’s heart and soul is the 20 million user-strong Enjin network, which allows users to create both gaming and non-gaming sites quickly and easily.

However, it’s the gaming sphere where Enjin really shines. Users can create – free of charge – sites for “Minecraft” and clan sites for a multitude of popular online games, including “Call of Duty,” “League of Legends,” and “Battlefield 1.”

Enjin also provides support for  over 300,000 gaming communities, with an active forum culture for both developers and casual users.

Enjin has fast become a household name in the crypto and online gaming arena, earning top marks from PCGAMER and other leading industry publications. One of the features really setting the project apart is so-called deep game integration, which allows developers to create custom awards, tokens, and other interactive bits that can be laced into the core gameplay. This allows for a much deeper standard of immersion and provides opportunities for further monetization of already-popular gaming venues.

Gaming’s Crypto Future

All in all, Enjin’s latest wallet update takes an already dynamic project and increases both the ease of use and the functionality for developers and users alike. The coin has already made great strides toward mass adoption, with millions of users now fully integrated into the system. The Enjin Smart Wallet update takes this trend a step further, cementing Enjin’s place in the rapidly developing decentralized gaming sphere.

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