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Enjin Launches Blockchain Asset Support for EnjinX Explorer

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Games have always been a major part of how technology builds public support. Enjin has created one of the fastest blockchain explorers out there. It is called EnjinX. Now Enjin has added support for ERC-1155 blockchain assets, based on a token standard, which the company’s CTO created.

In general, blockchain isn’t user-friendly and crypto assets are intimidating to many users. EnjinX is a solution to these problems, and it could be one of the most important developments in blockchain technology.

Now Enjin is adding the functionality of ERC-1155 tokens, which allow a “Ready Player One”-like the universe to be developed. Until now the world’s most popular games were controlled by massive corporations, but now the infrastructure is being built for a whole new era in gaming.


EnjinX has already been adopted by five cryptocurrency exchange services:

Enjin is Leading the Way

Enjin is developing a range of tools that make blockchain’s integration into gaming and other industries a whole lot easier. In general, it is very difficult to inspect unique tokens if you don’t have a high level of technical know-how.

With EnjinX, a major gap in the blockchain universe has been filled.

EnjinX addresses this challenge, and lets people with a lower level of blockchain sophistication view, browse and verify unique tokens with ease. Being able to popularize unique tokens, like new ERC-1155 tokens, is a big part of spreading blockchain technology among a much wider audience.

Gaming is a Massive Opportunity

Online gaming is very popular all over the world. As ‘Second Life’ has demonstrated, there is a big market for independently developed products in online gaming. The ERC-1155 token standard that Enjin helped to develop has the potential to be used in numerous online gaming environments and allows users a high degree of autonomy in their online possessions.

Unlike normal items from games which are only usable on one company’s platform, the ERC-1155 token can be used in any game or platform that allows its use, enabling an interconnected gaming experience which Enjin calls the “Multiverse”. This means that a massive online community can form around these unique tokens, much in the same way that Ready Player One illustrated.

Decentralized Freedom for Gamers

There is one big difference between the world of Ready Player One and Enjin’s ‘Multiverse’: no centralized control. Enjin has created the tools that would allow the creation of a totally interactive, decentralized global gaming space, but they don’t control it.

Enjin explained that, “a multiverse is created when multiple games and platforms choose to integrate and support shared in-game items, thus connecting separate gaming universes through inter-game operability of blockchain assets…This provides players an experience in which they can move through multiple worlds while taking their inventory with them,” when they announced the new functionality.

Because they are stored on the blockchain, once the tokens are in a developer or person’s possession, Enjin doesn’t control what they can be used for, or how they can be transferred.

Users can keep their assets, sell them, and trade them freely, while developers have freedom to implement these items as they wish. For example, a pistol in one developer’s game may turn into a battleaxe in another’s.

So far Enjin has more than 2000 game developers who are working on uses for ERC-1155 blockchain assets and that number is likely to grow as people understand the potential of this technology.

An Amazing Easter Egg!

Enjin has also decided to create the ‘Multiverse Quest‘, which will inspire treasure hunters to find ‘The Monolith’; a token that is worth 1 million Enjin Coin (ENJ). There will be other prizes to find along the way, and more details on the Multiverse Quest are expected soon. For now, users can learn more about the Monolith and other Multiverse items on EnjinX.

Overall, Enjin is doing a lot to make blockchain technology available and accessible to both game developers and gamers. The ERC-1155 token standard has a tremendous amount of potential, and could be the base of an entirely new way to play games online.


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