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Enjin Cyborg Quest: Gaming Competition with $50,000 Prize Pot

Enjin has partnered with SwissBorg for a cross-platform gaming competition across eight Ethereum-based games with a total prize of $50,000.
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Blockchain-based gaming platform Enjin (ENJ) has partnered with SwissBorg for a cross-platform gaming competition with a total prize of $50,000. The event will see players competing across eight different titles in a “Ready Player One” style contest.

Blockchain is becoming an integral part of the ongoing developments in the gaming industry. Stakeholders say the novel tech provides players with the opportunity to passport value from game environments to financial markets thus providing a platform for tokenizing the entertainment value of these games.

Enjin Cyborg Quest will Involve Eight Games

Enjin announced the news of its partnership with SwissBorg via a press release shared with Blockonomi on Wednesday (July 29, 2020). Dubbed “Cyborg Quest,” Enjin and SwissBorg have created a cross-platform gaming contest across eight different titles which will commence on August 3, 2020.

According to the press statement, the gaming contest will involve titles such as Bitcoin Hodler, Grasshopper Farm, Min-Mins, and Lost Relics. The other four games in the competition include Forest Knight, Kingdom Karnage, MyMeta Minecraft, and The Six Dragons.

Players who finish the first seven games will receive Cyborg; an NFT token developed by SwissBorg. Participants will have to piece the tokens together to gain access to Lost Relic which is the final game in the cross-platform contest.

Commenting on the competition, Maxim Blagov, CEO of Enjin remarked:

“This is the first of many cross-game events that will occur thanks to our blockchain technology. We have been making tools that gamers love for over 10 years, and as we push the envelope once again, we are taking another step toward a digital world in which everyday people can live their lives and find their fortune.”

According to an Enjin blog post on the Cyborg Quest, 16 main prize winners are expected to emerge from the gaming contest. The winners will receive SwissBorg premium account tokens valued at $50,000.

Participants who finish the contest will also receive a SwissBorg robot which is a unique blockchain asset usable in games like Lost Relics, MyMeta Minecraft, and Forest Knight. The competition is also part of the celebration of Enjin coin’s listing on the SwissBorg Wealth App.

Based on this listing, players will be able to trade and sell their reward tokens for ENJ. The Enjin Coin token is currently the 61st-ranked cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

The Games

To participate, Play three or more blockchain games (one game from each part) until you successfully retrieve a Cyborg head, torso, and legs.

  • Start Date: Monday, August 3 at 12:00pm Pacific Time
  • End Date: Saturday, August 8 at 11:00pm Pacific Time

Part 1: Recover the Cyborg’s Head

Play Kingdom Karnage

A cruel world filled with monsters and demons. Strategically fight your way through hordes of enemies to get to the Cyborg’s head.

Play on Browser, PC, or Android.

Play MyMeta Minecraft

A multiverse of adventures through magical kingdoms to hellish nightmares. Kill waves of terrifying monsters and crush the evil Red Borg to recovered the Cyborg’s head.

Play in Minecraft Java Edition.

Play Grasshopper Farm

A whimsical world of fun and flair, where grasshoppers rule and battle each other for power. Undertake interesting quests and puzzles to acquire the Cyborg’s head.

Play on Telegram.

Part 2: Recover the Cyborg’s Torso

Play Forest Knight

In this land of undead creatures and monsters, only the most honorable knights survive and thrive. Strategically outmaneuver your opponents and get rewarded with the Cyborg’s torso.

Play on Android.


Fighting in the clouds is a challenge to behold. Assemble your troops to build an unstoppable army and fight through hordes of unseen enemies to collect the Cyborg’s torso.

Play on Android or iOS.

Tokenizing Gaming Ecosystem Via Blockchain Technology

According to the Enjin blog, the Cyborg Quest is also a practice run for Enjin’s upcoming Multiverse Quest. The Multiverse Quest is Enjin’s ambitious cross-game experience that will involve Monolith; the first-ever ERC-1155 token created which is also backed by $200,000 in ENJ. Ethereum adopted the ERC-1155 token standard back in mid-June 2019.

Enjin continues to be one of the major participants of the emerging trend of blockchain utilization in the gaming industry.

As previously reported by Blockonomi, Enjin is heavily involved in the move towards decentralized gaming with key partnerships with the likes of Samsung Electronics and Microsoft.

For SwissBorg co-founder Anthony Lesoismier, blockchain provides a base layer for gamers to passport their digital wealth from the gaming world to the “real world.” The ERC-1155 standard is increasingly becoming the de facto token for tokenizing collectibles found in numerous new-generation games.

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